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Hello travellers and thank you K for guiding our travellers here. Welcome to your next stop on your journey through the cosmos. Welcome to MA2 a planet that is both chaotic and peaceful all at once.

Planet – MA2

I’ll be your guide now for this stop in your space exploration and help you on your way after. And for our new travellers just waking up from stasis, welcome to the international space themed blog collaboration!!

Welcome to space travellers, I love space so much, I signed up for this immediately I found out about this and I’m taking all my wonderful readers with me.


So as you go on this wonderful interstellar adventure, I would like to remind you of your most important gift that will help you on your journey, “Free Will or Choices” – your ability to make your own future and some of the choices you made lead you here. I will use an amazing anime to explain this – Cowboy Bebop.


Cowboy Bebop


Cowboy Bebop is set in a space western setting following two bounty hunters, Spike and Jet, and two women; the always in depth Faye Valentine and the computer kid genius Edward. Chasing wanted criminals through the solar system to earn money, on their ship the Bebop.

Episodes: 26


Aired: Spring 1998


It was a show that took us on a lot of highs, lows and unpredictability, a really great adventure with each episode. I just honestly wanted it to last forever honestly, till I was sick of the amazing main cast but still seeing them on air each week with a new adventure. cowboy Bebop was a show that celebrate our ability of free will – the freedom to choose what we want.

I think Alisa, Jet’s ex-girlfriend explains just what that freedom we are blessed with is;

“That’s just how you were back then, you decided everything; in the end you were always right. When I was there with you I never had to do anything for myself. All I had to do was to hang onto your arm like a child without a care in the world. I wanted to live my own life; make my own decisions, even if they were terrible mistakes.”— Alisa

Choices or Free Will, whatever you want to call it, are what shaped, shapes and shapings our lifes to what it is. Cowboy Bebop represent this theme very well.

It’s an anime I felt was very human like, with its good qualities and flaws. Choices have to be made in life and we won’t always be able to know the outcome especially when it’s about your dreams or passions.


It resounded in me the thought of being courageous enough to make those choices even if it was crippling terrifying. Cowboy Bebop shows us that it is ok to not have all the answers or to always be right, but choices have to be made in life.

And that’s ok as long as we are making those decisions, we can dust ourselves off when we fall and keep moving foward with pride.


Choices are a part of life, it shouldn’t scare us and we shouldn’t leave decisions in our lifes to be handled by someone else, we are captain’s of our ships, even if along the journey we have co-captains.

Space is the Place

Like all good things Cowboy Bebop reminds us that all great adventures have to come to a end eventually. And we are now at the end of my tour, It time for me to send you off on your way to your next stop the planet When Sirius Writes.

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Thank you for staying to the very end, till we meet again have. I wish you only joy and happiness as you explore the cosmos.


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