Forbidden Love – Chapter Two: More Than A Hunter (continued)

The next morning was bright, though not a normal scene for Kit. As she rolled over, whimpering softly in pain as she pressed her leg to the mattress, she could here a soft humming from the living room. Her ears twitched a bit as she opened her eyes and tried to focus. Then, as she sat up, she could smell the mean cooking and nearly sighed as her mouth watered. Forcing herself up from the bed as she swung her legs over the side. Letting out a small groan when she heard a knock at the door. Can’t I be in peace for 5 minutes she thought as she spoke softly. “Come in.” Practically wincing when she pulled the blanket over herself she watched as Chris entered with a small tray of cooked bacon, toast, eggs, and a glass of what appeared to be juice.

“I uhh, I thought you might be hungry after last night.”, he said lightly. His hand was visible shaking a bit when he moved closer to hand her the tray. “Hope you enjoy it.”, he said before disappearing again and closing her door softly.

She starred after him for a moment curiously before the scent of the food caught her attention again and she shifted a bit to eat. Nearly moaning at the taste, she devoured the food quickly.

Chris has gone back to clean up and eat his own meal before returning for her dishes to clean up. Lighting knocking he opened her door and froze when he saw her changing. Her breasts fully uncovered, her face expressing the pain she was in as she pulled a pair of tight black jeans over her leg. He smiled a bit as he watched her, her upper body completely his to view as she whimpered in clear agony. He backed away and quickly pulled her door shut as he felt his own lust. His arousal making his jeans seem to grow tighter. He groaned almost inaudibly as his lust filled his thoughts with all too appealing images. Freezing when he realized his subconscious actions, he stopped and moved away from her door. Going to check in his pack he began to sharpen one of his daggers and redressed himself for the day.

Finally dressed, Kit walked out wearing a deep purple hoodie, black jeans and black hiking boots. She carried her dishes to the kitchen and seemed not to notice Chris. Freezing when she saw him as he was now soaking a 3 inch dagger in a jar of what appeared to be blood. “Wh-what are you doing?” she asked in a half shocked voice.

“I’m getting my weapons ready for my next job.” he said half absently as if not even realizing what he said.

“I can see that, but what is that?” she said to clarify as she gestured to the jar.

He looked up at her, “Demons blood, why?”

A slight tremor went through her as she watched him return to his work. Pulling out the blade and cleaning it before sheathing it and placing it back into his bag. Standing up after pulling out clean jeans and a T-shirt he said, “I’m gonna go shower.” Stretching a bit with a light groan he disappear up the hall without another word.

As soon as she heard the water running she began looking through his bag. Half flinching at the sight of not one, but 8 small jars of demon blood. A multitude of blades and charms, and a few books written in dead languages.

Chris sighed softly under the fall of the hot water dripping over him.

In his absence from the room, Kit chose to search through his bags, unaware of the things he was doing in the other room. When she came across a small blade etched with an  all too familiar symbol, she couldn’t seem to stop herself. Anger filling her eyes as she clutched the blade tightly, she stormed into the room.

Freezing for only a moment before tearing the curtain away and glaring at him, “Where in the hell did you get this!”

His undignified gasp went unnoticed as she was too angered to care for his privacy as he struggled to cover himself decently and starred a the blade she had thrust towards him. “Get the F**k out!” he shouted at her, ignoring her question.

She growled and hissed at him as she spoke, “Tell me where this came from!”

He found himself pulling the curtain closer to cover his lower half, hoping she was too angered to have noticed his arousal standing proudly outright. “I will if you get out and let me get dressed.” He’d practically growled the words through clenched teeth as his patience was wearing thin.

She growled, and looked him over, finally noticing what she’d interrupted and quickly fled the room as her face turned a crimson red.

(To be continued…….)

By L.A

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