Kore wa Watashi Blog Award 2020

Aren’t we popular! We have got nominated not once but twice for the Kore Wa Watashi Blog Award, by the amazing nabe-chan @geeknabe.com and Rose @wretchedanddivine.wordpress.com. Thank you for the tag, I love you guys!

So what are the rules of the Kore Wa Watashi Blog Award? And after that let’s get started using 100% of my brainpower to answer the questions!


  • The purpose of this tag is very simple! Describe yourself through anime! To do this you will answer all of the questions below!
  • After this is done you will tag 6 people to pass the tag onto! If you’re tagged for a second time you only have to tag 3 in your next post and 1 on your third attempt and should you so choose beyond.
  • Tell us why you nominated these people!
  • People who ask to be tagged should be added to your tag list with a link to their blog! Tell something nice about them as well.
  • Remember to have fun with the tag and be proud of who you are, you are an amazing person, and the fact that so many anime and anime characters share traits with you shows you are pretty breathtaking!
I am amazing and breathtaking!

Q1. Describe a hobby or passion you have through an anime series! For example Shokugeki no Soma if you like cooking or Initial D if you like cars.

Passions or hobbies I have through anime? I have kind of talked about this in my post, Its official Mystery Blogger Award goes to… Occultic;Nine plot might have been all over the place but it is why I blog today.


Q2. Simplify yourself to an anime archetype (tsundere, dojikko, shota, shounen protagonist etc). Don’t overthink what an archetype is, go with your gut. Name a character that is also that archetype.

INFJ shounen protagonist like Deku, Izuku Midoriya a master planner for the future and a plan maker to solve situations.

deku thinking midoriya taking notes My Hero Academia

I like to look at things from all perspectives, I can be very future-oriented and focused, a lover of structure and being organized. And try to always put my best foot forward, learning from others to create what I hope is my own unique style.

Q3. Describe your looks through comparing it with anime characters. You can decide how many!

I will do you one better, introducing animated me!!!

Kind of how I look…


Why Not Read One Of These Next….


Q4. Describe your romantic bias and or sexuality through anime characters you find attractive.

Kazuma Satou I don’t find him attractive but we have similar traits…

Kazuma Satou KonoSuba God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!
I like what I like.

Q5. Tell us about your day to day life and what anime that would fit into! You can be creative here!

Well when I’m not getting sent to an isekai world like KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! meeting all its funny characters, going on adventures, harems and seeing the beautiful world with my eyes.

KonoSuba God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! main cast

Or in The Pet Girl of Sakurasou‘s also wholesome goal-pursuing slice of life anime that I have mentioned in my post, Bold Will to dream The Pet Girl of Sakurasou. That really motivated my dream to reach my goals and progress in life.


I am trying to create content that lets me be right where I am right now on your phones, tablets or computers helping you answer questions, recommend or just have a discussion with you on anime, manga and gaming related content.

Making Everything Anime! death note kira-Yagami-Light death note

Q6. Describe your hopes and dreams through an anime character.

My hopes and dreams? To be happy and my loved ones to also be happy. Fame, fortune and all that is nice too but I am ok with just happiness and peace of mind.



I am done already? Ok. Nominees are my fellow bloggers in the trenches with me and now in no particular order:


And with that I am done have fun with it but don’t feel obligated to answer!

Till next time stay AWESOME!!!


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