5 steps to help you unlock your talents with TDC

     Hey everyone, this is a new section we are working on, it’s going to help you understand yourself and help you become a better you that you want to be. It’s called TDC (Talent Discovery Center).

  So, do you ever get that feeling of being mediocre? What really is my talent? Why am I even here(earth) for? Will you like to find out the answers to these questions? Then this post is for you. This isn’t for you if you’re Jack of all trades.LOL.

The FIVE Guidelines to discovering your Talent

1. Pray

    Everyone has this in their bio or somewhere, “Put God First”, for me this is the basic thing. How can you? Pray ceaselessly (1Thess:5vs17). “Read your Bible, Pray everyday, if you want to grow” a lot of us know this song(it’s true). Also, try to hear Him speak(Build a relationship with God). Relax and begin the journey.

 2. Try Everything with passion

   This might sound bizarre, but it helps. Try putting more passion into those ‘random things’ you find yourself doing on a norms. I belonged (still in changing process though) to the school of thought that talent isn’t something every and anyone can do, it should be peculiar to you, but honestly, that’s a LIE.          Try singing, dancing, photography, modeling, makeup, whatever interests you (don’t worry if other people already do it), what should be peculiar to you is ‘The HOW’ and not ‘THE WHAT’ #WORD? 😉(dwell on this).


    Seek other people’s Opinions. “Don’t care about what other people say, do you”. Truth is how can you do you when you don’t even know you. Believe it or not, we need one another to survive. You might not know what you’re good at, but someone out there has an opinion that could turn things around for you. LISTEN!


    After discovering your passion, you need constant practice. Don’t daydream of where you want to be, work towards it. If you are too shy to show people your work during this period because you think it isn’t good enough to be seen, it’s fine(you’ll overcome that), but before then, document your progress, take pictures, etc. Rome was not built in Day, keep on keeping on!!! Work on yourself then you can have a ‘HOW’ peculiar to you.

5. Give yourself Deadlines

   This will help you know your progress level, how well you’ve mastered you talent, how good you can be at it even under pressure, etc. Because if you don’t, you might fall into the habit of getting discouraged. This helps you know your worth.
    If you want to be a pro in something, you’e
 got to start acting it.
     FINALLY, TAKE THE WORLD BY SURPRISE(with a grateful heart to God of course).

You can comment how you discovered your talent if you have other tips. Also, tell me if these guidelines helped. Hope to get feedbacks soon😀. And share if you like to help someone too. Don’t forget to check out our other fun articles.

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