7 Web Comics you should be reading !!!

   Hay everyone it’s me again, I been reading a lot of comics this week for some reason, and I was having writers block on what to write this week, when I realised it’s been a while since I have recommended any comics since BFGFS. So I decided to give you a list of some of the comics I am reading or read that I think are interesting and your might like too.

  Comics are a great way to pass the time, when you don’t want to play games or watch anything and there are some really great and amazing comics out there. So I  am going to be recommending some of Yo! D101 favourite here, please note the way I present the is no way in order of rating but how I read them. So let’s get started ;

BFGFS (created by PAT also known as PATABOT and Ray)

Click here to read BFGFS

Lol yes I know I have recommended it before but its just so good. It shows the daily life of a girl, a boy and a dog illustrating a variety of fun and adorable topics. Its centres around the situation where the person is always busy doing something with their partner and never has time for anyone else.


Its funny and very relatable, written with her boyfriend Ray now husband  (congratulations again🙌), shoeing their dynamic relationship. It shows does funny, little and adorable moments. Its just amazing so it is definitely worth a read. Updates are done at least once a week.

Adventures of God (created by  Matteo and Corey)

Click here to read Adventures of God

It follows God’s mishaps in Heaven, who is often forgetful, has a drinking problem and a fragile ego. Its has a positive vibe and very enjoyable, humanising God to be a person who is not perfect and comical to read, that really grows on you. Exploring the relationship between God, Jesus Christ and Lucifer. 

The facial expressions really make this comic and made me laugh out loud as I read. Updates are done every week.


4 Panel Life (created by Jen-Jen Rose)

Click here to read 4 Panel Life

Another amazing slice of life comic based on Jen-Jen Rose’s life in a top to bottom 4 panel style. She first started it to keep in touch with her friends, letting them know what was happening in her life, till they encouraged her to publish them. It as inspired a lot of people.

Living With Hipstergirl and Gamegirl (created by Jagodibuja)

Click here to read Liiving With Hipstergirl and Gamergirl

Its an amazing and detailed comic of a guy sharing an apartment with two crazy beautiful women lol, putting it’s own spin on the there is company formula with elements of NSFW.


The comic follows Aurtur and his two attractive and strange roommates, a snarky hipster Sophie and obsessive gamer Erik, so always expect something crazy happening every new issue.

ZomCom (created by EmiMG)

Click here to read ZomCom

It shows the average everyday life of a zombie girl and her equally spooky friends, showing us the sweeter side of Zombies and other supernatural beings. Its a great comic that’s funny and make little things into very funny jokes, so definitelygive this a try.

Unearthed Comics (created by Sara and Robb Zimmerman)

Click to read Unearthed Comics


Its covers a wide range of topics from science, parenting, business, social media, relationship, environmental, self-help, technology and health humor and jokes. Its a very funny and wonderful webcomics that I love they way it covers a lot of topics and things we usual think about. There is sad news though it is on an indefinite hiatus.

FoxTrot (created by Bill Amend)

Click here to read FoxTrot

Its a comic strip about family life, with attitude, wit and a big dose of reality as the comic is described, covering a range of subjects from sibling rivalry, nerd culture, pop culture fads and generational struggles coming together in a truthful and funny way. It as a special place in geekdom and educational sometimes talking about maths and science. I laughed a lot reading this and it goes back to 1988 till now so you will busy for a will.

So that’s my list of some fun comics you should read hope you loved it and thaks for taking your time to read it. I would love to hear your views and thoughts, like and share if you enjoyed it. Check out our other things if you enjoyed this and subscribe to us, so that you can get updates on our new articles.


Take care till next time ☺ 


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