Friends: Who To Keep In Your Life, And Who To Let Walk Away

Who are your real friends?

Personally this question could be answered in many ways. Maybe you think of friends as the people who are their to laugh with you, and have a good time with. Perhaps you think, “Well to me friends are the ones who are there for me through everything. Good and Bad.” Or, maybe you even think that your real friends are the ones you don’t have to talk to everyday to still be close.

To me, it’s all of these things. I have very few real friends. The ones that are there for me through the tough times. The ones who laugh with me at jokes, and those who would stand up for me against other people. But, I have some I consider real friends even when we don’t see each other every day, or talk every day. I know they’re my true friends because when something bad happens, they’re their for me, even if we hadn’t spoken in weeks.

Who are the Toxic friends?

Toxic friends could mean many things. It could mean the friends you always come back to no matter what they do. It could be the friends who walk away when you need them most, and come back when your problems are dealt with. Or it could be someone that says they’re your friend and then uses every chance to put you down about yourself. Those that pressure you to do things.

Who should you keep in your life?

The people you choose to let stay in your life affect you whether you notice or not. They could put you in bad moods, they could depress you, and some could even make you suicidal if they put you down too much.

Teasing each other is one thing, when you know the person is only teasing and makes sure you know that. But abusing you, whether verbally, or emotionally, or physically is something else. You shouldn’t let toxic people stay in your life, or you may end up ruining your life.

Who are my real friends?

You could ask yourself this question hundreds of times and always get a different answer. But when it comes down to it, you know who your real friends are. I have few friends myself, and even fewer I consider to be my true friends. They know who they are, they know I appreciate them even when we fight: Do yours?

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