Everything changes but You

Everything changes but You. Hey Everyone and welcome to my blog post rambling answering your questions on the visual changes you have noticed on our blog. Also side note I liked how the title sounded in my head, symbolising how everything was changing at MyAnimeGo except you, our lovely readers.


I have learnt over the past few years that it’s definitely possible to do what you love and earn from it. I officially started MyAnimeGo in 2018 and now it is not just me but We. Creating content and watching it appear on all your phones, tablets and computers have been amazing.

Doing what we love and hoping to do it better made us think it was time to redesign and optimize to give our users the best experience we can when you come to our blog. So here is what we have been up to.

FrontPage Revamp!

akira Shoutarou Kaneda looking at his passport picture looks different

So let’s start with one of our most noticeable changes. Our favicon and Header banner!



Our old favicon was great but I have realized that it’s hard to see the details since the logo will get so small on the browser’s tab, so I decided we should go for something even simpler and even more noticeable. A circle here and our initials here… Our new favicon was made!


The header was another thing to go, to optimize we decided to just go with the name of our blog in a sticky menu while the blog’s header banner now shows on pages but not on posts. We also create a new header banner with a new look, welcome message and now in SVG format, which should allow it to load way faster now.

Massive UI update

Along with the speed boost and new image size updates, the layout of pages and blog post cards have changed to be more user friendly and stylish, so you won’t be shy to recommend us to your friends… While we tried to make the navbar and footer more intuitive to your needs.

Also, the blog post pages now only have one column and it’s centred! Making sure your attention is where I want it… our content. And also making reading easier and relaxing.


New main colours

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you my big 5. I was inspired to come up with colours that would be bolder, brighter and yet easier on the eyes. And allow the skim readers or general readers to be able to spot useful bits of info easily.


Font change

Rubik and Raleway cause “It looks pretty good! Easier to read too.” according to Nabe-chan@geeknabe.com. I loved how it looked on her blog so decided to implement it on mine.

New Commenting System

Last but not least we have integrated Disqus as our new commenting system, which should make it even easier to share your comments on posts you feel strongly about. We look forward to your comments!


It was a big update that I hope you all like. We have been giving ourselves the complimentary pat on the back for a job we hope has been well done. I wrote this because it was a big change for the blog visually and going forward I still have some experimenting to do here and there, that I am just going to do and wait for you to notice on your own.


It has really been fun these years so far all the ups, downs and experimenting. To slowly piece together this oasis/blog for anime, manga and gaming. It’s great doing something you love and trying to make it better because you enjoy it.

Till next time remember… simplicity is key and thank you for coming on this journey with us.


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