ChannelMaster SMARTenna+ and Stream+

    SMARTenna+ is amplified, maximum-range indoor TV antenna that consists of 7 in one antennas in a single device, with an internal processors that test TV signals, then automatically selects the best reception pattern to deliver the maximum number of channels and the best signal quality. 
    It’s one of the world’s smartest indoor TV antenna and gives great quality, in VHF and UHF. The patented push-on mini coax connector also allows a simple push on connection for your coax cable, instead of the screw on connection, enhancing consumers experience, it’s the little things sometimes.
   Stream+ is a media player that integrates streaming services and games with live broadcast TV and includes a on-screen channel guide with DVR capability to pause, rewind and record live TV. The powerful Android TV platform includes Google Play store, Live Channels DVR and built-in Chromecast.


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