The bike of the Future- Smacircle S1 folding eBike

Smacircle S1 folding eBike

    This is quiet the innovation the world’s most compact and lightweight ebike. Its really light too, weighing only 15.4lbs carbon fiber, with a max speed of 12.4 mph, you don’t need a licence to have one and can be folded in 5 simple steps, as shown above, putting it in a small backpack. So you can go any where with you. Avoid crowded public transport, parking costs and make your way through traffic.  
     With a iOS and Android app that allow you to lock and unlock the S1, monitor battery usage, adjust the speed and change preferences. With an integrated USB charger means your device never run out of battery from operating you ebike.
      It uses advanced brushless 240W DC motor powere by a Samsung battery, and you can even ride on rainy days because it’s waterproof. There no peddling needed and come rain or sunshine you can always ride.  
     And it’s very safe with electronic brakes compared to regular brakes that stop through friction, electronic brakes are more sensitive allowing you to stop faster and more safely.  It also as a rear and front light for night riding.
     Adjustable handlebars and saddle means anyone can ride it and mobile phone holder, its rrally ticking all my yes boxes for why its a good buy. The Samsung battery will last for 12 miles before needing a recharge and a full chare jsut takes 2.5 hours.
    Bikes are safely packed, no assembly is required and comes with a one year warranty. 


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