15 Intense Manga Like Kagurabachi

Are you a fan of thrilling manga that blends swordsmanship, magic, and a quest for vengeance? If so, you’re in for a treat! In this article, we’ll explore multiple manga series like Kagurabachi that share its vibe.

This manga is all about revenge and magic. It follows Chihiro, a swordsmith’s son out for vengeance against a group of evil sorcerers who did something unforgivable. He’s got a special sword, and he’s not afraid to use it to settle the score.

Since its serialization debut in September 2023 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, Kagurabachi has taken the manga world by storm. In a surprising turn of events, it quickly soared in popularity, even surpassing well-established series like Spy × Family, Dragon Ball Super, and Boruto on Manga Plus’s popularity ranking. Its sudden rise to fame among English readers became the topic of numerous Internet memes, with some playfully dubbing it the potential successor to the legendary ‘Big 3’—One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach.

For fans struggling to find a new quality manga like Kagurabachi with a similar plot and setting, these titles are a great place to start.


15. Sword Art Online

  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Virtual Reality
  • Published: April 10, 2010 – Ongoing
  • Authors: Kōtarō Yamada

Sword Art Online is a popular isekai manga where players get stuck in a virtual game, and it’s not all fun and games. To escape this game, someone has to defeat all the bosses within the game. To make matters worse, if anyone’s health drops to zero, they also die in real life.

You won’t find any revenge in Sword Art Online but the manga has characters dealing with some seriously life-or-death moments and making some challenging choices, just like we see in Kagurabachi. Kirito, the OP gamer, is the one who often watches over others. If that’s something that tickles your fancy, Sword Art Online is a show you can’t miss.

14. Rurouni Kenshin

  • Genres: Action, Historical, Samurai
  • Published: September 2, 1994 – September 4, 1999
  • Authors: Nobuhiro Watsuki

Rurouni Kenshin is an iconic manga that takes you on a journey through the Meiji era in Japan. It follows the story of Himura Kenshin, a wandering swordsman with a dark past who has sworn never to kill again.

The series is a mix of action, adventure, and moral dilemmas, with Kenshin’s vow to never take a life being a central theme. If you’re a fan of historical settings, intense sword fights, and a protagonist with a strong sense of justice, Rurouni Kenshin is a classic choice you won’t want to miss.


13. Peace Maker Kurogane

  • Genres: Action, Historical, Samurai
  • Published: July 25, 2001 – December 27, 2009
  • Authors: Nanae Chrono

Revenge is often portrayed in media as a relatively straightforward concept, yet we know that it’s far from the truth. Peace Maker Kurogane is painfully aware of this fact and makes it evident to the viewers as well.

Set in the Meiji era, the story revolves around Tetsunosuke Ichimura, a young boy who joins the Shinsengumi, a group of elite samurai warriors, in pursuit of avenging his parents’ deaths.

Peace Maker Kurogane has the type of revenge and action that Kagurabachi fans enjoy, guaranteeing a thoroughly enjoyable read.

12. Basilisk

  • Genres: Action, Historical, Romance
  • Published: September 5, 2003 – September 6, 2004
  • Authors: Masaki Segawa

Basilisk is a captivating manga that thrusts you into a world of deadly shinobi clans and fierce battles. It’s about intense rivalry between two clans, the Iga, and the Kouga, and their fight for dominance.


In a similar vein to Kagurabachi, it’s a story of vengeance and bloodshed, where the characters possess unique and deadly abilities. As the Iga and Kouga clans go to war, the story touches upon themes of love, loyalty, and the consequences of pursuing vendettas. If you’re a fan of historical settings, epic battles, and tragic love stories, Basilisk is sure to capture your attention.

11. Vinland Sanga

  • Genres: Action, Historical, Drama
  • Published: April 8, 2005 – Ongoing
  • Authors: Makoto Yukimura

Vinland Saga is a riveting journey through the Viking Age with a hefty dose of revenge on the side. The story revolves around Thorfinn, a young warrior who’s dead-set on avenging his father’s murder. His quest for payback takes him far and wide, and he faces battles, moral dilemmas, and tough choices along the way.

In the same vein as Kagurabachi, Vinland Saga doesn’t hold back when it comes to exploring the depths of revenge. It vividly portrays the sacrifices it demands and the unwavering human spirit confronting personal hardships and the sweeping changes of history. If you’re drawn to history, epic confrontations, and the multifaceted aspects of settling scores, Vinland Saga is a must-see.

10. Dororo

  • Genres: Action, Historical, Supernatural
  • Published: August 26, 1967 – July 9, 1968
  • Authors: Osamu Tezuka

Can you imagine living in a world filled with demons and samurais? Dororo’s protagonist Hyakkimaru was born in such a world, unfortunately, he ends up without several body parts, which were sacrificed by his father to demons. As he embarks on a mission to retrieve these lost body parts, he encounters a young thief named Dororo.


The standout feature of Dororo is its exploration of moral dilemmas. Hyakkimaru’s struggle to retrieve his stolen body parts parallels Chihiro’s quest for vengeance in Kagurabachi. These tales share themes of personal development, destiny, and the costs involved in seeking power and payback, making Dororo an excellent choice for Kagurabachi enthusiasts.

9. Vagabond

  • Genres: Action, Historical, Samurai
  • Published: September 8, 1998 – July 8, 2015
  • Authors: Takehiko Inoue

Vagabond is a famous manga that follows the life of the legendary swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi. It’s based on a historical figure, and it’s known for its incredible artwork and intense combat scenes.

Interestingly, the manga hasn’t been adapted into an anime, yet it’s ranked impressively at #15 on MAL. This ranking is a testament to the manga’s widespread popularity and its reputation within the anime and manga community.

While Chihiro seeks revenge with his overpowered sword, Musashi sets out on a journey in pursuit of becoming the “invincible” warrior. Thus, Vagabond is an ideal choice for those who appreciate historical and martial arts themes.


8. Drifters

  • Genres: Action, Fantasy, Historical
  • Published: April 30, 2010 – Ongoing
  • Authors: Kouta Hirano

Drifters stands out by weaving historical figures into a fantastical world. It’s an intriguing twist where legendary warriors like Shimazu Toyohisa and Oda Nobunaga are transported to a world filled with various creatures and magic.

The series’ iconic approach of these legends who must come together to battle against a common enemy is just one of many elements that will resonate with fans of Kagurabachi. If you’re a fan of history, epic battles, and a mix of cultures and time periods, Drifters is a manga that’s sure to pique your interest.

7. Mushibugyo

  • Genres: Action, Historical, Fantasy
  • Published: June 6, 2011 – July 3, 2014
  • Authors: Art by Kō Mitsuki, Story by Hiroshi Fukuda

Mushibugyo is a hidden gem in the both manga and anime world, much like Kagurabachi is. It’s set in an alternate Edo period and involves a group of dedicated warriors known as the Mushibugyo, who are the last line of defense against monstrous insects threatening the city.

If you enjoyed the action and supernatural elements in Kagurabachi, Mushibugyo offers a similar blend of excitement, making it a great pick for anyone who likes historical settings and intense action-packed adventures.


6. Blade of the Immortal

  • Genres: Action, Historical, Samurai
  • Published: June 25, 1993 – December 25, 2012
  • Authors: Hiroaki Samura

Blade of the Immortal is another manga like Kagurabachi that touches upon themes like immortality and relentless vengeance.

In this manga, Manji, the main character, can’t die, and he’s determined to atone for his sins by helping those in need. This mirrors the revenge-driven journey in Kagurabachi, where Chihiro seeks to avenge his father’s assassination.

Both mangas explore themes of redemption, immortality, and the consequences of one’s actions, making Blade of the Immortal a thought-provoking choice for fans of Kagurabachi.

5. Warring States Youko

  • Genres: Action, Historical, Fantasy
  • Published: December 9, 2004 – May 13, 2016
  • Authors: Mizuhito Akiyama

Warring States Youko takes a captivating dive into a world of warring factions and mystical abilities. What sets this manga apart is its historical backdrop, drawing inspiration from China’s Warring States period. In this intriguing setting, the main character, Youko, finds herself drawn into a web of political intrigue and battles.


Just as Chihiro in Kagurabachi seeks revenge against sorcerers, Youko faces her own challenges amidst political conflict and the pursuit of her destiny.

Both mangas share a theme of personal growth in the face of adversity, making Warring States Youko an engaging choice for fans of Kagurabachi who enjoy historical settings and strong character development.

4. Attack on Titan

  • Genres: Action, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy
  • Published: April 6, 2013 – April 9, 2021
  • Authors: Isayama Hajim

A gripping manga series, Attack on Titan takes place in a world overrun by colossal humanoid creatures known as Titans. Revenge plays a significant role in the narrative, as the main character, Eren Yeager, seeks to avenge the destruction and loss caused by the Titans.

Attack on Titan and Kagurabachi are alike in their themes of vengeance, as both feature protagonists on quests for retribution in dangerous worlds. They have to make tough choices and give up a lot to get back at their enemies. Moreover, there are lots of intense fights along the way.


3. Blue Magic Exorcist

  • Genres: Action, Supernatural, Fantasy
  • Published: April 3, 2009
  • Authors: Kato Kazue

Fans seeking a touch of magic in the world of exorcism will likely love Blue Magic Exorcist.

In this manga, you’ll meet Rin Okumura, who shockingly discovers that he’s the son of Satan. Instead of following in his father’s footsteps, Rin decides to become an exorcist to battle his own dad and the dark forces.

Blue Magic Exorcist is a tale of redemption and facing inner demons, much like the quest for revenge in Kagurabachi. With supernatural threats and characters coming to terms with their extraordinary abilities, this manga delivers a thrilling experience for anyone who craves action and a dash of the supernatural.

2. Chainsaw Man

  • Genres: Action, Horror, Supernatural
  • Published: December 3, 2018 – December 14, 2020
  • Authors: Tatsuki Fujimoto

Another manga with a dark and offbeat sense of humor, along with a truly unique premise, that has gained a lot of attention is Chainsaw Man.


The series takes a very unconventional approach to combat, with the protagonist, Denji, using a chainsaw as his main weapon. He exterminates devils, and he’s always on the lookout for a delicious meal or a cute girl.

Similar to Kagurabachi, the unorthodox choice of weaponry and the relentless pursuit of foes make Chainsaw Man a thrilling and unpredictable read.

1. Demon Slayer

  • Genres: Action, Historical, Dark Fantasy
  • Published: February 15, 2016 – May 18, 2020
  • Authors: Koyoharu Gotouge

Demon Slayer is an absolute sensation in the world of manga and anime. Created by Koyoharu Gotouge, it’s known for its breathtaking artwork and captivating story. As of February 2021, the manga had garnered more than 150 million copies in circulation, encompassing digital formats, securing its place as the ninth highest-selling manga series in history.

In the story, Tanjiro Kamado embarks on a quest to avenge his family and save his sister, who’s been turned into a demon.


Much like Kagurabachi, the manga focuses on the determined protagonist’s pursuit of vengeance and mastery of unique techniques to combat supernatural enemies.


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