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This is the location, well… Where we share with you all the fun, exciting and boring stuff going on at MyAnimeGo!

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We Love You 500!

About to celebrate our 500th post and all I want to do is say thanks. Though not yet as much as some other amazing blogs, I…



The New Year’s excitement is all here! With all the new promises, aspiring goals, and commitments, it’s the right time to set new year’s resolutions. Hey…

Everything changes but You Anime-Hug-hibike! euphonium-Sound! Euphonium

Everything changes but You

Everything changes but You. Hey Everyone and welcome to my blog post rambling answering your questions on the visual changes you have noticed on our blog.…

Kore wa Watashi Blog Award banner

Kore wa Watashi Blog Award 2020

Aren’t we popular! We have got nominated not once but twice for the Kore Wa Watashi Blog Award, by the amazing nabe-chan @geeknabe.com and Rose @wretchedanddivine.wordpress.com.…

Thanksgiving-Day Thankful Tag

Thankful Tag

It’s that time again readers, to take a moment to be thankful. Remembering the people and things that makes life even with all its ups and…