2020 Blogging Review: Our Year in Anime Blogging

It’s crazy to think that 2020 is almost over. With the pandemic going on it’s been a pretty crazy year. October was also the one year mark since YumDeku and I (the nerdygirlnews) partnered up our blogs and joined forces! During this year, I think we’ve both learned a lot more and I for one, have no plans of going anywhere!


For one thing, with all the craziness going on, I haven’t been able to watch as much anime as I used to. I did find my still current obsession with Angels of Death and most of my articles have reflected that. I’ve also been focusing more on mental health so a lot of the themes have been repetitive. Sorry dear readers if that gets boring! Finding the time to write has been tough. I went through three jobs (currently still have the third one) and finally have a job that I think I can stick with-even if I work almost 50-60 hours a week.

Yuru Yuri anime-girl-learning working hard ganbate

I’m hoping 2021 will be better in terms of what the world is going through. I’m in the US, so I’m sad to say that covid cases have been rising a lot still here since people still rarely wear their masks and have large gatherings. The husband and I are huge introverts though so not much has changed for us. Other than having to wear our masks when can we walk our dog. I still bike/bus to work which has been a HUGE help to my mental health. Not to mention, I finally left the call center life! I can’t stress enough how hard that type of job can be and the people who work there are saints. We put up with so much. I’m in a warehouse now where I can sit down and listen to music/podcasts. Fell in love with the Bright Sessions (I will forever ship Adam/Caleb) and got so many new ideas for the blog.

In terms of the blog itself, I’m SO SO SO grateful for YumDeku. His friendship means the world to me and I wouldn’t have been able to keep writing if wasn’t for his encouragement. I’m also so grateful for all our dear readers who leave comments, reviews, messages, etc. I LOVE hearing from you, even if it’s just what you had for lunch, I want to know!

Thank you bow

Our little corner of the Internet has grown so much! Some of ya’ll might have noticed we’re not on facebook/Instagram anymore and that’s because we kept having issues with the algorithm not showing our posts and facebook is wanting you to PAY to even show them. No thanks.

We still have our Twitter/Reddit/Tumblr and Pinterest. We have a few ideas for how we want to grow even MORE this year and I truly think we’ll get there. I’m hoping to find time to be able to watch more anime and keep up with it. I STILL haven’t watched My Hero Academia and right now I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have the time or because it’s so popular…

So thank you dear readers for being with us this year. We’ll still be here reviewing, shipping and talking about headcanons for as long as we can.


Spends her time watching anime and reading anything she can get her hands on. Also passionate about Disney, Harry Potter and helping those with depression and anxiety.

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