Is Kengan Ashura worth watching? Explained!

Is Kengan Ashura worth watching? after two seasons of its high-octane, hyperviolent martial arts tournament and becoming popular rapidly. Hello loyal and new readers, welcome to MyAnimeGo, I’ll be giving you my opinion on Kengan Ashura, if it’s worth streaming or not?

So let’s look at if all the positive things or negative things said about this anime are true and if there will be a third season.

Let do this!!!!!!

Kengan Ashura

So what is Kengan Ashura? If you are just hearing about it for the first time and what’s it about?

Kengan Ashura was originally a web manga, the anime was produced by Larx Entertainment, airing in the Summer 2019 and has 24 episodes has of the present.

They are all deadly….. Except for Koazuo Yamashita, he’s harmless


Business deals are usually made through meetings and contracts; but in the world of Kengan Ashura, businesses resort to other means to make their decisions: by hiring gladiators. Yabako Sandrovich’s Kengan Ashura depicts a world brimming with action, violence, and martial arts—one where powerful gladiators have fought in grand arenas since the Edo Period to settle the disputes of wealthy businesses and merchants.

Ouma Tokita, who is nicknamed “The Ashura,” is a fighter trying to prove himself as the strongest. Hideki Nogi, a member of the Nogi Group, hires Ouma to fight for him and makes Kazuo Yamashita, an average middle-aged man, his manager. The duo is thrown into fights facilitated by the Kengan Association. Their journey will be full of ruthless battles with other fighters aiming for the same goal. Do they have what it takes to be the best? MAL

What did I think?

First of all for all those reading this please please please try and look past this, but………. Kengan Ashura is in CGI.

Looking at you Berserk 2016

Kengan Ashura is honestly the Berserk 2016 we wanted, the CGI honestly fits perfectly with the series, excelling over traditional 2D animation fight scenes. The movement doesn’t feel clunky at all but very fluid especially during the fights. But that might be thanks to the choreography that was very well done. It felt true to the source material.

Ouma Tokita and Jun Sekibayashi

Also, the way fighters backstories and explanatory moments were captured in a series of still shots was amazing.


Kengan Ashura is an action and martial arts anime and it’s true to that in every aspect, the story was pretty straightforward, the protagonist goals and other characters goals are pretty much explained at the beginning so there are no plot twists or anything like that story-wise and that is honestly refreshing.


The stories are mostly focused on the one-on-one fights which are always interesting to watch. If there is any time there is actually a plot twist element to the story it in the fights, you really sometimes can’t tell who’s going to win or you can guess completely wrong.

The characters were interesting, wacky or outright weird and they were likeable but they didn’t have much depth to them.

The sound detail was also pretty good and really highlights the series. The sound effects in particular never felt dull or out of place, the sounds for the punching and kicking felt natural as well.


Every fighter had a theme song which added a level of excitement or intrigue has they entered the match. And it really seemed to flesh them out more. The soundtrack, music and voice acting was good.


Kengan Ashura captures the purity of unarmed combat, showing it’s not all about power-ups, charging up or firing beams of light. They let their fists and ability to endure be the spotlight of the series.

Favourite moment?

For favourite moments I have two the fight scenes between:

Ouma Tokita and Jun Sekibayashi

Their fight was epic, the blows, kicks, Ouma getting suplexed two or three times. Jun really pushed Ouma to the wall and this was the first time in season one, Ouma was not so calm and collected.


Ouma Tokita and Raian Kure

This fight was the season finale fight of season two and it had me on the edge of my seat. They were both using their secret techniques Advance and Removal, so it was more than just the competition in front of them but a competition to see which technique was better.


Least favourite moment?


Seeing the type of toxic relationship Seishu Akoya and Shunka Hiyama have. Not giving to much away but I think Shunka Hiyama is selling herself short.

Favourite character?

Raian Kure


He’s wild, free, overconfident in his abilities and has a sadistic grin always on his face. I just love his crazy fighting spirit, he is like a combination of Zaraki Kenpachi and the Joker. He’s a character that knows what he wants and goes for it.

Least favourite character?

Seishu Akoya

Cause like I said he’s toxic and has a warped sense of right and wrong. He’s the worst so far if you ask me.


Would you watch more?

Yes!!! Kengan Ashura was enjoyable and nowhere bad as people make it out to be. You might need to get used to the CGI form but apart from that, it’s an anime’s that’s easy to follow with incredible fighting scenes and amazing martial arts.

The whole gang is here……

When is Kengan Ashura Season 3 Release Date?

Though the release of Season 3 of Kengan Ashura is not fully certain yet. According to findings, we should get a Season 3 of Kengan Ashura on Netflix maybe this 2020, probably around June to July 2020.

So that’s it, thank you for sticking around to the end of my rambling. If you like this you can check out our review on Why is One Piece so Popular?

See you all in my next post till then stay awesome!!!


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