Favorite Couples in Fairy Tail

Favorite Couples in Fairy Tail

Most of us anime fans have already heard of the anime show Fairy Tail. With the anime production following the manga, it’s been a classic that most recommend to others when suggesting a new anime to watch. It’s in my top three favorites and naturally, I had to share the otp’s that go along with it.

Natsu and Lucy

Of course, the first couple has to be Natsu and Lucy. They’re a fan favorite. Hiro even stated that Natsu was based on him, and Lucy was his dream girl. He then confirmed that they do get married and have a child together called Nashi.

Gray and Juvia

Favorite Couples in Fairy Tail Gray and Juvia

Stalking has its perks, right? While Juvia might have started off as an obsessed, love-sick fool, Gray eventually warmed up to her and Juvia softened her craziness as well.


Ezra and Jellal

Favorite Couples in Fairy Tail Ezra and Jellal

Both of these characters have so much pain. The strength that they had to endure...it's incredible.

Gajeel and Levy

Favorite Couples in Fairy Tail Gajeel and Levy

They really started off on the wrong foot. It took many of us a while to warm up to Gajeel but once we did...oh boy. This otp couple flew off into fantasy land.

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Mavis and Zeref

Favorite Couples in Fairy Tail Mavis and Zeref

How can you not love our adorable Fairy Tail leader and E.N.D's brother? He makes being a villain look great.


Laxus and Mirajane

Favorite Couples in Fairy Tail Laxus and Mirajane

This is one of those fan otp pairings, but I have to say that I agree with it. They're opposites but complete the other.

Elfman and Evergreen

Favorite Couples in Fairy Tail Elfman and Evergreen

They're just hilarious. The OVA episodes with the waterpark date are some of the best. Evergreen turning Elfman into stone just so people wouldn't suspect they were on a date? It's classic. And still remains one of my favorite scenes.

Wendy and Romeo

Favorite Couples in Fairy Tail Wendy and Romeo

Another fan created otp. I think they would have a cute relationship. Mostly, it would become even stronger as they grow older together. Who knows? Maybe we'll see them together as adults!

Do you have any favorite Couples in Fairy Tail? Let me know in the comments below!


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