Jumyou wo Kaitotte Moratta. Ichinen ni Tsuki, Ichimanen de.

Short but sweet manga on what value your life holds.
Advice to readers that aren’t gna read the whole thing: savour the read, don’t speed through it.

Story: Interesting hook that lead to a story with quite the melancholic feels. Pretty solid story that had its ups and downs.

Art: It wasn’t anything special but I felt like the style fit the narrative quite well. Looking back, many of the frames were blank backgrounds but maybe that actually fits the story more contextually, as it is a character driven story with where they are located less important.

Character: MC is probably relatable to some degree. Hard to be completely relatable but you might find at least one aspect of either the MC or the female MC you can relate to. Makes them all the more real.

Enjoyment: 16 chapters is easy to binge and that is what I did. I recommend that you take it slow though, as this isn’t some 300 chapter shonen that you can skip half of the fight scenes. Play some nice piano BGM while relaxing. Savour the story. It’ll be worth it.

Overall: Masterpiece.

By IMainYasu0


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