My Hero Academia New All For One’s User Revealed

After chapter 270 of the manga My Hero Academia, My Hero Academia New All For One’s User Revealed or Did My Hero Academia Just Reveal All For One’s Secret Plan? We definitely got treated to a major reveal, All For One’s successor in My Hero Academia may have just been made more powerful than his predecessor.

The villainous All For One’s Secret plan might have just been revealed after My Hero Academia manga chapter 270 a new All For One’s User has been revealed.


So who’s the new user?

All For One New User

Is All For One’s protégé Tomura Shigaraki, turns out my post on;



Does Tomura Shigaraki have All For One?

My theory about Shigaraki already having All For One was correct.


With All For One defeated by All Might and being imprisoned in Tartarus, My Hero Academia has focused more now on Tomura Shigaraki’s efforts, proving himself All For One’s true successor. And he’s been busy building his army the Paranormal Liberation Front — which is the combination of the Meta Liberation Army and the League of Villains. But that’s not all his been up to.


My Hero Academia chapter 270 reveals Tomura Shigaraki got more than just All For One’s blessings, he has also received the original version of his mentor’s Quirk.

 When our heroes attacked Jaku Hospital. They discovered Shigaraki getting a power boost from Kyudai Garaki. This chapter of My Hero Academia lets us sees the relationship between One For All and his disciple Dr. Ujiko / Garaki.

Dr. Garaki the man behind the Quirk Singularity Theory, that predicts that quirks will evolve over time to the point of spiralling out of control and destroying society and the world and has been enhancing villains Quirks.

Kyudai Garaki reveals how he gave his original Quirk, which allowed him to double his “life force while sacrificing physical mobility,” to All For One. And used the same technique to give Shigaraki the original version of All For One while All For One has been using a copy of his quirk developed by Garaki as a replacement.


It was really sad to read an unconscious Shigaraki having a vision of his deceased family, who died at his hands when his Quirk manifested, making him run away from his home and meet the villainous All For One. Even though they try to stop him, he refuses their help and destroys the illusion of his father, and goes to the image of All For One.

Shigaraki may have just become the most powerful villain surpassing even All For One. The powerful Quirk allows users to steal the power of others and even combine them. Shigaraki has access to a lot of powerful heroes in close vicinity right now. As he awakes, Shigaraki may just steal a bunch of powerful heroes quirks by surprise and become stronger. Let’s not forget Garaki was also enhancing the villain’s abilities. The coming issues of My Hero Academia will show us just how powerful Shigaraki has become and I can’t wait.

With Deku quickly becoming the strongest user of One For All, and Shigraki matching him with an evolved All For One, My Hero Academia two big powers representing good and evil is definitely coming to heads again.


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