Home Robot that will make your life easier at home.

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   Hello again everyone today we will be looking at robotics, home robots that I think are amazing and might be things we might all start to have in our homes some day. These are advanced robotics that can change our domestic lives if done properly.

   They are adept robot capable of handling tasks on their own and so much more.  Below will be about robots that we think can just bring us closer to that futuristic world we all imagine sometimes.

  • Ubtech Walker
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    The Ubtech walker robot is a real step forward in robotics showing us what might become possible in the coming years, and is supposed to be a complete home butler. The walker stands at 4 foot 82 pounds, it can go up and down stairs, even able to kick balls. 

    The top speed of this robot still leaves a lot to ask for, but it makes up for that in all the domestic activities it can perform, from helping your kids with their homework, to assisting the elderly, patrol your home letting you know what’s happening when you are not home and do a little dance. 😂😂😂

    Interaction with walker can be done through voice and touchscreen, allowing you to make video calls and even integrate your email, also calender on it.

     Its also made to be child safe mean it’s mean to remain balanced at all times even when it losses power and programmed to fall away from danger if it has to fall. 

     Ubtech is currently working on adding arms to walker, which shouldn’t be hard but keeping everything balanced is the tricky bit. Its supposed to come out in 2019 and supposed to be at an affordable price.  

  • Aeolus
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     The Aeolus is a cool smart home robot that cleans, even bring drinks from the fridge to you and can do so much more. A smart robot able to recognise thousands of items, helping but them back were they belong and helps you find things you are looking for. This is definitely one of the best house helper robots too. 

       Its even supposed to remember your face and others, also letting you see what it sees. It also integrates Google home, Alexa and more. Aeolus will be voiced controlled.

      Advanced AI will also allow it predict human behaviour correctly, like sleepiness while trying to drive to protect again unsafe behaviour, assist the elderly and so much more.

     Its supposed to be launched this year and should cost less than $20,000 

  • Sony Aibo
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     For people who can’t  have dogs for one reason or the other this is Sony answer to the dog lovers in you problem, Aibo. Aibo is like a real dog wanting to learn more of its environment and can be mischievous from time to time. 

     The first consumer model was introduced in May 11, 1999 and as been very popular. This new revised model as a price tag of $1,800.

     It understands a handful on commands like sit, handshake and a few others. With glassy OLED eyes and a camera for a nose which acts as a webcam when you are not around.

   The Aibo wants and needs a lot of love, learning to know which of its owners gives the best snuggles or pets it the most. And won’t be your best friend till you give it some love.
     Thank you for reading if you liked it please share and leave a comment below, we love to hear from our readers. Till next time take care. 😊

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