Kagome and Kikyou Don’t Look Alike…Do They?

It’s no secret how much I love Inuyasha. It was my first anime growing up and I quickly fell in love with the hanyou. The story of  Kagome Higurashi traveling 500 years into the past captivated me and my preteen self couldn’t wait to see how the story unfolded. The creator Rumiko Takashi became the first celebrity for me to admire and aspire to be.

Kagome is supposed to be the reincarnation of Kikyou. She possessed the Shikon No Tama or “Jewel of Four Souls” which was to grant the wish of the owner. Kagome wasn’t aware of this at first and was surprised to find that she even had the Shikon in the first place.


After breaking it….or shattering it into a million pieces, she goes on a journey with Inuyasha and is soon followed by others.

The story is amazing and the manga art is what lead me to first start drawing. Always the hopeless romantic, I loved the love story between Inuyasha, our hanyou, and Kagome. It was made complicated by the fact that Inuyasha had been in love with Kikyou first before she died trying to protect the jewel and believing that Inuyasha had betrayed her.


Kagome was her reincarnation, and it seemed both women still had strong feelings for the half-demon.

Kikyou was brought back to life by a Witch Doctor and had to take souls to keep herself alive, even though she was technically still a corpse with the past memories there. Everyone said that they looked alike….and well, I’m not so sure.

Mostly by the fact that Inuyasha mistakes Kagome for Kikyou when they first met. And it’s not the first time to happen in the show. While they might have the same hair color, the differences are too much, in my opinion, to be “twins”, even if she is the reincarnation. Kikyou has darker eyes and paler skin(a result of being…you know, dead). Kagome’s hair has more of a curl and slight wave to it while Kikyou’s is bone straight. She’s even thinner than Kagome if that’s even possible.

And that’s just the appearance. The personality couldn’t be more day and night.


It does bring an interesting dynamic to the show though. When I first started watching it, I absolutely hated Kikyou. She was just a nuisance in the way of my OTP. She was cold and unfeeling and I wanted her to just leave the Earth and get out the Limbo she was stuck in.

As the story progressed though, I started to like her character more and more. I wanted my Hanyou to be happy. 

She was the first person that Inuyasha had started to open to. He had wanted to belong somewhere, to be loved and accepted despite the fact that he was a half-demon. It made me like her more to realize that she actually did care for the hanyou, just in a different way than Kagome did. Inuyasha needed Kagome since she showed him how to trust and love. Kagome accepted both sides of him, while Kikyou had wanted him to be turned into a full human. It was never truly said whether Kikyou changed her mind about that, but I doubt it. She was afraid of his demon side.


What do you think? What team are you on? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Let me know in the comments below.

As always, keep smiling! 

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