8 Best Anime Comedy

Anime has everything you want, there is Drama, Action, Comedy, and lots lots more. Most anime fans prefer action anime such as Naruto, One Piece, and Demon Slayer. However, today you’ll read about the best anime comedy in the world right now, let’s start.

8 Best Anime Comedy

Ghost Stories

Gakkou no Kaidan


Though being a failed anime and a classic one, it is one of the best anime comedies that you can watch. The anime is not too scary but there are some ghosts as it represents a group of children who try to save their town from some bad ghosts.

You can now see clearly that it’s a mixed anime that gathers horror but in a comedy way.


One Punch Man


You must not be watching anime anymore if you didn’t watch One-Punch Man, it’s more than great as it contains funny moments that often happen with Saitama.

He is an undefeatable hero that takes down his opponents with one punch, in addition to that he doesn’t have any hair. There are some amazing characters such as Garou, the guy that I and fans want to watch against Saitama one day, unfortunately, the anime didn’t release season 3 yet so we should wait and hope we see that fight because it will be fun and exciting.

Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto

Sakamoto Desu ga?


A really good anime where the main character “Sakamoto” is making us laugh a lot, his character is unique as well as his appearance as he is so stylish and does things in a particular way.


This character in the anime is the coolest kid in the school, that guy who’s liked by everyone despite him being a normal person but everything he does is awesome.

There is still plenty of high-flying space action to soak in, but the comedic moments are the real showcase. Comedy fans should get their fill on all the absurd jokes the series throws their way.

Space Dandy


Another comedy anime that does many things very well, is Space Dandy. However, comedy is the best thing and even Shinichirō Watanabe the author known for anime series but Space Dandy is more enjoyable making simple jokes and going for the easiest road.

Some people ask if Space Dandy is a parody of Cowboy Bebop? The answer is no they are totally different.


Great Teacher Onizuka


From the title of the anime, you’ll know that it’s about education. A funny teacher named Eikichi Onizuka was an ex-motorcycle gang member who was dreaming of becoming a great school teacher.

Onizuka wanted to be the greatest of all time even if it requires making himself and his life on the line. However one day he got the job and became a teacher in one of the esteemed private schools where there are numerous challenges and out-of-control students. Imagine an ex-motorcycle gang member teaching these types of students how fun and exciting the anime will be.



Are you looking for those anime that people watch over and over again such as Naruto? Here is what you’ve been looking for, FLCL is one of the most comedy and entertaining anime ever made! It contains six episodes in the original series.

The story of the anime is about a young boy with a chaotic alien girl in a small town, when the girl arrives robots started popping out of his head.


You’ll watch an amazing anime where the visuals and animations are very good. Also, the jokes are really fast and viewers may need to watch the anime another time so they can catch those jokes.

Nichijou – My Ordinary Life


Nichijou anime is about the day-to-day lives of a group of high school girls in a city where wackos live. There are no weird things or anything like that, just a normal life of normal girls. However, there is an exception, a girl is a robot and a cat talking. Those two weird things make the anime more enjoyable and complete the comedy.

It’s a unique anime comedy as it contains not only funny jokes but also funny characters.

One Piece


One of the best (also longest) anime in the world, besides being a comedy anime it combines everything such as action along with drama and all of them is perfect. You’ll have fun and be excited and feel sad also sometimes.


The story of the anime is about Luffy who wants to become the king of Pirates, he built his crew and started his adventure. The funniest things happen with his crew members and sometimes with other characters.

The powers in this anime depend on devil fruits that the person eats and becomes powerful. It’s a really good anime, you should watch it even if the fillers are quite a lot.


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