Devil’s Line Review: Anzai and Tsukasa Did What?

Devil’s Line Review: Anzai and Tsukasa Did What?

The 9th episode of Devil’s Line was released just a few days ago and reactions were varied as usual. Devil’s Line seems to be a lot like Root Beer, you either really love it, or you completely hate it. There’s no in-between.

devils line anzai and tsukasa anime

Episode 8 began right where it left off with Anzai catching Tsukasa when she fell out of the window. We get to see Anzai actually controlling some of the devil inside of him and even more of Hans Lee(who is really Yohannes, but I still prefer Hans).

devils line anime anzai and tsukasa

Now, the anime itself hasn’t exactly been following the manga. Especially with episode 8, but that didn’t really surprise me since they would have to change the ratings and categories if the anime followed the manga exactly.


Getting to see how they reacted in a more intimate situation was actually adorable to me. It was surprising that they were going THAT far, that fast, but I still thought it was cute. The way they acted reminded me of a real couple and I was giggling and squealing during most of the moments.

With both episodes 8 and 9, we get to see a tiny bit more of a plot, but nothing surprising. When they introduced Chief Sako Anzai, of course, we all knew who she was.

Which of course, brings up more questions than answers. It makes you more curious about ONLO and what information they’re actually giving their workers.

Devil’s Line is still a good anime for you to watch, regardless of whether you’ve read the manga or not. I’ve said it before but it’s one of those shows that makes it easy to just believe that happiness and true love happens just because. Yes, their relationship came from out of nowhere and moved way too fast, but it’s cute, it’s relatable at times, and it’s something I’ll keep watching.


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Have you’ve been watching this anime? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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