Games I’m playing right now!!!

So what games am I playing right now?, hey everyone I really thought this would be a fun post to share.

With so many games out there and with phone games becoming more advanced, gaming as gotten much more better.

There are a ton of games in app stores to play which is really convenient. But it can be really hard to pick when you admire so many games, I personally like games that challenge me, keeps me on my toes and makes me think as much ahead as I can.

I love games and am one of the many people who whenever I can love to play them, in the office, even on the bus or pretty much anywhere really. Cause why not? It’s just so fun.


Mobile games are becoming more advanced even in the app stores there are a ton of games to play and it’s just so convenient.

what am playing right now
Which is great for me since my Laptop and Playstation at the moment are broken, yes I can be a bit clumsy….

So what I’m playing right now;

Clash of Kings

Developer: Elex Wireless

Initial release date: 14 June 2014


Clash of kings is an RPG MMO strategy game where you are the lord of a castle and you try to conquer the kingdom by improving your castle and joining an alliance with like minded people.

It’s a game I have been playing for some years now, it’s not the most graphical game but it’s a very interactive game and I will always have a soft spot for it because of some of the amazing and wonderful people I have meet on it.

And I think the interactions is what makes COK stand out apart from that it’s just another time management strategy game. I mean the back door dealings, espionage and fake treaties are some of the things that can make COK a very harsh and unforgiving game. It will leave you questioning the nature of humanity a lot more.

But like I said earlier there are some people I have meet that have made all the ups and downs in the game worth every moment and I think that’s what always makes me come back to it or maybe am just a masochist.

shirosaki bokura wa minna

Medieval Fantasy RPG

Developer: Delight Games

Initial release date: 17 September 2017

This I really got into when I was looking for a fantasy RPG game after reading Megan Peoples post on Confessions of a D&D Player, am a sucker for anything fantasy and I just found the whole thing sounded fun. And since I haven’t been able to play D&D yet, I was looking for a substitute and this was the closest I could find.

It’s a text based game with different possible outcomes that can be reached by the decisions, you make. I don’t know if it’s because it’s text based but I found myself immersed in the whole story and really felt like I was on my own little adventure.


PUBG Mobile

Developer: PUBG Corporation

Initial release date: 9 February 2018

This I was a gaming I had seen around and hear a lot about, but with my experience with most 3D games I felt it would just be eye candy with actually no real value game play wise, but I was wrong.

My little brother was the one who actually got me to actually play it, like he did with COK which he’s stop playing now and left me hooked on.

me trying to run away from gaming
He’s so cruel sometimes

So like I was saying PUBG surprised me though, it only as 4 maps, the game is pretty simple and straightforward kill everyone else that’s not on your team.

And I really thought this would get boring and monotonous after a while but it doesn’t. The multiplayer aspect seems to keep that from happening since every play through creates a different experience and funny war stories you can share with other fellow PUBG players.

Also it’s a shooter game that allows you to play in either third person or first person perspective, I prefer third person perspective games so this was a great feature to me, cause it makes PUBG and inclusive game for everyones play style.

So that’s all I have for you, let me know what games you are playing right now, am always looking for recommendations.

Umaru Doma-short anime girl that likes games and junk food

Till next time happy gaming.


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