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Miraculous New York is a 62-minute special TV movie of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. Its U.S (and world) premiere was released on September 25, 2020 on Disney Channel.


To celebrate the friendship between France and the United States, Marinette’s class is traveling to New York City. Everyone is excited for the trip. However, Adrien is sure that his father will refuse to let him go. Determined not to let Adrien stay alone in Paris with Lie- Lila Rossi, Marinette declares her intention to speak to Adrien’s father and convince him to let Adrien go.

Gabriel Agreste sees a video of a necklace that Marquis de Lafayette gave to George Washington during the Revolutionary War and realizes it is a lost Miraculous: the Eagle Miraculous.

When Marinette comes to speak with him about letting Adrien go on the trip to New York, he doesn’t hesitate to permit Adrien to go. Since Gabriel is also going to New York to take the Eagle Miraculous, he won’t have to worry about explaining his absence, and he’ll be able to keep an eye on Adrien. As a viewer, we know it’s because he’s a douche-canoe and needs to leave. We see Kagami kiss Adrien on the mouth and Marinette kiss Luka on the cheek. As this is supposed to be set after season 3 but before season 4, we can conclude that they are a couple there. Unsure if it’s the first time or not. It didn’t look like a first time kiss.

mlb kiss

This is a dream opportunity for Marinette and Adrien to get closer. Especially since Gabriel Agreste has accepted that his son take part in this trip. From the plane, the schoolchildren witness the spectacular intervention of four illustrious superheroes to neutralize a terrible villainous Techno-pirate who has just seized the reactor. Lady Bug and Chat Noir will join forces with the super heroes to defend the peace in New York and preserve the Statue of Liberty.

Miraculous New York Trivia

  • Originally, this special was titled “Ladybug in New York City”.
  • The first concept art seen for “Miraculous New York” is almost an exact replica in structure to Pixie Girl‘s promotional art where Pixie Girl looks down on New York City.
  • The events of this special take place between season 3 and season 4.
  • This is the first time that Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth himself wants a Miraculous other than those of Ladybug and Cat Noir.
  • This is the third time the US premiered Miraculous-related content before other countries did. The first two being in Captain Hardrock and Ikari Gozen.
  • The space power-up is shown for the first time and the names for these forms are revealed to be Cosmo-Bug and Astro-Cat respectively.
    • Its also revealed that when Ladybug and Cat Noir power up, they don’t need to feed the power up potion to their Kwami’s, but instead can eat it themselves while transformed.


This episode reveals the existence of another Miraculous, the Eagle Miraculous, and by extension, the Eagle Kwami, named Liiri. It also confirms that, while the Miracle Box is located in Paris, there are many more Miraculous that exist all over the world.

This also confirms that the Dormant Sentimonster created by Master Fu didn’t actually eat all the Miraculous (with the exception of the ones in the Chinese Miracle Box), as there are lost Miraculous spread around the world, having only eaten the ones existing at the temple at that moment.

Since one of the many duties of the Guardians is to watch over those they gave the jewels too and since not all of the jewels were eaten it likely hints that maybe not all of the Guardians were either.


With the Eagle Miraculous missing for over 200 years it could also mean that maybe the jewels and their holders aren’t always watched by the Guardians.

Some plot holes and questions from the show’s beginning are made clearer or answered in this special:

The Miraculous have an ability to magically disguise the identity of the wearer to human observers. However, AI are not affected by this, which is how Uncanny Valley was able to recognize Marinette’s and Adrien’s identities.

It is revealed that Nathalie lives in the Agreste mansion. It’s not clear whether she has always lived there or only does so because she’s bedridden from excessive use of the Peacock Miraculous.

According to Thomas Astruc, the first version of the script could have made a two hour movie. Story arcs were planned for Ms. Mendeleiev, Mr. Damocles and Chloé, but they had to cut a lot of stuff. Despite the story arcs being removed from the movie, it’s unknown if they’ll be used in future episodes or not.


Miraculous New Characters

mlb sparrow

Jessica Keynes also known as “Jess“. She is initially known as Sparrow.

mlb aeon
Aeon is an android superhero in the United States of America. AKA Uncanny Valley

She’s one of the few who could tell/see through the miraculous disguise and know the identities of Chat Noir and Ladybug.

mlb miraculous new york
Olympia Hill is the civilian identity of Majestia. Totally the writers nod to Marvel!
mlb sp miraculous new york
Barbara Keynes also known as Knightowl, is a superhero in the United States. Also Sparrow’s Mom.

Yes, dialogue was rushed. Like at the end it didn’t take much for Sparrow to convince the other guardian to make a new team.

I definitely want MORE, hahaha..

I liked that it was made known that they’re still made for each other. And Adrien was totally into Marinette in this film. Dancing with her, sharing food with her, all the little moments that he went out of his way to make happen. Sigh. Definitely on the last point about the guardian. They put so much effort into little things, like the miraculous box being authentic, but skip large chunks of necessary dialogue. It’s frustrating.


Marinette being true with herself about her feelings for Adrien was awesome.

Also, back in Paris, Adrien didn’t seem too thrilled to be staying behind with Kagami, haha. Then he was really excited when he got to go and was sitting next to Marinette.

I think there was a slip up with Adrien renouncing Plagg. He should have gone back in the ring until someone put it back on, but he was in Marinette’s purse. Seems they are bending the rules there.

So what do you guys think of Miraculous New York? I thought it was pretty good. Not like “best Miraculous Episode ever” levels. But it was really good. I enjoyed the marinette and adrien moments even though the show left me with more questions than answers.

miraculous ladybug

Have you seen the new special yet? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below! To help with the long wait, here are the images that Jeremy Zagg released for the Miraculous ladybug MOVIE!!! I can’t WAIT for this to come out! The animation is beautiful.

miraculous movie

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