Intel volocopter – A flying car or Gigantic drone

  Regardless which ever, the idea of moving through the sky in a personal vehicle to get from one point to another is cool, and I for one am in love with the idea. It’s an autonomous drone that is emission free, so it appeals to everyone.

    Am sure you are probably scared about get in one of this, but Intel as made it very safe and secure with ;

  •  4 IMUS, or inertial movement units, which constantly measure and determine the vehicle’s attitude and positioning during flight. 
  • The battery system is divided into 9 discrete packs, with each one powering a pair of rotors, so that the vehicle can still fly if one or two battery packs fail. 
  • The GPS and navigation systems are dual-redundant. 
  • Worst comes to worst, there is a ballistic parachute in the top of the Volocopter that will deploy, letting it descend with the passenger intact.
  According to Nanduri on it’s “so easy” I could fly it, a comment I’m still trying not to be offended by. Reuter takes it even father, “It is so intuitive to fly that you could put a five-year-old in here, without any explanation, and it will know how to manoeuvre this vehicle, ” he says.  
  They plan to have them in mega cities across the world.


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