Fortana & Futura Chapter 4

   Soon arriving back in Heaven, I was greeted by the most unlovable of faces. She had flowing black hair and purple wings that resembled that of demons. Her midnight purple dress that stopped just above her foot, her cynical purple eyes, that same half smile half scowl face she always greeted me with. I could never forgive her for as long as I live. Or for as long as she lets me live.
     “Well, that was an interesting conversation. I thought you killed everyone you came across, but guess I was wrong.”
     “Not now Elisia. I got something to report. Please, excuse me.”
   She stopped quickly by grabbing my arm. Anyone else I would’ve cut down in a moment’s notice, but Elisia was different. In so many ways can she kill me, make me her slave, reborn me as something, or someone else, even turn me to straight ashes. What she sees in me I will never understand. And she will never tell me.
     “I know you are not going to report this to Him.” her voice held a cold feeling to it, much like my own. “After all I done for you.”
     “I don’t know what you did because you never told me.”
     “You’re not ready to learn that Tagua. Not just yet.”
   I said nothing. What was I supposed to say to her? I jerked my arm loose and continued towards a set of large white doors followed by a series of stairs. I always wonder why He let her stay here if she’s a fallen angel. I dare not question Him either, but for all I know it’s for a good cause. I soon made it to a corridor with at least six rooms on each end. The one I needed was all the way on left end. I began making my way over there and ceased when the door opened. I stopped quickly and put my hand on my sword handle.
     “Yessir, I will deal with this right away.” the voice was light and almost childish. I had nothing to be warned about. I released my sword and continued walking.
     “Hold that door open.” I called to the girl.
   She jumped with a small squeak sign and moved slightly over enough for me to pass by. Her facial expression went from scared to interest at my weapon. I got my hand on the knob before she tapped my arm. It seemed I was never going to deliver what I found. I turned towards the girl and was a bit surprised to find out she was only a little girl. She had blonde hair that was a ponytail with blue eyes. Her dress went passed her feet which solidified just how adorable she appeared to be.
     “Excuse me sir,” her voice was light, but not trembling at all. “Are you here to see my father?”
     “Your father?” I almost didn’t believe what she just said.
     “Yes, most people don’t say his name because he created Heaven. But, he is my father.”
   Since when did He have a daughter? There has to be a few people here in Heaven who knew, but it wasn’t my concern at the moment. I will set that aside for now.
     “Yes, I’m here to see him. Is he in there?”
     “Um, yes but he said that no one should bother him right now.” she sounded unsure about that.
     “Are you sure about that little one?” I kneeled down to her.
     “Yes I did Archangel Tagua.”
   I quickly stood and looked as that is where the voice came from. I and almost everyone knew that voice anywhere. My eyes were slightly widened as I am surprised he spoke to me personally.
     “All Father, I have very important things to tell you as well as a very important question. Please, with your grace, I must speak with you.” a moment of silence befallen the corridor before the door behind me and the little girl opened slightly.
     “I have business with this warrior here Olivia. We will play later.” his voice soft at the little girl. She smiled and nodded before watching me enter the room and walking up, looking to ask me one more question.
     “You’re an Archangel?” her eyes practically sparkled at me. I couldn’t help but smile.
     “Yes, I am.”
   She giggled and then politely closed the door behind before running off somewhere. I stopped and got on one knee with my eyes closed and head towards the ground in respect of who I entered the same room as. His presence is said to heal any who is hurt or need cleansing. I guess that’s why so many humans believe in him. And for me to protect him.
     “Thank you for granting me this opportunity All Father.”
     “Arise, my Arch.” I stood as ordered. “Now, what is this important business we must discuss?”
     “I figured out who took Futura, or I think. It has ben narrowed down to a Duskwalker.” he seemed very surprised by that statement. I could feel it.
     “A Duskwalker you say?” he questioned himself. “I haven’t heard of them for over a hundred years. This is rather troublesome.”
   The All Father was deemed so pure that those was in his vicinity didn’t even have to open their eyes to notice him, sense him, or even see him.  In my mind, I watched as he walked over towards a window to look down on the peaceful residence of Heaven.
     “Does Elisia know of this?”
     “No All Father, but she does know I fought one.”
     “You fought one?” he asked, very surprised. “Did you get a look at them?”
     “This one was not trying to hide. He very much in fact wanted someone to know he was there. He’s looking for Futura as well.” he went very silent.
     “That is a shame. How simply dreadful.”
   Me and the All Father both turned to the side to the fallen in one of the chairs with her eyes open going between me and the All Father. I gritted my teeth and walked over to her before she waved her hands and distorted the air before me, causing me to halt.
     “Tagua sweetie, you really need to control your temper. It could be the death of you.”
     “What are you doing here?” I asked, very irritated.
     “Tagua,” the All Father called to me.
     “I just thought you two wanted to know where and who this Duskwalker is.” I was taken aback and I could tell the All Father was too. Something seemed wrong.
     “And how would you know who he is?”
     “Tagua, maybe she could help us.” the All Father voiced. I sighed and withdrew from her.
     “Thank you so much. Tagua was always a bit of a hothead.”
     “So, how do you know this Duskwalker?”
     “And why this one in particular?” I added on.
     “Because this Duskwalker is my son. His name is Dante.”


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