Angels of Death Ending: What ACTUALLY Happened?

Angels of Death ending…do YOU know what actually happened to Zack and Rachel? We have 3 possible outcomes for these two and we still might not have all the answers. Let us go in-depth to discover which one is correct.

Angels of Death Ending what actually happened at the end

First Possible Angels of Death Ending

This is based on this speculated ending: Rachel has been canonically diagnosed with mental delirium. In this ending, she has an episode of delirium and envisions Zack visiting her and finally killing her. But she’s actually plunging the knife into herself, committing suicide. She was so committed to dying by Zack’s hand that her delirious brain conjured up the appropriate sounds and effects to the environment.

But, as I said, this is the most unlikely ending, because, at the end of the game and anime, the window of Rachel’s room is shown. The glass is shattered, the iron bars are broken, and there’s blood on the windowsill. She couldn’t have jumped out the window, since the glass is INSIDE the room and she’s not strong enough to break iron bars.

Not to mention I just don’t think I could handle this type of ending. It’s like when there was that theory that Pokemon was all just a dream that Ash was having inside his head and he was actually in a coma. It breaks my heart to even just think about this ending being real.


Second Possible Angels of Death Ending

The next ending is the angels of death ending I’m actually choosing to believe.

This ending is self-explanatory. Zack took Rachel away and then ran away together, supporting each other like the best friends they were meant to be. And more later on, but Rachel needs to grow up first. Don’t get wrong, I LOVE Zack and Ray together but she is still young. And both of them are just getting used to having a real friend. Their relationship can progress more once she grows up.

I mean, both of them have some serious PTSD and I think Zack might have some schizophrenia or something else due to his upbringing. It really makes you think of the whole nurture versus nature argument. Both he and Ray, have this moment where they almost blackout, Zack’s eyes go red and all he can see is his victim. He stops seeing them as human and Ray has to “fix” whatever she finds broken. They both have some type of mental illness that causes that.

So yes, I’m choosing to believe that they ran together and learned how to slowly trust each other and even fit into society. I’ve read some AMAZING fanfictions on A03 that capture their journeys for this. I ship them and will continue to do so.


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Third Possible Angels of Death Ending

And now, the “most likely happened but this show made us cry way more than we anticipated so we refuse to accept that this was the end” ending. And that is, that both of them died at the end with Zack killing Rachel and then himself.

Let me explain.

In episode 4, Danny says Zack couldn’t survive a shot to the head. But what if he did, at least for a short time? In this ending, Zack is shot in the head and the chest and the blood on his scythe and window may prove this. In the original Japanese version, Zack spoke less and less during the conversation, only giving single-worded answers or short noises like “hmm” or “ah”. This could be from the blood loss and haziness of being close to death.


So, Zack survives his execution and goes to Rachel.

You know Zack pulls Rachel out the window at this point since neither of them is in the room at the end scene.

angels of death ending

In short, this ending is the theory that Zack was close to death after surviving the execution and going to see Rachel in his final moments alive. When they fall out the window, Zack stabs her and ends her life with his final breath. He dies shortly after and they are in each other’s arms. You can see that Rachel hugs Zack if you pause at the right moment. It’s just as they hit the ground. In a way, it’s kinda poetic. Using your last moments to fulfill the wishes of someone you care about, knowing you’ll die shortly after. And in their case, dying together instead of alone.

So there you have it. Three possible Angels of Death endings. Which one do you believe? I’m still believing in the second one since I’m a romantic sap that can’t stand the thought of losing both my precious children. Let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to check out our other articles related to AoD, including FANFICTION and all the stickers/merch you can get at the anime shop!

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