Forbidden Love – Chapter One: The Hunt

As he ran through the forest, his black cloak surrounding him, he grinned a smile so wicked it belonged in a nightmare. The adrenaline pulsing through his veins, he breathed deeply, inhaling the sent of the young half demon he was chasing.  A hunt. What could be any better?  he thought. He stopped for a moment, perched on a branch like a bird, however hard for someone his size to stay balanced, it was a miracle the branch didn’t break considering it held his full weight. He sighed lightly as he heard his prey stop, heard the shallow ragged breathing as they moved cautiously in a small circle, looking for him no doubt. This will be so easy he thought. The worst mistake you can make, is to stop running, with that final thought he jumped from the branch and landed with a dull thud in front of the half demon. Maybe playing with it a bit first will make this more fun he thought as he studied his prey. He cocked his head to one side as he noticed for the first time that his “prey” was a woman, not much younger then himself, if he had tried to guess. He observed her for a moment, noticing her long black, tangled hair, the twigs peeking out from odd angles where they had gotten stuck during her run, but what caught his attention most was the black cat-like ears and tail.

No demon has ever looked like that before he thought as he scented the air again. She was most definitely demon, she reeked of it.  A burnt skin like smell that all demons possessed. He half smiled at the fighting stance she had assumed when he appeared before her. Standing straight up to show his full size, 6’4″, he eyed her wearily and wondered. Does she truly think she could fight me off? The idea amused him slightly.

She hissed lightly at him, her light green eyes flashing a dangerous look as they reflected the moon light. He froze as, for the first time, he seemed to notice her face. She was covered in mud, but even through that he could see the scars. Sighing softly he sheathed his sword and took a slow step back trying not to startle her as he thought That look in her eyes? Is she truly not afraid to look death in the face and accept this could be her last moment alive? Half growling in irritation he said in a deep, rough voice, “You can relax now you half demon freak. I’m not going to kill you. . . yet.” He added the last word as a threat, knowing it was best to keep her afraid of him for now. As she stood up slowly he saw just how small she was compared to his own size. She probably isn’t even tall enough to reach my chest he thought as he studied her. Maybe 5’7″ if that he noted mentally. He watched the way she moved, graceful like a lioness ready to pounce on anything threatening her family.

“Why did you chase me?”, she hissed through clenched teeth. Her voice so light and soft it was almost a whisper.

He couldn’t help but grin his crooked smile at her, “Because it seemed like an interesting way to spend my night.” He stepped forward, wanting to keep her close enough to grab if she decided to run. She flinched slightly but held her ground, as he cautiously moved within arms reach of her. She was even smaller than he’d first thought, I could probably pick her up with one arm he thought as he realized even at that small a size she had the stance of a fighter and the look in her eyes showed nearly no fear. She could still be a threat, he thought.

“This was for fun!”, she half screeched at him. Her eyes oddly flashing red as she growled at him.

“Interesting your eyes seem to change when your mad.”, he noted talking to himself out loud. “I wonder is that due to demonic blood? Or perhaps some natural phenomenon that is an occurrence of whatever species gave you feline features?”

“What the hell?”, she screamed as she balled her hands, ready to punch something. “Is this just a game? Do you get a kick out of terrifying people?”

Turning his attention back to the conversation he said, “No, I was hunting a half demon.” He waited a moment before adding, “And correct if I’m wrong. . .”this being said like a challenge he finished softly in a questioning tone. “but you don’t seem like any average demon?”

She leaned back now, a look of confusion and fear mixing in her eyes. How does he know I’m a demon?  Thinking for a moment she said, “Because, I’m only a half demon, as you pointed out that you were “hunting” me.” She stepped back slightly as her anger slowly left her she focused on how big he actually was compared to her. This won’t end well she thought. “I don’t have many demonic traits. . . anymore.” She had added this last word only out of sorrow as she looked down slightly, not enough to hide her face, for she wanted him in sight ,but enough to shield the look in her eyes from him.

“What traits are you missing?”, he asked. Slightly leaning away from her, he crossed his arms and waited for a response. Maybe she is worth keeping around for a while he thought. Beginning to wonder what else she was, if not a full demon?

She snapped at him, her head coming up quickly to gaze at him with pure red eyes now. “It’s none of your concern what traits I’m missing.” Out of anger she took a step forward and half growled. “You chased me, scared me to death, and now you expect me to answer your questions.” Throwing her hands up in frustration  as she stepped back and slightly began to pace. She said, more to herself the him, “The nerve of you.” Spinning to point at him she said, “What on earth gives you right to do that to people?”

“I’m a hunter, it’s my job.”, he said simply. He was slightly amused at her angered reaction towards him. He had always loved annoying people, but with this half demon it seemed like so much more fun.

Stepping forward in a split second decision and movement, he grabbed her wrist and spun her to pin her against his chest. Her shoulder blades digging into his chest slightly as she struggled to get away from him. He kept her close, his arm still holding her wrist, wrapped around her stomach. Using his other hand he had grabbed a small blade from his hip and slowly brought it to her throat. She stopped moving immediately. “Now. Are you going to answer my questions nicely? Or do I have to do this the hard way? I really would prefer not getting bloody again. . . I just got the cloak cleaned from the last time.” As he spoke he couldn’t help but notice how soft her tiny body felt, pressed to him. Even as tense as she was, it was a welcome feeling compared to most of his encounters with half demons. Stop it. She’s prey, nothing more than another half demon you need to kill he thought. Reminding himself of why he was here.

Stuttering a bit as she felt the cold metal against her throat she said, “W-wings.” Her breathing fast and ragged, she could feel her heart pounding against her chest. Every muscle in her body screaming for her to try and get away. Shaking slightly in fear and partially from the cold she added, “I h-had w-wings at one t-time. . .” She sighed a bit in relief as he lowered the blade and turned her to face him, keeping his arm tightly around her he looked into her eyes for a split second before stepping back from her.

“Don’t be so happy I let you go.”, he said in a slightly irritated tone. “It won’t be for long.” How the hell do I get her to talk to me, without threatening her? he wondered. Why did it matter to him if she was scared? Mentally cursing himself, he watched her closely, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she tried to slow her breathing. The haunted almost dead look in her crimson eyes, as she watched his every movement. He breathed deeply, noting that other than just a demonic scent he caught the slightest smell of flowers and vanilla coming from her. He nearly groaned as he realized why he didn’t want her scared. This is not happening to me he thought. As he moved slightly he realized just how attracted to her he was. Why on earth is this happening? With a half demon none the less? He began to wonder how she had this affect on him–No one did. He didn’t need companionship, and sure as hell not in that way he thought.

Noticing the way he was watching her she said, “You know starring is rude.”

“Not when your appreciating the beauty of something.”, he responded quickly. Looking away from her face he stepped towards her and said, “I’m Chris by the way.”

“I would say I’m pleased to meet you, but in this case I’m really not.”, she stated as her eyes slowly began to fade back to green. As she stepped back she added, “Kit.” Eyeing him wearily she debated running again.

“It wouldn’t be advised to run anymore.”, he said softly as he studied her featured. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He added that last bit in hopes to calm her some what. As he watched her he noticed the odd way her ears seemed to twitch as her moods changed. Guess that makes sense if she’s a cat he thought. He nearly smiled as she was trying to wipe mud and dirt off her face. Why is she so damn cute? he wondered. Stepping forward he lightly reached out to help, but acknowledged by the movement of Kit jumping back and hissing at him, that he wasn’t welcomed to touch her.

Growling as she pulling twigs from her hair she said, “Why should I trust that you won’t hurt me?”

Giving him a pointed stare at the blades at his hip she added, “You’ve already threatened me once.” As she had looked at his hip she couldn’t help but notice he was clearly aroused. What the hell? she wondered. Is he seriously enjoying this that much? She couldn’t help but nearly gag at the thought. That is messed up in so many ways she thought. What kind of sick, twisted person is he?

Having no knowledge of her thoughts he said, “The fact your still alive, and not injured proves that I won’t hurt you.”, he replied softly. How can I get her to not be afraid of me? he wondered as he stepped back slightly. He moved to sit crossed legged on the ground in front of her, trying to make himself look less threatening.

Shocked a bit at the gesture she began to wonder if he really wasn’t going to hurt her. He still can’t be trusted she thought as she kneeled down about two feet in front of him. “Why were you hunting me?” she asked curiously before she could think better of it.

“Because your demonic.”, he stated simply as if just being a demon or part demon was a reason to be killed.

“But, why? Not all demons are evil you know.”, she said softly, her eyes showing confusion and still some fear as she tried to figure out why he would kill demons.

“It’s what I do. I was trained to kill demons. It’s the only thing I’ve ever known.”, he said, his voice deepening slightly as he tried not to raise his voice and scare her again.”

She sighed a bit and wondered how truly awful his childhood had been if all he knew was fighting. “Then why would you spare me?”, she asked slightly intrigued by his not killing her. “I mean I’m glad you did but. . .why didn’t you if that’s what you were trained for?”, she added quickly.

He shook his head slightly and said, “I don’t know.” He leaned forward a bit, his hands on his legs as he added in a soft voice, “It’s something about you. . .I. . .” He stopped and leaned back an emotionless look on his face he said, “I’m just interested to know why your different from other demons. It can help me later in my job if I come across something else like you.” Don’t let her know what you think he thought.

Nodding slightly she said, “Then if you won’t kill me can we please go back to my cabin. I’d prefer not sitting here covered in mud, and god knows what else, for hours while you question me.” Her lips had twitched slightly when he leaned forward. He’s nervous she thought as she observed his behavior.

Though she didn’t want to bring him with her, she had no choice as he wouldn’t let her leave without answering his question. That much he’d made clear. Yet she couldn’t help but feel as if, even had she tried he’d follow her.

by L.A

Forbidden Love – Chapter Two: More Than A Hunter

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