Fortana & Futura Chapter 6

   In my head, I already knew this fight was going nowhere, but that seemed like it mattered to no one at this point. Me and Dante where pretty much even with none of us seeming tired at all. A Duskwalker had all the strength and stamina that either Angels or Devils had, but they were complete human. At least to all we know. At certain points of this fight however, he seemed to outmatch me and vice versa. I guess you can say it was entertaining. I looked around me and saw the destruction we both made in this battle. Multiple holes have been made inside the floors of Heaven, countless other Archs have fallen, and pretty much any other type of Angel has fled. Except for me, Elisia, and the All Father.
      “Isn’t this great? We have the whole area to fight. Come Tagua, no need to hold back now.”
      “I never use my full potential for enemies. I despise killing for no reason.” I geared and spawned my sword back for another round.
      “Are Demons and Devils exceptions?” I stayed silent after his question. “I hear no answer, so that must mean yes.”
   He charged at me with two shorter blades than mines. The ringing of metal clanging sounded off in the clear skies where we fought. Each time we touched the floor, small holes would form. They grew bigger each time and avoided them as best we could. His swings were precise and sharp, aiming for my body, shoulders, or head whenever he got the chance. Although I would never let him, he would always start on the offensive for some reason. I grew tired of playing defense and pushed him off before moving in quickly and planting my foot in his chest, sending him down into the ground as he crashed into the floor with a bang. I looked and waited as a sword came straight at me at blinding speed. I gasped a bit before moving and dodging it. I felt the blade graze across my neck and blood trickled down my neck. I wiped it on my fingers and looked down. Not once has someone caused me to bleed during a very serious battle. I actually felt surprised.
      “I see you dodge just as quick as you move and fight. I knew you were the right one.” his countless spiels were getting annoying.
      “What are you talking about?”
      “In due time, Half-and-Half.”
   Before I could react, a black misty cloud formed over him. It covered his entire body before it vanished as well as he did. The battle was finally over.

   In the room from before, everything was back together as normal. I stood by the window why Elisia and the All Father talked to one another. My brain had multiple questions at once, but I still heard their conversation.
      “I never thought I’d see a weapon in which can cause the fall of Heaven. How does he obtain it and what is it made of?” the All Father questioned.
      “Beats me.” Elisia answers disrespectfully. She always does. “I never seen something that either. It could be-“
      “It’s a weapon made from the lands of Fortana. Multiple times of various weapons come that sacred site, both blessed and cursed.” I stepped in on the conversation. I could feel both of their eyes on me. “The weapon he was using was neither blessed nor cursed, but enchanted by slaves of various magical properties and abilities. They’re called Duskbreakers, weapons made for the sole reason to collapse Heaven and cave in Hell.”
   Both of them stood with their eyes a bit widened. The All Father had his mouth slightly agape as his image appeared in my mind. I never thought I was the only one who knew about the weapons there, more so that I would to bring it up again. The people of Heaven already question my origins, I don’t need them questioning anymore about me.
      “That was very good information, Archangel.” the All Father smiled slightly before his expression changed slightly. Here it comes. “How would you know about such damned weapons against our kind?”
      “Tagua, are you hiding something from the rest of us?” Elisia asked with her normal slick silver tongue. That sent me over.
      “Would you like to see mines?” both of their eyes widened.
   I held up my right hand and opened it. On the backside of my hand, a purple rune appeared as a half filled circle with four spikes on each end to make it look like a star. I turned my hand towards my side and shot a small purpled colored sphere at the ground which spawned a portal that opened up the floor with a bright glow that filled the entire room. From the portal, jumped out a white wolf which let out a loud roar. Around its red eyes were purple markings that shadowed its eyes and ran down its back all the way to the tips of its tail. Elisia and the All Father both stared with much wider eyes that spoke for them. The lights and portal went away, but the mark on my hand didn’t as my Duskbreaker stood right next to me.
      “It’s not always a weapon. Sometimes, it can be a living creature as powerful as its master.” I turned to the wolf as it looked up to me and sat down attentively. “Meet my pet and trusted ally, Skylar.”
      “Have you lost your halo, Archangel?!” I turned my attention to the All Father. It has been a while since he has ben genuinely upset at his strongest protector. “I command you to banish that insightful creature from my presence and the presence of Heaven!”
   Skylar began to growl and hopped onto the desk as a purple mist came from its irises. the All Father moved back before I walked over and softly patted its head to calm it down.
      “It’s okay girl. He’s no threat.” I softly said, moving back as she hopped down next to me.
      “How long have you had that creature?” he asked sternly.
      “Ever since he was born.” Elisia answered for me. Not that I asked. “I was there when his mother gave it to him. She protects Tagua and in some ways, is actually much stronger than he is.”
      “What mother would allow such a blessed child to keep a vile animal?”
      “That’s easy as well. You see-“
      “Stop right now Elisia.” I said in a voice I haven’t used in a while. Skylar lowly whimpered from it and Elisia eyes narrowed in a very provocative way. “I’ll tell him.”
   I turned and walked behind the All Father’s desk. He moved his chair back before Elisia moved behind him and pushed his chair forward again. Her grin grew wider like a troubled child as I kneeled down in front of him and so did Skylar. Silence fell over all of us as I began admitting what I am. Or better, who I am.
      “All Father of Heaven, your strongest and most noble of Archangels is a half-and-half.” I looked up to him with one of my black eyes now a solid red.
      “What are you?” he asked scared.
      “Here it comes.” Elisia eagerly said.
      “I am of Angel and Demon blood. I was born not in Heaven, but in the lands of Fortana.”
   For the first time, I saw the All Father with my own eyes, something no one, other than Elisia has done. I stood with as much confidence as I had when I bowed before him and told my true nature. I looked over to Elisia and saw as she smiled with a small lick of her lips and flutter of her wings. I turned back to the All Father and prepared to walk out with Skylar. When I got to the door, I saw the All Father still in shock about letting a Half-Demon fight for him. I guess he really didn’t know. I opened the door and looked out before I saw a tall man dressed in all black clothing. He had a long cloak that showed a bloody cross that was turned upside down. His helmet was that of a Templar which also had a red cross that stood from the black metal he was incased in. By his side was a longsword made of the same black, instead it had blue glowing runes circling the whole blade until it got to the tip.
      “Death to the All Father.”
   None of us had time to react when he extended his sword through my abdomen and held my neck. I gurgled and coughed out blood onto his helmet, struggling to get from his grip. My attempts were futile when all my energy slowly drained and my eyes closed. Everything went dark and quiet for me as the last thing I felt was a crackling pain through my back. When I woke up, I was below Heaven, the skies and water. I had fallen.


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