5 Mobile Games I’m Playing Now!

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If you are staying home and it’s been a while chances are you’re starting to feel like a prisoner, some of you wrote complaining about just that—thank you all for writing to us, we are always happy to see mail from our readers but remember this period of staying inside and being lazy is for the good of society, so please stay home.

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And for all of you asking what games I’m playing now? this post was made to answer that.


I still basically only have my phone, so I have been playing mostly mobile games and most of them are not all 3D graphicy but they do keep my mind shape and help with the monotony of staying in.

I wonder if you are getting sucked into this post already…

So let’s get started:



Initial released: August 2019

Developed by: Lightspeed & Quantum


Published by: Tencent Games


Yes, this made the list especially when they made a Lite version that requires only 600 MB of free space and 1 GB of RAM to run smoothly. Even though the Lite version is a toned-down version of the original, it’s still very good.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds LITE is an online multiplayer battle royale game made available to every mobile user who can play the game from anywhere, which was pretty cool.


The objective of the game is easy and straightforward eliminate other players that are not on your side. The controls are easy to learn also and the matching system is pretty amazing.

The ranking system is not used for matching but the skill level is used. Which means you are matched against players who are like you, so most matches require a lot of strategizing, bullets or just pure luck to stay alive.

What makes it such a great game to me is the interaction you can have with teammates especially during matches, you really feel like you are in a mercenary group. PUBG MOBILE LITE is a game I love playing with my little brother and friends when I can.

Planit Rabbit


Initial released: Early Access


Developed by: Polyspice

Published by: Polyspice


The furriest and cutest characters from Planet Lander are here! Planit Rabbit is a great casual arcade game that can be strangely addictive.


Planit Rabbit is a simple straight forward game, your objective is simply to pick up the furry cute rabbits and help them get back to their home base while manoeuvring shape pointy terrain, the occasional missiles all the while monitoring your fuel and refuelling when you need too, sounds simple enough right.


Its a really fun game that brought out the fun competitive parts of me and my little brother has we tried to outmanoeuvre each other.

Your spaceship could also get damaged by missiles and start licking fuel so you would have to land at repair stations, which you could end up running completely low on fuel shutting down and leading to a game over. And before the current update, you could also get an immediate K.O when you crashed into the terrain which added a higher stake to the game and created a lot of hilarious fails.

Clash of Kings


Initial released: June 2014


Developed by: Elex Tech

Published by: Elex Tech


Clash of Kings is a massive mobile multiplayer online strategy game and maybe I am a bit of a masochist for liking this game.

shirosaki bokura wa minna

You are the lord of a castle and you try to conquer the kingdom and other castles if you are strong enough by managing resources to use to improve your troops, science, dragons, heroes, buildings and lot of other things. Clash of Kings has added so many features there is always something to do, maybe a bit too much honestly.

Clash of Kings is a cruel and unforgiving world, where other lords can backstab you at the drop of a hat, but even with that, you may get to meet “players”, that in the simplest way to describe them are like, an oasis in the desert that is COK.

I have been lucky to meet one such player and we’ve stayed friends for quite a long time now. I also joined an alliance with like-minded people which is really fun.

If you are reading this, you know yourself. Thank you.

I really think that is were Clash of Kings shines at the most from other RPG MMO strategy game, the sense of community it creates between players.


But it could be all the war, burning castles to the ground and watching the light die from another players eyes has you plunder and destroy all his or her’s effort in trying to grow.

Burn it all!!!!!!

Sorry got carried away there. “Big fish eats little fish” or sense of comradery Clash of Kings has something for everyone. And for that it will always be a game, I talk about fondly.

If you are interested in playing, you can check this out;

All The Cheats And Tricks For Clash Of Kings

Colour Hunt


Initial released: September 2019


Developed by: I am

Published by: I am


Colour Hunt is an addictive and visual fun casual game, where you are transported to a colourful world.


It’s a swipe game where you swipe your way from one part of your phone to the other gathering the colour you have been asked to hunt. It seems simple but has the level progresses it gets harder but that’s where I turned it to a competition with my little brother to see who could beat the level first.


The music was also good, but what I found amazing was it was made by a young indie game developer, that I think if given the encouragement could come out with even better games.

I really admire what I am has created, maybe especially more since I would love to get into game development someday too. I love I am tenacity of diving right in this was her first game, so she was just learning everything from scratch, which can be daunting.

It took her a year to create but it’s definitely a game you can feel is made by someone who loves games and tries to capture the fun and simple mechanics of mobile gaming that we all love. It’s definitely worth a playthrough.


D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game)


Initial released: September 2017

Developed by: Delight Games

Published by: Delight Games



D&D Style Choice Game is last but definitely not the least, it’s a role-playing game I really love playing when I have spear time and can really get engrossed in the tales and lores.

D&D Style Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game) is a text-based game that leads you to different possible outcomes by the decisions, you make. Currently, I have played as a wizard, succubus, ranger and a rogue.


The stories are really immersive and I have lost track of times a couple of times when I played it, it really felt like I was on my own adventure with all the amazing characters I meet along the way.

The Rogue and Demon series have been the ones I am really hooked on now, I just wish new chapters would come out faster but quality does take time after all so I will just have to be patient.


This post took longer than I thought it would but I am glad it’s done and ready for all of you. And in my effort to help kill boredom, I’ll be publishing it a day earlier instead of scheduling it. Hope you enjoy reading this and trying the recommendations, let me know what you think.

And before you go read other posts or try the recommendations:

  1. Which games are you playing right now?
  2. Do you have any favourites from your childhood that you reminisce about?
  3. Do you ever revisit those games for nostalgia’s sake?

And remember we are all in this together. Stay home if you have to and stay safe.

Happy Gaming!!


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