If there’s something we love about anime, manga and games is the myriad of stories and concepts that not only push the envelope, but are sometimes so disturbing, dark, or real that we can never forget them.
If Perfect Blue is your idea of a twisted good time, then come look at our psychological anime, manga and game recommendations and reviews!

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Death Parade – Review

Death Parade, which aired from January to March 2015, was created, written, and directed by Tachikawa Yuzuru. It all started with his short film in 2013,…

10 Games Like Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 has been met with widespread critical acclaim, with praise directed towards its atmosphere, storytelling, and gameplay. The game currently holds an impressive score…

Parasyte anime review

Parasyte: People Suck

Parasyte…”What makes a human? What makes a monster? Each of us has a bit of both in us, and it’s up to you which one you…