Forbidden Love – Chapter Two: More Than A Hunter

As they approached a small, stone cabin, Kit had been trying not to limp, but fell when her foot got caught on a small root from one of the trees. She fell fast and couldn’t help but whimper and bite her lip as she tried not to cry out in agony. Chris looked down at her slightly worried but didn’t move to help her. I don’t need her thinking I care he thought. As she tried to climb to her feet she barely manage to get standing, and moved towards her cabin. She only took a few shaky steps before falling again. He heard a low growl as she tried pushing herself up again. He sighed and easily scooped her up and pushed the door open.

“What are you doing?”, she growled at him. She thrashed trying to get out of his arms.
He tightened his grip on her and said, “Stop fighting me, I’m trying to help.” Having said this in a harsh tone she froze immediately. “Where’s your room?”, he asked, his voice slightly softer than before.

At this comment she had began to move again, wanting to get away from him. Hell no she thought. I won’t let him do this. “You don’t need to know!”, she said her voice clearly ringing with fear. “J-just put me on the couch.” She looked at him then, her eyes glowing red from her fear, and she noticed an almost concerned, caring look in his eyes. For a moment she wasn’t afraid of him, then he glared at her, and practically dropped her on the couch. What the hell is wrong with him? she wondered. She sat up quickly, watching him, but he simply kneeled down next to her and began to examine her leg. He pulled the leg of her pants up as high as he could, she hissed in pain and bit her lip hard enough to draw blood. Looking up at her, then back to the 6 inch gash on her leg, he glared at her before nearly screaming at her, “Why didn’t you say it was this bad!”

Staring up at him as she flinched and tried to move back she said, “Because I didn’t think to mention to the person trying to murder me that I was hurt.” Growling she sat up, pulling her leg, in an agonizing movement, towards herself. “I sure as hell didn’t plan to bring you back here, so why would I have said anything about being hurt?”

Yelling now he said, “Because, you idiot, you could bleed out from this!” You could clearly hear the concern in his voice as he stood up and stalked across the room, glaring at her before he paused for a moment and said, “Where do you keep your first aid stuff?” His voice had lightened slightly but he was still incredibly pissed off at her for not mentioning this.

“Down the hall, first door on the right.”, she practically whispered.

Walking down the hall, he opened the door to a small closet and he found what he needed. Walking back out he set down some peroxide, gauze, and some small cloths to clean the wound. He looked at her for a moment before handing her a cloth. “Bite this.”, he said softly. “This will hurt.” He looked almost sorry as he said this last bit.

Pushing the cloth away she said, “I’m fine. This isn’t the first time I’ve been badly injured. Just pour some peroxide on it and cover it.”, she said in a half growl as she tilted her head back in pain. Trying not to pass out from the amount of blood she had already lost.

He was already irritated and mad at her, but decided not to push it. He held her leg out straight and began to slowly pour peroxide over it. She cried out and was thrashing but she kept her leg straight and wasn’t fighting his hold. He was almost grateful that she wasn’t fighting him, however her screams kept him from being happy about this. He looked up at her as he began to wrap her leg, she was still whimpering, but had thankfully stopped screaming.

As he finished wrapping her leg he looked at her and gently reached up to brush some hair away from her face. However in that moment she opened her crimson eyes and hissed at him. Jerking away from his touch, she said, “Don’t.” in a harsh voice as she tried to sit up again.

He lightly pushed her back down, one hand on each shoulder and said, “Don’t move. You lost a lot of blood and could collapse.”

“Why would you care. “she asked as she grabbed his wrists, trying, unsuccessfully, to move his hands. “You were gonna kill me start with.”

“That was before I. . .”, he cut himself off before he could say before I realized you were my mate.
“Before what?”, she demanded as she dug her nails into his wrists, causing him to release her when she drew his blood. She sat up almost instantly when he released her.

“It doesn’t matter.”, he growled. Leaning back he said, “Why are you so hell bent on getting up right now?”

Glaring at him she said, “Because I prefer not being pinned down by some giant freak, that could easily do as he pleased to me.” As she spat those words at him, he leaned back, an injured look in his eyes as he realized for the first time why she had been fighting his help so much.

His voice cracked, “I’d never. . .I’m that kind of a person.” He moved away from her as the thought registered to him. Your just a filthy demon hunter. Unloved and unlovable he thought.

She almost regretted what she had said, but she knew better than to appear sorry for something that she saw as true. However the look on his face tore at her heart and she wanted to comfort him, for some odd reason. What the hell am I thinking? she wondered. He’s nothing to me. He hunted me.  Yet it was hurting her to see that look in his eyes. She reached out with one hand. “I’m sorry. . I. . , “she was at a loss for words as she didn’t know what to say to him.

“Don’t bother.”, he said lightly. He picked her up again and walked down the hall, to the only other door there, assuming it had to be her room. As he pushed the door open, he felt her tense and he carefully set her on the bed. Stepping away he walked to a small bathroom and brought out a cloth and handed it to her. “Clean your face up.”, he instructed as he turned towards her dresser. He half grimaced as he opened one drawer. Ignoring her protesting screeches, he pulled out some shorts and a t-shirt. He laid them next to her on the bed and walked out of the room, without saying anything.

Closing the door lightly behind himself. She starred after him, wondering how badly her comment had hurt him. Even though he didn’t show it. She knew that she shouldn’t have said that. She cleaned her face and finished pulling twigs from her hair, then slowly and painfully changed into the clothes he had pulled out for her. She fell asleep shortly after, staring at the door and wondering where he went. . .

After he had stalked from her room, Chris had gone outside and had nearly taken down one of the trees as he pounded on it. Wishing he could be killing some demon. He turned back towards the small cabin, when he had calmed. He slowly walked back towards it. I will show her that I’m not just a hunter  he thought. Though I’m not sure how to do that yet. . .

by L.A

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