The Walking Dead: 12 Times Rick Grimes Was An Absolute Savage

Rick Grimes, one of the central characters in “The Walking Dead,” certainly had his fair share of moments where he showcased his savage nature. These moments illustrate the savage side of Rick Grimes, highlighting his unwavering determination, willingness to protect his group, and his capacity for brutal action in the face of extreme adversity.

Here are our 12 instances where Rick Grimes displayed his absolute savagery:

12. “This is not a democracy anymore.” – Season 2

During a heated argument with the group, Rick utters these words, asserting his leadership and clarifying that he will do whatever it takes to protect his people.

Rick’s declaration showcases his willingness to do whatever it takes to protect his people, even if it means making tough choices and exerting control over the group. It highlights his transformation from a former sheriff striving to maintain order to a leader who embraces a more ruthless and pragmatic mindset to ensure their survival.


11. The Claimers – Season 4

In Season 4, Rick Grimes and his group encounter a dangerous group called The Claimers. The Claimers are a group of survivors who follow a ruthless code of claiming whatever they want, including people’s belongings and other survivors. While on the road, they cross paths with Rick, Carl, and Michonne, leading to a tense and violent confrontation.

The Claimers initially seem friendly, but their true intentions become apparent when one of their members, Len, accuses Rick’s group of stealing his bag. This sparks a heated argument that quickly escalates into a physical altercation. Realizing that The Claimers pose a severe threat to his group’s safety, Rick decides to take matters into his own hands.

In absolute savagery, Rick bites the throat of The Claimers’ leader, Joe, in self-defense. The violent attack shocks both the Claimers and Rick’s group. It demonstrates that Rick will go to extreme lengths to protect his people.

10. Killing Shane – Season 1

In the early seasons, Rick had to confront the growing tension between him and his former best friend, Shane, who had become a threat to the group’s safety. Rick had to decide to take Shane down to protect himself and the others.


9. “They’re screwing with the wrong people.” – Season 4

They are screwing with the wrong people – Season 4 (myanimego-com)

In response to the actions of the people of Terminus, Rick confidently declares this statement, foreshadowing the wrath he and his group are about to unleash upon them.

After imprisonment at Terminus, Rick leads a daring escape plan and confronts Gareth, the leader of the cannibalistic community. In a brutal turn of events, Rick and his group massacre, the inhabitants of Terminus, showing no mercy.

8. Confronting the Governor – Season 4

The Governor, portrayed by David Morrissey, was a charismatic and manipulative leader who posed a considerable threat to Rick’s group and the safety of their prison stronghold.

This moment highlights Rick Grimes’ courage and determination when facing the Governor. Despite the Governor’s manipulation and brutality, Rick refused to be intimidated and fiercely defended his group against the Governor’s threats. His unwavering resolve made him a formidable opponent throughout the series.


7. The Alexandria standoff – Season 5

Rick’s group arrived in Alexandria, a seemingly safe community surrounded by walls led by Deanna Monroe. However, the group struggled to adapt to the residents’ complacency and lack of survival skills. To establish his dominance and protect his group, Rick intimidates the Alexandrians during a heated confrontation, demonstrating his willingness to take extreme measures to ensure their survival.

6. “They’re all dead.” – Season 6

In response to a hostile group called the Saviors threatening the safety of Alexandria, Rick confidently and chillingly delivers this message, emphasizing the deadly consequences they will face.

Rick and his group decided to preemptively strike the hostile group known as the Saviors to protect Alexandria. They launched a covert mission to attack one of the Saviors’ outposts at night. However, the task turned out to be bloodier than expected, as they discovered that the Saviors were more numerous and heavily armed than they anticipated.

5. Negan’s introduction – Season 6 finale

In the Season 6 finale episode titled “Last Day on Earth,” Rick and his group were on a mission to bring a sick Maggie to Hilltop Colony for medical assistance. However, their journey took an unexpected turn when they encountered a series of roadblocks set up by the Saviors, a brutal group led by Negan.


In a cliffhanger ending, Negan brutally kills a member of Rick’s group with his barbed wire-covered baseball bat, Lucille. This savage act sets the stage for a fierce conflict between Rick and Negan. It showcased Rick’s unwavering determination and leadership skills as he rallied the community to prepare for the inevitable confrontation with the Saviors.

4. “My mercy prevails over my wrath.” – Season 8

Rick Grimes and his allies were engaged in an all-out war against Negan and the Saviors. During their journey to gather allies for the fight, Rick’s group discovered the Oceanside community, a group of survivors who had been isolated and traumatized by the Saviors. The Oceanside community had a compound surrounded by walls adorned with various messages and quotes, including “My mercy prevails over my wrath.”

Rick thinks about this line, indicating that while he can be savage and brutal, he still possesses a moral compass and a desire to protect his people, even at the expense of his enemies.

3. The Junkyard Battle – Season 8

In an attempt to recruit the Junkyard community to fight against the Saviors, Rick engages in brutal hand-to-hand combat against their leader, Jadis. He fights with unyielding intensity, showcasing his savage determination.


2. Rick’s final confrontation with Negan – Season 8 finale

Rick final confrontation with Negan - Season 8 finale (myanimego-com)

After an extended conflict with Negan, Rick finally gains the upper hand and slashes his throat, ending the threat posed by the Saviors and demonstrating his absolute savagery to ensure the safety of his community.

1. “We are the walking dead.” – Season 5

In a powerful monologue, Rick delivers these words, showcasing his resolve and the savage reality of their world. It reflects his willingness to embrace their savage nature to survive in the post-apocalyptic world.

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