Might Of Iron – Chapter 4: Knighted

As the aftermath of the battle was getting cleaned up in Kremvor, Carolin and her team was at the small town of Hucus slowly cleaning that place as well. The team helped the civilians with their belongings while Carolin was in Mikal and Lilian’s house along with Thiaus who healed his wound. A cup of water sat in front of everyone while they began talking.
“Let me start by saying that you are an amazing fighter Mikal.” Carolin complemented softly with an impressed face. “I never seen a civilian fight so courageously.”
“Thank you, Ms. Carolin.” Mikal said, smiling while holding his wife’s hand. “So, what brings you here to Hucus? Besides to help us of course.”
“My ruler, King Hiyadus Windor, gave me the orders to come here and seek out the fighter who was combating the small team of Orcs here. I was very surprised to see how many you took down by yourself.” she complemented again.
“Um, excuse me Miss?” Lilian then spoke up.
“Carolin Arthur, first commander of the king’s legional fighter.” she introduced herself proudly.
“Nice to meet you Ms. Arthur. If I may ask, how did you know about the troubles we were in?”
“That would be my doing.” a man stepped up, pulling his mask off. His hair was a light brown with a small stubble of a beard. His eyes were crystal blue and were very easy going that matched well with the small smile he wore. His clothes comprised of a small black hood that would cover his head once he pulled it up. Armored pads over his shoulders with small spikes and an armored vest with black pants and boots with two short daggers in their holsters. “My name is Brian O’Seer. Pleasure to meet you both.”
“Nice to meet you too Mr. O’Seer.” Lilian greeted back.
“The pleasure is our Brian.” Thiaus smiled.
“Anyways,” Carolin stood with a serious look at all three of them. “You, your wife, and Thiaus Goodwin all need to gather your belongings and come with us to Kremvor.”
All three them was taken aback by the commander’s words. Lilian held onto her husband more before they all turned back to Carolin and Brian.
“What does our king want with Mikal? He was just protecting us.” Thiaus jumped in as he looked at his friend.
“Maybe that’s what you saw.” Brian answered. “But our king saw a warrior, a valor Knight that would lay his sword down to protect his people within the walls. Or maybe an oathsworn Paladin that would gracefully purify the lands he steps on and keep our people blessed under his watchful eye. A man that has the heart and guts to battle Orcs, kill three by himself and hold off others until help arrives, is a man that can protect our walls.”
Thiaus remained silent as he walked for the door and went to his place before Carolin sighed and turned to Mikal and Lilian.
“I’m sorry for his brash answer.” she apologized. “Brian is one our legion’s more straightforward members. He doesn’t like to sugarcoat many answers he can think of.”
“It’s okay really. If anything, I think he hurt Thiaus’s pride more than anything.” Mikal and Lilian shared a good laugh while Carolin smiled. “Anyways, I’m very flattered that you and King Windor think of me so highly, but he is right. I was just doing what anyone else would do in that situation.”
“But destiny called out to you Mikal Angelheart. From the time you decided to grab your sword to the time you were wounded and about to get struck down by that horrendous creature, destiny has seen the fire in your eyes. Now, you must answer to destiny’s call.” Carolin spoke aloud, looking at him with a high smile and then turned before walking out with Brian.
“Give it some time to think about Mr. Angelheart.” Brian added.
There, the couple sat in silent as Mikal’s eyes went over to his wound that his wife still had a hand over then over to his sword that was still covered in orc blood. Lilian stayed quiet while her head rested on his shoulder and her hand rested on his knee.
“Well, what do you think?” he finally asked, looking over to Lilian. “Should I answer the king’s call?”
“I don’t know honestly.” she answered slowly, looking down with eyes of uncertainty. “I mean… I don’t want you to feel like I made you choose this option, but I think it would be best if you went.”
Mikal’s eyes widened in surprise. He never expected his wife to say that, much less so easily. he moved over slightly to let her sit up as they both watched each other straight in the eyes. Calls from the king were things that happened very rarely and were of utmost importance. They mostly pertained from notable attributes the individual had that the king sought after. Their lives would completely change from the way it used to be as their life were now filled with more lavish items and sights they never knew existed in the world of Mejor. Mikal heard a lot of stories from his father that has made him curious of the outside world, making him wanting to see these sights that he remembered listening to. But ever since Lilian has came into his life, he tried to be a little more careful with their relationship.
“You honestly want me to became a member of the king’s legion?” he asked, astounded still from her words.
“Well, you do have the body for it. You’re always so compassionate about helping others, you’re very skilled with a sword, and you did just keep an entire small town safe by yourself. I’ll say that’s reason enough for the king wanting you.”
Mikal smiled softly at her words and praise. He wrapped an arm around her waist before kissing her lips and nudging her nose with his.
“Alright, we’ll go.”
“We?” his wife asked, taken off guard.
“Well you didn’t think I would leave you here alone, did you?” he retorted with a smile still.
” No, but wouldn’t I just get in your way?” she asked timidly.
“Don’t ever think like that Lilian. Of course you won’t.” he spoke reassuringly. “Besides, while I’m out in the world, you’ll be in the main city of Kremvor where it’s safe.”
A small smile formed on her face from her husband’s kind words. She kissed him back deeply before resting in his arms for a while and closing her eyes.
“I love you Mikal.” she softly said.
“I love you too Lilian.”
At that moment, Thiaus and Carolin walked in, with Thiaus clearing his throat to catch both of their attention. They both sat up with smiles on their faces.
“Do you have an answer Mikal?” Carolin questioned with her hand on her hip.
“We’re going to meet King Windor.”

In a carriage pulled by four horses and driven by a man in a white shirt and brown pants that stopped at his shins, Mikal, Lilian, Thiaus, Carolin and her team made their way to the king’s palace in Kremvor. The four sat in the carriage while her team walked around it to keep it secure in case of any wandering enemies wanted to attack. There, they talked about their now future lives in the walls.
“I never been to the king’s palace before. Is it really as beautiful inside as you say it is?” Lilian asked eagerly.
“I would be killed in battle if I were lying to you Lilian.” Carolin said as she saw Mikal’s wife smiling brightly. “I take it you like decorating?”
“You would not believe the things that she has pulled off.” Mikal said with a small chuckle. “She practically decorated most of the homes in Hucus alone, aside from help with a few other hands from other women in our town.”
“Well then, she would fine an easy job in the city.”
The carriage then stopped at the main gates that sealed off Kremvor. Carolin got out and went over to the gate keeper who looked down at them.
“Carolin, haha! Did ya kill them Orc bas***ds?” he asked loudly.
“Not much.” she practically had to yell back. “The one we went to pick up almost single handedly killed them all.”
“Hah! No wonder the king wanted him. Unlock the gates!”
With three locks being undone, the gates open with the chains pulling the large iron gates apart to allow the soldiers and carriage to go through. As they crossed, the chatters of the city could be heard all around them as they began a straight path towards the palace. Mikal and Lilian looked out to see the lively and bustling area they were in, seeing so many people within a place boggled their minds. Thiaus and Carolin let them have their moments before they sat back in their seats with Lilian clinging to Mikal in sheer happiness.
“Oh Mikal. This is so amazing. It looks so beautiful and full here.” she said, expressing nothing but enjoyment.
“Now I’m starting to see why people said Kremvor is such a happy place.”
“Most people here have little to worry about. This isn’t where the Orcs attacked us. It’s closer to the palace. We’ve cleaned up, but not much.”
“I’m sorry you had to endure such a harsh event.” Thiaus said sorrowfully.
“Thank you, but we managed quite well. We replaced almost all of the ones who lost their homes and cleaned most of the debris.”
“So, what remains?” Mikal asked, getting a long sigh out of Carolin.
“The bodies.”
He looked over to Lilian and Thiaus before looking out to see the beginning of the piles of bodies that the orcs have killed. It seemed never ending as Lilian hid her face in his shoulder to not look at them all. Thiaus simply closed his eyes while they walked passed them all. The bodies soon lessened as the debris from the breach in the wall soon scattered over the cobblestone road. Large pieces of racks and timber laid strewn about that the wheels of the carriage hit a few of them. the four in the cart felt a bit of them while Brian and the rest of the foot soldiers simply walked over them. He walked up to the open part of the carriage and looked up at Carolin as they came to the palace’s stairs.
“You take the soldiers back and help clean up some more debris. If you can’t finish by tonight, then we will pick it back up tomorrow.” Carolin ordered.
“Yes ma’am. Let’s go, step to it!” Brian ordered the rest as they all went back the way they can.
Carolin then opened the door as a familiar face for her came down the stairs. After Mikal, Lilian, and Thiaus stepped out, they saw her too. She dressed just as elegantly as she looked. Her dress was long and flowing with a magical emerald green to it that was traced with white edgings on the end. She has matching heels that was barely visible at the bottom of the dress. Her skin was a dark brown that was a little darker than Mikal’s skin. Her hair was a deep black color that would blend in easily with the night sky. It flowed flawlessly down her back and over her face that hid one of her eyes while was a visible golden color. The one feature that caught everyone’s attention the moment they seen her was her long, pointed ears on her head that symbolizes one thing about her that was without a doubt.
“Greetings, Siara.” Carolin bowed respectfully.
“Salutaions to you to, Miss Carolin.” the elf greeted back.
“An Elf here in Kremvor?” Thiaus asked, clearly surprised by the new face. She smiled and turned to him.
“Yes, there are more of my people here in Kremvor. We mostly blend in with other inhabitants. We Elves tend to keep with our own.” she carefully explained before moving her eyes over to Lilian and Mikal. “Who are these two loving couple?”
“You knew we were together?” Lilian asked, stunned.
“Yes, I did.”
“How, if I may ask?” Mikal asked, also stunned.
“You’re both holding each other hands.”
They both looked down and smiled before giggling a bit and holding one hand out respectfully.
“My name is Lilian Angelheart. This is my husband, Mikal.”
“Hello there.”
“Such lovely names you both have.” Siara said, shaking both of their hands. “My name is Siara Sectra. I am the king’s Seer.”
“A Seer?” Mikal asked, intrigued. “What is that?”
“I will tell you on the way up the to the palace.”
The group went up the steps and into the palace, where the air inside seemed very different then the air outside. Almost every corner they turned down was an armed guard standing at attention with either a sword or a staff with a full suit of armor. Siara continued on down the corridors, leading them to some rooms that were prepared for them.
“So, what is a Seer Siara?” Mikal asked his previous question.
“Oh right, sorry for being quiet. A Seer is a being with gifted sight. They have the ability to see just about anything that is asked of them. From close kingdoms like the elven legion of Grovetree to more further kingdoms like the orcish war clan of Chatuk. We Seers can visualize just about anything. While our sight is quite powerful and vast, it cannot penetrate the past or the future like many thought we could.” she stops and turns around at the group and looks at Mikal. “Does that answer your question?”
“Yes, it does. You explained it perfectly in detail.” Mikal answer graciously.
“Well, I try to be as descriptive as I can towards friendly faces. Anyways, here are your rooms. Mikal and Lilian will have one room for them and Thiaus will have one separate room for him. Please, use these rooms for however you like.”
“Anything you say?” Thiaus asked, thinking about how much research he could get done in the palace of King Windor.
“Wait, we’re staying in the palace to live?” Lilian asked.
“It was my idea.” Carolin raised her hand. “I thought it would be a nice gift for abandoning your original homes.”
All three of them look surprised then smiled brightly as Lilian screamed in excitement and hugged Mikal tightly while Thiaus and Carolin giggled at them. Siara smiled and clasps her hands together to get their attention.
“Now now, you have to make sure you don’t get to excited. Mikal needs to be ready for tonight.” Siara told them.
“Ready?” Mikal asked. “Ready for what?”
“Why your choice of course.”

Nighttime quickly came for the city of Kremvor. The town was just as busy as the day as a special event was being put on right now. Music, food, and other festivities was going on the ground while dressing was going for three newcomers in the palace. Mikal, Lilian, and Thiaus were all in separate rooms so they put on their chosen outfits. They were then told to head to the king’s throne room where a large audience would be there for Mikal’s arrival. Lilian was dressed in full purple and black frilly dress with bows all on the bottom. On her feet were black shoes that were tied around her ankle with matching long black stockings. Her hair was in a long ponytail that was kept neat with a lavender colored bow in the back. She had on black eyeliner and black lipstick that made a lot men take interest in her. Next to her, keeping the hungry males off her was Thiaus, dressed in long white robes with a golden sash. He had a white hat that was edge with black and white slippers that would just go on easily.
“I wonder what Mikal is going to look like.” Lilian whispered to Thiaus who nodded to her words.
A line of horns then sounded off as the participators lined up silently. The doors opened as King Windor stood up to see Mikal standing with in a full suit of armor. It was grooved with the same intricate lines that was on his sword which was in a sheath at his hips. Behind him was a blue cloak that flowed as he walked. Lilian was watching him with an agape mouth at him as he made his way towards the king. As he arrived at the bottom stairs, he turned to see two different types of helmets on a table with a different color cloth underneath them. One was a helmet with a blue cross over the eye visors and the other had one with the wings of an angel on the head. He glanced at them, then up at Windor. The throne room was silent.
“Mikal Angelheart, do you choose to be a Paladin or a Knight?” he asked so the whole room was able to hear.
“I choose to be a Knight.” he said, watching as another Knight walked and gave him his helmet.
“Sir Knight Mikal Angelheart, I ask that you kneel.”
Everyone watches as he kneels.
“I hereby name thee.”
He placed a sword over his right shoulder then his left shoulder before holding it up.
“Arise, my new valor Knight of Edonia.”


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