Unexpected Love – Chapter 1: The Beginning


As I laid still, his body pressed to every inch of mine, his arm laid possessively around my waist, I couldn’t help but question how my life had changed so much in what seemed like such a short time. I knew it had been weeks, yet it seemed as if this man had only walked into my small shop hours ago. Though we’ve been together for many hours. Hours spent talking, I felt this longing that seemed as if I was drawn to him, and now here I was, the 22 year old who’d been saving myself for my soul mate and in less than a month here I was in bed with him. I could hear his even breathing and knew he was asleep, yet I couldn’t bring myself to slip away from him. Somehow feeling him with me, for the first time allowed me to feel safe. I eventually let my eyes flutter shut and burrowed down into the blankets. Shifting to turn and bury my face against his chest, he only shifted a bit and pulled me closer before drifting back off to his sleep. . .


Dear Diary, Yep I’m at it again. Another journal, another day in my simple, smalltown life. I know this is always the same, yet ever since leaving that poor excuse of a foster home, I feel better writing. I know no one will ever see the things I feel, and I’m still alone, but I feel better when I feel as if I’m telling a good friend these things.

So to continue as this will have to be cut short since today’s the grand opening of my new shop, I had another weird dream. It felt as if I was laying in a crib, or a very small childs bed because I could see a handmade mobile of hearts and tiny bears hanging over me. Then suddenly I was surounded by a bright light, and I saw the most beautiful woman looking down upon me. Her hair as light as the purest gold and her eyes deeper than the farthest explored parts of the ocean. I felt as if I was looking at an older version of myself. . .yet, somehow. . .I knew her. I knew this woman and she wasn’t me. It was. . .I think I dreamt of my mother. . .

With a soft sigh I closed the baby blue notebook and tucked it beneath the edge of my mattress. I felt as if I were still a small girl, keeping a secret journal from her parents. Though, I wasn’t certain why, I knew today was going to be special, in more ways then one. . .

As I rolled off my bed wearing a pair of pink pajama shorts covered in heart with a matching tank top, I couldn’t help but feel as if I was finally fitting into this life. It hadn’t been planned, I was sort of thrown into it. I guess it’s best if I start at the beginning, so here goes.

The Big Change

Hi, my name is Allison Alexa Monroe, and this is the story of how my life all changed in less then 24 hours. I guess it all started on what became my final day in my foster home. I’d been there since the fire that killed my family when I was just past three years old. I was nearly 18 at the time, and just about ready to start apply for colleges. I had perfect grades, a great academic review from every teacher I’d ever known, and participated in every afterschool club that could give me a good credit. I was a bit of an over achiever, I felt as if. . .Well as if I owed it to my parents to do something with my life. So I made it my goal to get a scholarship to one of the best universities in my country.

Then, it all changed when a mysterious letter showed up. It was from some woman claiming to be my mother’s sister. Though, from the faded ink and the yellowing page, I knew it was written a long time ago. In it she told me how sorry she was for not having reached out to me years ago, and that if I was reading it she must be dead. She explained that she was only 17 when she learned about my family’s death, and wasn’t quite ready to raise a child yet. Her own parents had passed in an accident only the year before, and she had no idea how to react so soon to losing the only other family she had.

However, she said if I was reading this that she’d had no children of her own and all her possesions would be left to me. Here I was, an orphaned girl who knew nothing of my family until this day and was less than a week from my 18th birthday, and now I found out my last living relative had died and this letter was all I would ever know of her. I couldn’t help having cried at the time, yet looking back I know it was odd to cry for someone I’d never known.

Later that day her lawyer came. He told me of her house a few towns from where’d I’d grown up. All this time, she was so close, yet I never knew, she never came for me. I packed what few belongings I had, and left that same day. When I arrived in front of her home, I never expected to have actually kept it.

However, the next day I saw her store. It wasn’t much at the time, needed lots of work, yet I was determined to get it perfect and that became my new goal. I had already finished high-school, and instead of going to college, I found myself restoring this old shop and making it my own. I still took classes online towards my real goal, but I felt as if I was somehow connected to this place, and if I let it go, I would never know my true destiny. . .

by L.A

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