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MyAnimeGo Release Notes and Roadmap
MyAnimeGo 1.6
↳ Moving house:?
MyAnimeGo 1.5
July 31, 2022
↳ Reworked Category System (Some have been merged or reworded to help make navigation for new readers easier).
↳ New Image Sizes Rolling Out (Enlarge blog post images to help improve the user experience and image sharing).
↳ We’re Social again (Find us on Facebook, and Instagram!).
↳ Author Box changes (New look for guest writers and discontinued it at the bottom for regular writers).
↳ Minor Homepage revamped!
↳ About page and other pages updated
↳ Category pages updated
MyAnimeGo 1.4 – We Love You 500!
June 25, 2022
↳ Discontinuing support for the Tag system (It will still work but it’s reworked to reduce clutter on pages with long lists).
↳ Improved user ad experience.
↳ Other quality of life improvements.
MyAnimeGo 1.3
February 18, 2022
↳ New header navigation layout for desktop users (Stupidly implemented the same navigation layout as that for tablet and mobile in trying to keep everything uniform, but it’s way more work than it should be for desktop users so overhauled).
↳ The new header looks for mobile and tablet users with some minor tweaks here and there (You’re not left out).
↳Updated footer layout (More user-friendly I think).
↳ Update on display images (Images will be bigger like you asked for but still optimized as much as possible).
↳ Fixed visibility Share button.
↳ Quality of life improvements (We are excited to see if you notice).
MyAnimeGo 1.2
September 23, 2021
↳ New Publishing schedule (New posts every Saturday. That’s why you didn’t get any new content this Tuesday, we decided to listen to a majority of our readers).
↳ Some Categories were removed (I felt some categories were unnecessary so removed them and moved the posts under them to suitable categories).
↳ The Mini Store became a Gift Guides page (The gift guides page is now just a way to support the blog more by getting something for yourself at no additional cost to you of course but we get commissions from the companies any time you buy stuff for yourself).
↳ New Commenting System.
↳ Related posts updated.
↳ Removed some confusing tags.
↳ Other quality of life improvements (This should help improve your overall experience when you come to visit us).
MyAnimeGo 1.1
May 16, 2021
↳ First up domain name change (we heard and listened to some readers complain about not being able to share our content on FB so we have a new squeaky clean domain, and thanks to the wonderful people at Namecheap and SiteGround our old domain still works and points to the blog too but from now on MyAnimeGo is what we will go by primarily).
↳ New easier Permalink structure (Thanks to the redirect plugin).
↳ Font Change (We now just use Rubik’s).
↳ New Banner for the name change.
↳ New Publishing schedule (We will release new content on Tuesdays now instead of on Sundays).
↳ Few UI blog updates (Thanks to the new theme updates from Creative Themes).
↳ New mini store (60% done. Sorry, it’s taking so long, but you will love it when it is all done… I hope).
↳ Customized the ad experience (Thank you for helping us earn an income from sharing our thoughts with you, our amazing readers!).
↳ More Blog optimizations (This should help improve your overall experience when you come to visit us. Let me know if you have any problems Contact Form).
↳ Layout Update (Fixed and updated our post layout a bit).
↳ New Favicon loading…
↳ Fixed page UI update.
MyAnimeGo 1.0 – Site Change and Improved Styling
April 11, 2021
↳ FrontPage Revamp.
↳ Favicon (Our old favicon was great, but I have realized that it’s hard to see the details since the logo will get so small on the browser’s tab, so I decided we should go for something even simpler).
↳ Header (Created a new header banner with a new look).
↳ Massive UI update.
↳ New main colors (Introducing the new big 5. Made to be bolder, brighter, and yet easier on the eyes).
↳ Font change.
↳ New Commenting System (Powered by Disqus).
↳ Other Blog optimizations (This should help improve your overall experience when you come to visit us).
MyAnimeGo 0.1 – Changes
January 12, 2019
↳ Blog Revamps (Records of these chaotic times are lost).
MyAnimeGo 0 – Initial Blog Release
September 04, 2018
↳ Domain and Hosting bought (No longer on Blogger).
↳ Decided on a theme and Plugins.