Best Ouran High School Host Club Fanfiction

It’s no secret how much I love Ouran High School Host Club. With the exception of Miraculous Ladybug, I believe OHSHC is my most written about topic! And with how so many of you lovely readers seeming to like Ouran, I decided to do a post showcasing my favorite Ouran High School Host Club fanfiction.

Fanfiction is simply amazing anyway. I grew up reading off of fanfiction(dot)net so I’m still trying to get used to reading wattpad or A03. So, without further ado, here you go! I decided to the top 5 that I STILL read over and over again, even years later.

Best Ouran High School Host Club Fanfiction

  1. Duet by MoonChild10

In need of a performing arts credit for her transcript, Haruhi seeks piano lessons from Tamaki. The result is a bit more bonding than either of them ever expected. When the heir is willing to give up anything for a commoner, what is the Suoh family to do?

2. Broken and Healed by Tracey4t


Haruhi is in an abusive marrige when the host club reenters her life and tries to save her. WARNING: Contains some violence and some adult situations.

3. Truth or Dare by Tracey4t

Sequel to Broken and Healed, taking place shortly after where the final chapter left off. Haruhi takes on a serious case that soon puts her and her loved ones in danger, and reunites Haruhi with an old enemy.

4. The Cafe by GirlquinndreameR


To Kyouya, being in the cafe, with her, made him feel content, and that everything was right in the world.

5. We’re All Going on a Host Club Holiday! by Midnight Starlight Writes

After an eventful year, the Host Club decide to go on a Summer-long tour of Europe. What awaits our favourite Holidaying Host Club? Because things sure aren’t likely to go smoothly! Lots of TamaHaru! R&R!

Have ya’ll read any of these before? They’re really good, so you’ll definitely enjoy them! Let me know if YOU have any favorites! Write them down in the comments below.


As always,

Keep Smiling!

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