6 Anime Like Dororo

So 6 anime that are similar to Dororo?, hello everyone. So you want to watch another anime with a moody dark tone about love, greed, revenge and betrayal.

Dororo was produced by Tezuka Productions and MAPPA, and is the brainchild of Osamu Tezuka- who is considered “the father of manga”. For creation of classics like Astro Boy.

And for those not familiar with Dororo yet;

Dororo is an anime that follows the story of Hyakkimaru, whose greedy and selfish father Kagemitsu Daigo, sacrifices his body to demons to gain power (yes he won’t be winning any father of the year awards). We Follow Hyakkimaru has he defeats demons to regain his body with a mischievous child Dororo. Now back to the main topic:


So with Dororo over, what can you use to fill that space, you asked and I answered;

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit


Episodes 26| Aired April 2007 | Produced by Production I.G

Moribito is an anime series that like Dororo follows two strangers who meet by chance, Prince Chagum– the emperor’s son and whose also thought to be the reincarnation of a water demon that is causing drought to their empire, so therefore most be sacrificed. And Balsa– the kick butt heroine who saves the prince’s life during an assassination attempt and later begged by his mother to keep him safe.

The same themes are present as in Dororo from the emphasis on the beauty of life, nature, family and the bonds that can be fromed by two strangers who embark on this journey together.




Episodes 12| Aired January 2010 | Produced by White Fox

Katanagatari is set in the edo period Japan, where the Shogunate and samurai are still very active and ruling. And there are many different sword-fighting techniques.

We follow Shichika Yasuri–a wielder of a sword technique that uses his own body as a blade. He is also the seventh head of the Kyotouryuu school, living quietly with his sister Nanami.

Until he meets ths strategist Togame, who he falls for. She has been sent by the Shogunate to retrieve 12 unique swords called “Deviant Blades”, he accept to help her on her mission because he likes her. So their dangerous adventure beings.


Katanagatari similarities to Dororo is in it historic setting and our two characters, Shichika and Togame whose continued association on their journey to retrieve the 12 swords, causes major developmental growth in both characters. Making them both better and more relatable.


Afro Samurai


Episodes 5| Aired May 2007 | Produced by Gonzo

Afro after witnessing the death of his father in a dual with a man named Justice for the Number One headband. Afro vows revenge against Justice who killed his father for the Number One headband.

But there is a catchy on his path to vengeance he has to possess the Number Two headband, if he wishes to fight the new Number One. And even after possessing the Number Two headband, he will have to fight pretty much everyone in the world people to get to the Number One. Because unlike the Number One, the Number Two can be challenged by anyone.


Afro Samurai to me is similar to Dororo in it’s setting of samurai and the moral lessons, it constantly resounds in us that “how far is too far?” on our path to revenge. Is revenge really done for what is lost to us? or really more for us to find a way to cope with our loss. Are we really hurting anyone but ourselves has we chase revenge? and What remains after, of us when we have carried out our revenge?

Samurai Champloo

samurai champloo fuu jin mugen 

Episodes 26| Aired May 2004 | Produced by Manglobe

Samurai Champloo follows three unlikely pair Fuu, Jin and Mugen. Brought together by chance but stuck together by choice or blackmail?, out of a debt to pay to Fuu after saving them from being executed.

They follow her on a wild adventure to different places in their search for the samurai that smells of sunflowers.


Samurai Champloo and Dororo are similar in the delight you will get in watching them on their journey, it really makes you feel like you are setting out on an adventure. Characters having both minor and major goals they wish to accomplish, which make them more relatable. Both animes have an historical setting and many interesting characters they meet along the way, also with their minor or major goals that make them very human like instead of just 2 dimensional characters.

Stranger: Mukou Hadan (Sword of the Stranger)


Episodes 1| Aired September 2007 | Produced by Bones

We follow the story of an orphan boy named Kotarou, his dog Tobimaru and Nanashi a ronin. Having a random encounter in a small temple, where they are attacked by assassins sent by the China’s Ming Dynasty to kill Kotarou but the two are saved by Nanashi.

After Kotarou offers Nanashi a gem in exchange for his continued protection and escort to their destination, he agrees and dangerous journey with many twists and turns begins.


Sword of the Stranger shares similarities to Dororo with it’s historical setting, main characters being similar in both series are young, orphaned and streetwise youth, with a strong and older brotherly figure. Growth for both character, happen also from having the other at their side. The duo feed of each others being, making them become more relatable characters.



Episodes 49+Movies| Aired October 1997 | Produced by OLM / Millepensee, GEMBA

Berserk is an amazing story that is hard to know where to begin from explaining it, like Dororo it’s a story filled with love, loss, greed, betrayal, revenge and so much more, just with the story more gritty, darker and mature.

We meet Guts a mercenary with an horrible childhood, who finds some one he respects and trusts, only to be betrayed and have everything taken from him right in front of his eyes by the person he thought was a friend, in the most gruesome way possible.


So that’s my top 6 animes similar to Dororo, is there one you think should be on the list, leave it in the comment section below we are always glad to hear from our readers. Till next time continue to watch anime……


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