One Neo Eon, a Webtoon Everyone Should Read

One thing I have loved since starting my aniblog MyAnimeGo is all the amazing people I have got to meet like you my readers, other anibloggers and creators of all things otaku.

And recently I started talking with a new indie creator I meet, Alpha Yu whose on Line WebToon and his studio is called Shonen Bag. He currently has three comics to his name, which is really cool since we all know how hard it is to put ourselves out there.

Hello everyone, sorry my newest post took so long been busy. Thank you for being patient, reading and supporting us.

So he asked me to review his current project that he is working on One Neo Eon.

Are you sure you want me to do this Yu….

One Neo Eon is a webtoon comic that combines K-On, Ghost in the Shell, with other anime that have inspired him over the years and with moe elements.

The plot of One Neo Eon is;

a bunch of little girls trying to teach a robot created by crazy scientists how to create.

I was a bit on the fence about this not because it doesn’t feel like and interesting plot, cause I really could see so many directions the story could take and they all would be filled with moments of laughter and tears, but sometimes I do get bored on the drama genre because of the slow dragged out plot.

It’s a plot that could be seen as philosophical on how rapid we are advancing technological and look at how A.I are being created to be more self aware and able to think like us humans, and maybe give us a peek at how that world could be, how we humans and A.I would live together in that new advanced world. What would be our roles as humans if a more efficient being than us can think and create?, would we even have any use if they can do everything we can but better.

Or maybe the plot is more simple and not that philosophical and it’s just Shonen Bag studio creating cute girls doing cute things with life lessons thrown into the mix now and then, or maybe the life lessons are made to be interwoven subtly into each chapter.


But I honestly like to think it talks about all this things and asks the question what really is a soul or makes one? and can a machine be created to have one.

Notable characters so far;

One Neo Eon
The 4 girls trying to help the robot and our robot

Eon well he’s a robot and like us still trying to find his sense of self and real purpose in life.

Multis Kwahn an art prodigy with a temper and a bright star in the dark sky, whose trying to help Eon gain an independent thought process.

Heberu Yumiko the club president of the robotics club, who seems to have broken the third wall and his dating Alpha Yu. She’s mysterious girl with a past, who pretends not to care for anyone except Yu.


Emily Baker member of the robotics club, gamer girl who seems to be the straight guy in the dynamic, the calm and rational one i.e the normal one in the bunch of girls but turns out to be just as crazy.

Sakura Edo/ Susan Edwards mad scientist, member of the robotics club, weaboo middle schooler and rebel.

One Neo Eon
And the crazy scientists that created Eon and their nemesis….

Virgil Satomi is a part of Lab 98, a brilliant man who created Eon with the two others in his lab devision at the A.I institute and for all intent and purposes is a coward. He has a great heart and he’s smart but he doesn’t seem to have the social life skills needed to survive in the real world.

Takahasi Ichiro the office clown whose more aware of his surrounding than he lets on. Also a member of Lab 89.


Suzuki Misako a strong woman that can be classified as a tsundere, who trys to take on more on herself than she should and also a scientist at Lab 89.

Daisuke Yamoto works at Lab 1, he’s the nemesis, scum and honestly just one of the worst human beings.

My Thoughts

One Neo Eon

Like I said when I first heard the idea I was interested with the plot but I was still on the fence about it, because I was worried some chapters would be dragged longer than it should be, over things I would feel are not so necessary.

But I also thought it was a great plot that could take us through a lot scenarios, which could enlighten us more on issues through the different upbringings of the characters, since they would all have different thoughts and ideas on issues because of their background.


So far reading through the story, sometimes the story feels a bit rushed or might have some plot holes but one thing I like is how the creators seem to easily put their voice and themselves into their story, with each chapter we learn more about our author his past, his interests and his dreams and honestly this makes a huge difference.

For example his love for his hometown Canada shows though the locations he shows us. Showing us a bit more of the place Yu calls home. And that’s feels personal to me.

Shonen Bag Studios seem to with patients and each chapter of One Neo Eon try to find a place in our hearts. Creating a connection between you and them that makes you laugh even at their silly jokes.

The art is something that took a while for me to get use to. They remind me of deku in this way.

deku thinking

And when I asked him about his art style here is what he said;

I think that I just want to draw the coolest looking art that I can and not really think about style because if I draw long enough, my style will come eventually. -Alpha Yu

They seem not to have a specific style but just like deku try to mix and match to create something unique.

And honestly the amount of work it takes going back and forth chapters to make those minor improvements that they make in each chapter. Whenever they feel a detail should be added or improved on, just shows how much they love what they do.

I honestly read through it again before writing this and it honestly felt different as some points not story wise but visually. It felt like I was looking at a completely different manga; the art, lettering and chaptering had been improved.


One Neo Eon is definitely a labour of love and I honestly think that is one of the things that really makes me love it.

With every Chapter Shonen Bag write we are seeing the dreams of aspiring manga artist metamorphosis from a lava to a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

Shonen Bag Studio Alpha Yu

So shonen Bag studio is definitely an indie production company to keep an eye on. So go check them out on Line Webtoon;

One Neo Eon


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Thank you for sticking around to the end of the article. And keep trying to but yourself out there, even if it’s uncomfortable everyone as something unique to offer.


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