Why You Need LuluCartoons Custom Anime Portraits?

As an anime, manga, and gaming enthusiast, starting this blog has been amazing. Being able to put a bit of ourselves into the medium we love, interacting, and seeing you read our ramblings in places we might never visit has been humbling and an honor. Also, now and then, getting early access or free merch to review and recommend has been a great icing on the cake.

So when the lovely and talented team at LuluCartoons reached out to me with an offer about getting a free custom portrait to see how I would look in my favorite anime for a review of their services, I was skeptical at first till I got to their page and saw some of their works, then without hesitation or anymore thought I said YES.

What are LuluCartoons Portraits?


Lulucartoons was started because the creators were tired of boring products—lame birthday presents, “#1 Dad” coffee mugs, and the same wall art that 10,000 other people also bought.

So the company built a team of talented and well-vetted artists and partnered with the best print shops in the industry. Now anyone can have a completely custom drawing that they’ll be excited to show off to friends.


My experience with LuluCartoons

With the approval of my other half, I went with a custom anime portrait that was Berserk-inspired. Because Berserk is easily the best manga I have ever read. I love every bit of it so I wanted to have a portrait that puts me in the masterpiece of a world.

After sending an image of myself and my other half to the team at LuluCartoons, with some details of what I wanted, I noticed the person attending to me didn’t press me on explaining clearly any of my details and even reminded me about the free revision I could get if there was anything I wasn’t happy with.

After I think 72 hours, the image was complete. I was still expecting it to take between 5-10 days as they said on the website, but I was told the 5-10 days wait would only happen in very busy months.

So how did it turn out well…


She loved it. I loved it. It’s so good it’s unreal. I love the level of detail on the faces, the colors and the style of the artwork are breathtaking. The team at LuluCartoons has an excellent eye for even the little details that make your custom portrait feel personalized just for you, even if you decide to go with one of their pre-made backgrounds.

LuluCartoons prices are reasonable and they’re very professional, getting back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you to the wonderful and talented artists and the whole team at LuluCartoons for the Berserk-inspired portrait. We love it.

If you’re considering purchasing a delightful hand-drawn personalized portrait or other personalized things they make as a unique gift for your loved ones, friends, coworkers, or even yourself, I highly recommend you to check them out.

How do LuluCartoons work?

First, you will choose the style of your portrait on their website LuluCartoons. They have a variety of art styles, not just anime styles. You can even create a completely custom portrait and specify the aesthetics you want to be present in your portrait. So check them out and decide on what you want.


You will also need to send them the images you want to use as references for the people in the portrait. Whatever needs to be done on your end is pretty straightforwardly explained on their website, so don’t worry. The images are also really massive coming in at 4800×6000 digitally, they also have an option for getting a physical print that comes either on a canvas, poster, framed poster, coffee mug, t-shirt, cell phone case, or vinyl sticker.

They also usually have discount sales, so if it’s still pricey for you when you check it out now, bookmark it and check back, they usually have special sales where the prices will come down to something you’ll be comfortable spending. But when you decide to get one, I guarantee it will come out fantastic.


It’s a perfect gift that is great for any occasion, that feels very thought of, cute and a quick turnaround for times when you stupidly forget to get another gift, the lovely friendly staff at LuluCartoons have you covered transforming you and your loved ones into magical custom art.

Final Thoughts

I want to express a huge thanks to LuluCartoons for reaching out, and making wonderful art, that I will treasure for a long time and for being so kind.


What do you think? What were your favorites? What are you thinking of getting? What do you think I should have gotten? Tell us what you think in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe. We release new content every Saturday. The best way to see it first is to subscribe.

Thanks for reading!


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