30 Best Manga You Should Read In 2024

Best manga you should read in 2024? Well, let me think about that. I’ve been exploring manga across genres for nearly two decades. I’ve read everything ranging from heartwarming slice-of-life through detective mystery to crazy isekai, and now I’m really excited to share my seasoned recommendations with you.

I know a few good ones I can recommend. And wow, do I feel kind of old now! Yes! That being said, manga offers a different experience compared to anime. Also, not every fantastic manga receives an anime adaptation, so you can experience some of the rich worlds filled with iconic characters and gripping plotlines only if you read.

So, here are my best manga recommendations I think you should be reading in 2024. I’m really excited about these, and I’d love to hear your thoughts or if you have any recommendations of your own! Hit me up in the comment section below, please.

30. The Summer Hikaru Died

Author(s)Mokumoku, Ren (Story & Art)
Chapters24 + ?

Also known as Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu, this is a horror manga I found with a bit for everyone, and by a bit for everyone, I mean the BL/Yaoi genre fans. What I found most alluring was the unpredictability of the story, which is perfectly portrayed by its distinctive art and fitting sound effects. It definitely has that “it factor” to keep you hooked.


The Summer Hikaru Died follows Yoshiki and Hikaru, two best friends who live in a small village. Yoshiki notices a change in Hikaru’s behavior, and when he confronts him, Hikaru transforms into an otherworldly being, threatening to kill Yoshiki. Yoshiki struggles to adapt to the new Hikaru while strange things start happening in the village, causing chaos.

29. Daemons of the Shadow Realm

Daemons-of-the-Shadow-Realm-nothing-to -see-here-just-a-horse-in-a-living-room
Author(s)Arakawa, Hiromu (Story & Art)
Chapters27 + ?

I’m really into this manga. At its core, Daemons of the Shadow Realm is a perfect blend of action, mystery, and horror. It can also get intense and violent, which can be surprising because of its usual tone. The mangaka behind this manga is no one else than Hiromu Arakawa, who also created the renowned Fullmetal Alchemist. Actually, it’s her first fantasy manga after she finished FMA!

The story follows two twins, Yuru and Asa, who are separated by a shocking attack. Soon, Yuru uncovers a hidden power that could change everything.

28. Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You

Author(s)Jinushi (Story & Art)
Chapters35 + ?

Can sharing space also create enduring relationships? Smoking Behind the Supermarket with You might have the answers! This romance slice-of-life series is filled with relatable characters who share genuine moments together. Some might call it boring, but the slow pace is actually perfect in this case.


Sasaki finds comfort in Yamada’s smile, a young woman working at a supermarket he frequents. After a tough day, he visits the store to interact with her only to meet Tayama, a bold woman who works behind the store. An unlikely friendship develops as they smoke together.

27. The Fragrant Flower Blooms with Dignity

Author(s)Mikami, Saka (Story & Art)
Chapters107 + ?

This is a manga I feel has exceptional character development and a captivating storyline. The love story and deep friendships are beautifully portrayed without any cringy moments like other romantic comedies. It’s a must-read manga that evoked a lot of awe moments from me and left me grinning at the adorable relationships portrayed.

Also known as Kaoru Hana wa Rin to Saku, it tells the story of two students from different schools; Chidori Public High School and Kikyo Private Academy. They are next to each other but seem to exist in two different worlds. Rintarou Tsumugi is a student at Chidori with a frightening face. He secretly helps out at his family’s cake shop. One day, he meets Kaoruko Waguri, a Kikyo student. Despite their schools’ rivalry, Rintarou looks forward to forming a friendship with her.

26. I Think Our Son Is Gay

o-mangá-uchi-no-musuko-wa-tabun-gay-eu-acho-que-nosso-filho-I-Think-Our-Son-Is-Gay (featured-image)
Author(s)Okura (Story & Art)

Good parents want their kids to be happy. Although I may not be a parent myself as of writing this list, my mother supported me and my siblings growing up. I loved this wholesome manga where the mom understood her son. It was rare to see a parent’s viewpoint in a manga. This manga is also called Uchi no Musuko wa Tabun Gay.


In this LGBTQIA+-friendly family comedy, a mother and her two sons go about their daily lives. Hiroki, the eldest son, is starting to think about sex and romance. Although Tomoko, the mother, suspects that Hiroki might be gay, she is going to let him realize it for himself. Despite belonging to a family of four, the Aoyama residence is typically home to three due to Father Akiyoshi’s job. The story is hilarious and heartwarming, which makes it one of the best LGBTQIA manga out there.

25. Don’t Call It Mystery

Author(s)Tamura, Yumi (Story & Art)
Chapters12 + ?

This manga is also known as Mystery to Iu Nakare. It’s a unique and underrated work from the author of 7 Seeds. Even though it looks like a murder mystery, it’s actually a philosophical manga that explores deep ideas. The main character has a cool design and an interesting perspective on life. The artwork is clean and nice, and the dialogue and character designs are amazing.

College student Totonou Kunou is suspected of murder when a classmate is found dead near his house. Despite his claims of innocence, a witness places him at the crime scene. As evidence piles up, Totonou uses his deductive skills to solve the mystery, clear his name, and find the real culprit.

24. Kindergarten Wars

Author(s)Chiba, Yuu (Story & Art)
Chapters72 + ?

Also called Youchien Wars, Kindergarten Wars is a manga that takes the successful formula of combining assassins and child care to a new level by setting the story in a kindergarten run by actual assassins. It features over-the-top romantic-comedy gags, direct references to shoujo manga, and high-octane action sequences involving guns, grenades, and helicopters.


The story focuses on adults, making it a refreshing take on the action/childcare genre. If you’re a fan of this genre, Kindergarten Wars is definitely worth reading.

23. In the Clear Moonlit Dusk

Author(s)Yamamori, Mika (Story & Art)
Chapters30 + ?

I’m loving Yamamori Mika’s latest work, In the Clear Moonlit Dusk, aka Uruwashi no Yoi no Tsuki. The mangaka is known for popular romance series like Daytime Shooting Star or Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet, both of which have significant fanbases.

It’s not that often that you run into manga where you can confidently say that both leads are likable. However, this manga has this quality. Moreover, the art is beautiful. I would say that overall, it’s a promising shoujo read.

Yoi Takiguchi is known as the school’s “prince” due to her boyish looks and casual attitude. Kohaku Ichimura, another school “prince,” enters her life and calls her beautiful. Although Yoi tries to distance herself, Kohaku’s compliments make her nervous, and she cannot ignore the feelings he stirs in her heart.


22. Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life

Author(s)Sakura, Amyuu (Story & Art)
Chapters131 + ?

I love Kono Oto Tomare! It has excellent characterization, and an engaging and meaningful plot, and uses literary devices like motifs, symbols, and imagery to create a well-paced story. The mangaka clearly treats their characters and story with care and patience, which is also why it deserves a place as one of the best manga out there.

Takezou Kurata becomes the new president of the Koto Music Club after all the other members graduate. Struggling to recruit anyone, Kurata loses hope until Chika Kudou, a delinquent, offers to join and become the new president. With the help of koto prodigy Satowa Houzuki, they recruit Kudou’s friends and save the club. Now with enough members, they aim to become the best koto players in the nation. But they’ll face challenges and hardships before reaching their goal.

21. Witch Hat Atelier

Author(s)Shirahama, Kamome (Story & Art)
Chapters78 + ?

Witch Hat Atelier aka Tongari Boushi no Atelier feels like stepping into a fairytale. There are witches and medieval vibes all over. Also, the art is stunning. The magic system starts simple but gets more interesting as you go, and it feels really thought out. I’m only a few chapters in, but I can’t believe how good it is!

The manga follows Coco, a dressmaker’s daughter, who discovers that her favorite picture book is actually a magic book. So, she starts testing spells. One spell causes a disaster, but Qifrey, a skilled witch, rescues her and decides to train her. Together, they aim to track down the Brimmed Caps, a dangerous group of heretics. But first, Coco must improve her skills and get along with Qifrey’s other apprentices.


20. Orb: On the Movements of the Earth

Author(s)Uoto (Story & Art)

Orb: On the Movements of the Earth is a fascinating story about finding humanity’s place in the universe. It follows different characters who fight for the idea that the sun is the center of our solar system (heliocentrism). While they debate this theory (sometimes in long conversations), the story also explores other big ideas in a way that makes you think, even if the talks can feel a bit awkward at times.

In the fifteenth century, Rafal, a brilliant young man, valued Reason above all else. He believed that the Earth orbits the Sun, and was persecuted by the Inquisition. A decade later, members of the Watch Guild found a hidden chest containing the secrets of the universe that Rafal left behind. They wondered whether selling the texts would change their fates or lead to their demise.

19. Medalist

Author(s)Tsurumaikada (Story & Art)
Chapters38 + ?

Medalist is a manga that shows a lot of potential. Just after reading a few chapters, you will be already able to tell that the author genuinely loves figure skating. Also, the artwork shines during skating scenes and emotional moments. The story is great, and the characters are lovable. All in all, Medalist is one of the best sports manga and a must-read for fans of the genre, especially those who like figure skating.

The story follows a coach, Tsukasa, who couldn’t become a solo skater because he started late. He sees himself in a new student, Inori, who everyone says can’t succeed because she’s also a beginner. Tsukasa vows to train her and help her become a medalist, a different path than his own.


18. Dandadan

Author(s)Tatsu, Yukinobu (Story & Art)
Chapters147 + ?

Dandadan is a wild manga that’s funny, exciting, and beautifully drawn. The plot is chaotic but creative, which is a major draw for those who dare to read it.

The story follows a girl who believes in ghosts and a boy who believes in aliens. They team up to fight both after realizing these crazy things are real!

With awesome side characters and a cute romance, Dandadan is a hidden gem waiting for anyone who loves action and a bit of weirdness.

17. Firefly Wedding

Author(s)Tachibana, Oreco (Story & Art)
Chapters35 + ?

Fans of handsome yandere boys will be certainly happy about this manga’s male lead. Firefly Wedding has a super unique story with a twist: the sickly rich girl falls for the assassin who kidnaps her!


Shinpei, the assassin, is both cool and a little obsessive, which makes him interesting. The art is clean and switches between dark and funny moments perfectly. Even though they start out strange, the couple ends up being really sweet together. The story takes place in the Meiji era Japan, which adds to the whole vibe.

16. Gachiakuta

Author(s)Urana, Kei (Story & Art)
Chapters93 + ?

I heard about Gachiakuta because Urana Kei assisted on Fire Force. Thankfully, it lives up to Ookubo’s standards. The first three chapters are the strongest, with Rudo’s fall into the abyss leaving countless questions. He joins a group and learns the combat system, with great artwork and twists in the plot. I have been enjoying my time with this manga.

Rudo and his foster father Legto live in the slums of a wealthy town. Rudo regularly searches through the town’s garbage for anything valuable. One day, Rudo returns home to find Legto dying and is accused of murder. He is thrown into the Abyss but instead of dying, he finds himself surrounded by monsters made of trash. Enjin, a janitor, saves Rudo and convinces him to become a janitor to fight his way out of the Abyss and avenge Legto’s death.

15. Fool Night

Author(s)Yasuda, Kasumi (Story & Art)
Chapters58 + ?

I was skeptical about Fool Night’s dystopian theme at first, but as I read on, I found it well-executed. There are complex and interesting characters and you can be sure that the manga will make you think hard about right and wrong. All in all, it has elements of body horror that explore the darker sides of society and survival. 


The future is rough in Fool Night! Earth’s covered in clouds, oxygen’s rare, and people can turn into plants to survive. Toshiro’s gotta decide if that’s the only way to save his sick mom. He can’t afford her meds, and things are getting desperate. This story’s gonna test how human people can be!

14. Sakamoto Days

Author(s)Suzuki, Yuuto (Story & Art)
Chapters161 + ?

Sakamoto Days is an exciting manga that blends John Wick and old-school Jackie Chan. The retired assassin, Sakamoto, initially leads a peaceful life but gets involved in the underworld and crime syndicates at war to protect his loved ones. He becomes a force that tips the scales in favor of the good guys during intense battles.

Tarou Sakamoto, once the greatest hitman of all time, left his life of crime for love. Now working as a convenience store clerk, his former rivals and partners refuse to believe he has truly left the business. He must find creative ways to protect his family, store, and town without killing.

13. Hirayasumi

Author(s)Shinzou, Keigo (Story & Art)
Chapters62 + ?

Hirayasumi is a lo-fi manga created by Shinzo Keigo, who recently overcame cancer and was inspired to write it after missing the simple pleasures of life during his hospital stay. The manga’s central theme is enjoying the little things in life. Hirayasumi has a simple yet beautiful art style, relatable characters, and a slice-of-life story that is not too complex or dramatic. All in all, it’s one of the best manga for relaxing and a wholesome read that reminds us to appreciate the present moment.


Hiroto Ikuta, a 29-year-old resident of Asagaya, inherits the house of his favorite elderly woman called “Granny” after she passes away. Three months later, his cousin Natsumi Kobayashi moves in with him to attend art school.

12. Touge Oni: Primal Gods in Ancient Times

Author(s)Tsurubuchi, Kenji (Story & Art)
Chapters26.5 + ?

If you like well-developed relationships, unique characters, and top-notch worldbuilding, you’ll fall in love with Togue Oni. There are supernatural elements but the manga is consistent with actual physics, which is great because it looks at least somewhat realistic. Too bad that it doesn’t have that many readers despite its quality.

In ancient Yamato, Miyo is chosen as a human sacrifice for her village’s god, Kippuuson-no-Mikoto. Can Ozuno, a monk who can speak with the gods, save her life?

11. Suicide Notes Laid on the Table

Author(s)Minami, Toutarou (Story & Art)

Fantastic series with well-crafted mysteries, surprising twists, and complex characters. Only 51 chapters long, but packs a punch. Read it now! The manga is also known as Isho, Koukai.


Class 2-D of Kairei Private Middle School receives an email at the start of the year detailing a “class hierarchy.” Tsubaki Himeyama, the top-ranked student, manages to ease the tension. But when she commits suicide on campus, her classmates discover suicide notes on their desks. These notes threaten to reveal the dark secrets of Class 2-D.

10. Blue Period

Author(s)Yamaguchi, Tsubasa (Story & Art)
Chapters67 + ?

This is my favorite manga. The writing is mature, the stories are not typical, and it follows the rule of “show, not tell.” The ideas are grounded and realistic, and the author tells personal stories. Read this manga if you liked Holy Land, The Climber, or Real. It will leave a lasting impression, at least it did with me.

Our protagonist Yatora Yaguchi is a bored second-year high school student. However, after seeing a painting made by a member of the Art Club, he discovers the joy of drawing. From that moment on, he decides to pursue art as a career path.

9. The Fox & Little Tanuki

Korisenman-The-Fox-and-Little-Tanuki-manga (featured-image)
Author(s)Tagawa, Mi (Story & Art)

Legend tells of animals born with great power, like Senzou the black fox. Imprisoned for misusing his abilities, he can only regain them by helping Manpachi, a tanuki cub. Bound by magic beads, he must be a good babysitter or lose his powers forever.


A fun and adorable read, The Fox & Little Tanuki (Korisenman) is an adventurous comedy with charming characters. Japanese mythology is filled with stories and beliefs that have been passed down for thousands of years, and the manga decided to integrate them. Luckily, the story is easy to consume, so it’s a good fit for kids, teenagers, and even adults looking for a break from the smoggy city.

8. Umi ga Hashiru End Roll

Author(s)Tarachine, John (Story & Art)
Chapters11 + ?

This manga was a bit atypical. First, the strange cover art caught my attention, and then I found out there was an elderly protagonist. I mean, that’s not something you see every day in manga or anime. Just like the protagonist, the story felt refreshing, with deep themes including end-of-life regrets, sexuality, and the age gap. Overall, it’s deeper than expected, and Haru is the best girl.

Umiko Chino, a 65-year-old widow, visits the cinema when her VCR breaks down. During the movie, she notices a young person in the audience who later introduces himself as Kai Hamauchi, a film student. After fixing her VCR, Kai asks Umiko if she wants to make a movie with him, which changes her life.

7. Boy’s Abyss

Author(s)Minenami, Ryou (Story & Art)
Chapters172 + ?

Perhaps you’d love to read something that’s gripping but also dark and messed up. Then I have something for you. Boy’s Abyss‘s characters might be teenagers, but they are far from the carefree Tiktokers we see every day. Each of the protagonists is messed up in their own way and the manga is not afraid to show it. Also, there are a lot of sex scenes and emotional stuff going on.


Reiji’s stuck in a dead-end town. He can’t leave his family behind, but he dreams of escaping like his friend Sakuko. To forget his troubles, he gets lost in the music of the idol group Acrylic. One day, he meets Nagi, the hottest member, and his life gets flipped upside down.

6. Choujin X

Author(s)Ishida, Sui (Story & Art)
Chapters51 + ?

I’m loving the new manga by Ishida Sui (the mangaka behind Tokyo Ghoul). It’s a guilty pleasure that feels like heaven, or maybe… hell? It seems promising so far and Ishida’s talent is evident in his use of symbols. The story is emotional and the art is fantastic. I hope he takes the time he needs to deliver a beautiful and well-written story. I’d give it an 8.5 if I had to rank it and can’t wait to see what happens next!

Tokio and Azuma are high schoolers who fight injustice in their town. They avoid confrontations with Choujins, powerful supernatural beings. When a defeated thug seeks revenge, they inject themselves with a drug that can transform them into Choujins. While Azuma remains the same, Tokio grows a beak. He must hide his identity as there are people unhappy about their use of the drug.

5. Sundome

Author(s)Okada, Kazuto (Story & Art)

Manga that can make you laugh and cry? That would be Sundome. The plot of Sundome centers on an indifferent young guy whose life is turned upside down when a confident girl approaches him about joining the same after-school club that he already belongs to.


An emotional read with lots of fanservice, this manga isn’t for everyone because it contains a fair amount of nihilism and tragedy. I’d say that you either enjoy this or you don’t. Since I can easily imagine these things happening somewhere in the actual world, I’d even go so far as to say that this is a pretty realistic story.

4. Bleach

Author(s)Kubo, Tite (Story & Art)

The protagonist of the iconic shonen action manga is Ichigo Kurosaki, a brash adolescent with ghost-seeing abilities. When he meets Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper entrusted with battling demonic spirits known as Hollows, his world is completely turned upside down. Ichigo absorbs Rukia’s powers after she is hurt, turning into a substitute Soul Reaper.

For fans of shounen, Bleach is full of epic battles, well-developed characters, and an interesting power system. While the manga might not be the most talked-about shounen anymore compared to its contemporaries like Naruto or One Piece, it still holds a special place for many fans.

3. Tokyo Ghoul

Author(s)Ishida, Sui (Story & Art)

Tokyo Ghoul’s setting is straight out of a horror movie: there are creepy ghoul creatures who secretly live among humans and need to eat people to survive. The main character, Ken, gets into a freaky accident and becomes half-ghoul himself. Now he struggles to fight for survival and keep his secret.


With beautiful, detailed art, fleshed-out characters, and dark themes, Tokyo Ghoul has a lot to offer, and its popularity is well-deserved. Even in 2024, it’s easily one of the best manga out there.

2. Koe no Katachi

Author(s)Ooima, Yoshitoki (Story & Art)

A second chance story, Koe no Katachi is about a bully who tries to make amends with the deaf girl he bullied. The manga explores themes of forgiveness, empathy, and overcoming guilt in a way that tugs at your heartstrings. The artwork is amazing, especially during touching moments and when portraying the struggles of deafness.

Since Koe no Katachi shows you both sides of the story, you will understand both characters and their struggles. In fact, you’ll end up rooting for them both in the end!

1. Berserk

Author(s)Miura, Kentarou (Story & Art), Studio Gaga (Art)
Chapters373 + ?

A dark fantasy with stunning art, Berserk is an epic story full of violence and dark stuff. Both fights and characters look incredible. Due to its lasting impact on both readers and the genre, I find Berserk the best manga you can read if you can handle mature themes.


Sadly, Miura Kentarou, the mangaka behind this masterpiece, passed away in 2021. The story, however, is being continued by Miura’s close friend and fellow manga artist, Kouji Mori. Assistants and apprentices from Miura’s studio, Studio Gaga, are also contributing to the artwork.

The main character, Guts, fights his way through a crazy world filled with demons using a giant sword. He’s got a dark past and a complicated relationship with his best friend (who turned evil).

Bonus Mentions

Usuzumi no Hate

Author(s)Iwamune, Haruo (Story & Art)
Chapters19 + ?

Magus of the Library (Toshokan no Daimajutsushi)

Author(s)Izumi, Mitsu (Story & Art)
Chapters29 + ?

Witch Watch

Author(s)Shinohara, Kenta (Story & Art)
Chapters152 + ?

Dai Dark

Author(s)Hayashida, Q (Story & Art)
Chapters47 + ?

Thanks for reading!


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