Gilgamesh anime Ending: What ACTUALLY Happened?

Gilgamesh ending…do YOU understand what actually happened after the gruesome end? Well, you don’t have to look any further for ideas of what the ending means. We have 3 possible Gilgamesh anime ending theories for you, with points why this could be true.

so many questions…

Gilgamesh is an old anime that came out in Fall 2003, its a coming of age, complexity filled, apocalyptic themed anime, with flawed characters that you will either love or hate, so why are we talking about it? Well, I was going through my anime collection and found it.

Going through my hard drive..

Watching Gilgamesh from an older perspective has the credits rolled by still left me with a lot of unanswered questions and mysteries, the biggest one to me was understanding the ending, what it all meant. So I decided to do a little digging and share my thoughts on it with you and hear yours too. So let’s get started;



TEAR planned using Novem and Kiyoko Madoka child


TEAR intends to re-make a new human race from Novem and Kiyoko child who’s in a cocoon when TEAR uses the Sheltering Sky to wipe out the human race. This would explain why TEAR left the cocoon and earlier appear in a dream to Kiyoko when she was pregnant, saying she had been expecting her.

But the new human race is just as flawed and violent as the old, showing humanity can never change and we are what we are not by any external factors but by our very nature. And TEAR learns this the hard way by losing her life. Humanity cannot be tamed.

Kiyoko Madoka was in the cocoon


What Novem and Kiyoko created wasn’t a child but some kind of protective covering that shields and stops TEAR from sensing Kiyoko has she destroys the rest of the human race.

When Kiyoko wakes up, she remembers everything so when TEAR approaches her, Kiyoko stabs her with her tuning fork and kills her. So the girl we saw after the credits with a maniacal grin on her face is Kiyoko that would explain the aggression shown towards TEAR.


TEAR wanted to be killed


TEAR was a being created out of jealousy and other negative emotions, so wouldn’t the new human race eventually get corrupted from her, if she had stayed. Ruining the whole plan of creating a better race.

So after creating this new world, she lets Kiyoko kill her. Leaving this new world to her and her unborn child, with the only other remnant of the old world a tuning fork, to keep the new race on key.


Gilgamesh is definitely an unconventional anime that focuses more on character-study, with excellent story telling that build up and back up said characters. Looking at human nature and a bit of what it means to be human.

Let me know your thoughts about the anime Gilgamesh in the comments section below would love to hear your thoughts on it and see who else remembers this anime.


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