What happened to Naruto in Boruto?

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At the beginning of the first chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, we see Konoha village completely destroyed, the great stone faces are gone, Naruto and Sasuke are also nowhere to be found.

And there was this;


It’s left a lot of us who have followed the series since Naruto with a lot of questions and concerns. Where did he send Naruto to? Is Naruto still alive? What happened to the Kyuubi if he is? Do we really want to follow the story of Boruto if he is? Who’s the next Hokage if he is? So so many questions…..


After all, Naruto has been a significant character and face of the franchise for 20-years now.

Naruto and Sasuke have fought their way through enemies like the Akatsuki, Madara & Obito Uchiha and Kaguya just to name a few and they have evaded death each time and becoming godlike shinobi. At least till now.

We have watched our number one Knuckle-Headed Ninja move from genin to the seventh Hokage of Konoha with a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. So it’s hard to believe there is nothing he can’t overcome. So how does he take a back seat or die in Boruto?


What we know so far

Masashi Kishimoto is not the creator of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations but is merely in a supervisory role on the new manga. Probably because of his ownership of the original characters.


Ukyo Kodachi is the real author of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and has creative freedom to do whatever he wants with the manga. And he’s definitely making Boruto’s story his own.

A new villain has been revealed in the Boruto Manga

Isshiki Ōtsutsuki


Jigen whose possessed by the mysterious Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, a character adaptation that can be linked to Japanese folklore, like how Kaguya was influenced by the story of a little girl found in a bamboo tree who was actually a celestial being from the moon, expelled to Earth to live a mortal lifespan.

Isshiki was an inch-tall boy who fought a demon with a needle from its insides and stole its magic hammer that could make things grow or shrink. The power Jigen uses in his fight with Naruto and Sasuke is quite similar to that.


Naruto and Sasuke find themselves facing an opponent they can’t seem to beat no matter what they throw at him. They are both completely overpowered.


Judging from the battle so far, Isshiki is far more powerful than Kaguya or the Sage of Six Paths, and I don’t think he fought at full power like them. So it’s starting to get clearer why maybe Naruto might not be around anymore. Against the alien god, Naruto and Sasuke seem to be reminded of their mortality. And we are not even sure if he’s the most powerful person in the Ōtsutsuki clan or the strongest being out there.


Naruto is captured and Sasuke barely escapes. During their battle Isshiki seemed to be more worried about overexerting his fragile vessel Jigen than the attacks of the duo.


But here is the part that really caught my attention. The sadistic Isshiki instead of killing Naruto wants him to suffer mentally and not just physically for interrupting his plans of capturing Kawaki. So he seals Naruto away in a kettle-like coffin, which cuts his chakra off from the real world.


So have we found out what Kawaki meant when he said;

I’ll send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage.” 

Maybe Isshiki has possessed Kawaki or maybe it’s just Kawaki that has sealed Naruto away again. Sure killing Naruto would but a lot more spotlight on Boruto but it’s a double-edged sword that could help the manga or reduce it’s readers.

I mean sealing Naruto away would be a way of carrying the old readers along and making sure we keep reading to see when Naruto would be unsealed, all the while trying to win us over to loving Boruto has much as we like Naruto.

What happened to Naruto and Boruto-next-gen

But then again Kodachi killing off a key character like Naruto would definitely help in removing the spotlight from the old generation and putting it more on Boruto’s generation.


We can all admit that Naruto is no longer the main character, apart from being a well-loved character and supervisor now like his creator Masashi Kishimoto, his story has ended. While Boruto’s is just getting started – interesting or boring, the touch has been passed on.

However, if our number one Knuckle-Headed Ninja leaves the story he won’t go without a fight, cause that is his ninja way.


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