Might Of Iron Chapter 2: Savior of the People


   The invading orcs raided the kingdom of Edonia very quickly. They burned buildings, killed innocent people, and kept prisoners in twig wood crates that fit at least ten men and women. Edonian legion fighters battled the orcs in major cities and routes for merchants stores to stop them from making bases or staling mass amounts of goods and supplies. The sounds of weapons clashing, the screams of those being struck down, and the crashes of falling structures can be heard throughout the kingdom. At Castle Windor, the king looked out his throne room window to witness the devastation unfolding in his presence. The room decorated for his honor, was a pure pearl white with gold trimmings outlining the walls. Six spiraling pillars stood on each side of the room, matching the gold color that led up to a full color painting of a knight in armor with a sword. A full room length long rug ran from the large wooden doors at the entrance all the way to the foot of his throne. By his throne, King Hiyadus stood in silence. He had long locks of white hair flowing down his shoulders, a full goatee, and hazel colored eyes. In his left hand by his hip was a silver helmet with blue metal tracings around the eye openings and the wings on the side of the helmet. Hiyadus wore a suit of armor that resembled both a Knight and a Paladin. It was silver just like the helmet with blue trimmings now more bolder and noticeable. On the chest plate was blue and white outlines of a shield with four section. The first symbol was a flower, the second a sword, the third an armored hand, and the last a castle section. All four symbols together stood for dedicated protection for the people and Edonia. Hiyadus saw his loyal fighters doing just that. Putting his helmet on, he knew he had to join them.

      “No foul smelling beast will decimate my kingdom.”
   In Hucus, Mikal and his wife stood outside by their house and watched as all hell fell onto Edonia between man and orc. Together, they watched legion forces try and push back the orc tribe. Lilian held Mikal’s hand tightly, silently praying that they wouldn’t come near where they live..
      “Come on,” Mikal said softly. “Let’s go back inside.”
   Mikal and Lilian walked back inside and locked the door. Lilian tried to stay calm in the situation. Mikal stayed close to her side for a reason and topic they didn’t want to get into. Before Lilian moved to Hucus, she lived in the poverty stricken town of Aamad. Lilian, for most of her life, worked as a barmaid. Aamad was such a poor place that most hand drawn maps left it out. No other outside civilization helped, recognized, or raided Aamad. An all out attack like what they were facing now was new and very terrifying to her. She stood by the window of their house, staring at the empty streets.
      ” Lilian sweetheart, come sit down.” Mikal suggested.
      “Sorry.” Lilian spoke quietly.
   She slowly went into the kitchen with her husband and sat next to him. Her hand were clasped together to calm her worry. Mikal placed his hands over hers, smiling softly at her.
      “It’ll be okay. Nothing will happen to us.” he said assuringly.
   Just as soon as Lilian smiled, a loud bang was heard in front of their house. Lilian screamed out of fear and clung to his shirt. Mikal stood with her and looked at her.
      “Go to the bedroom and stay quiet until you hear me.” Mikal told her.
      “What about you?” she asked, her bottom lip quivering.
   Mikal walked over to his closet door, opened it, and pulled out a longsword with intricate lines embedded in the blade. Lilian stared at the weapon that her husband stored away. Her lip stopped quivering and a soft smile rose on her lips.
      “I can handle myself sweetie.” Mikal stated confidently.
   Listening to her husband, Lilian went up to their bedroom and left a small creak in the door as she hid behind the bed. Downstairs, Mikal walked over to their front door. Going outside and looking around at the people outside as they probably wondered the same thing. Amongst the people, Mikal saw one of his old friends, Thiaus Goodwind. Thiaus was the knowledge seeker of Hucus. Whenever something new would come up in his studies, he would get one of his helpers to make the trip to King Windor to inform him. Thiaus never had friends or enemies, just a hand full of acquaintances. Mikal walked over to meet him before any orcs came.
      “Thiaus, you okay?” Mikal asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.
      “If you call loud rackets being made during study sessions okay, then I am doing just stunning Mr.Angelheart.”
      “Haha, it’s never an easy answer with you. Anyways, did you see what made that loud noise?” Mikal’s voice getting serious.
   Thiaus shook his head and turned to his friend. Being the knowledge seeker he was, Thiaus thought he needed to dress differently than the townspeople around him. During the event that was unfolding. Thiaus wore long black robes that stopped near his feet covered in white slippers. He had caramel colored skin, brown eyes, and neatly kept black hair which was covered by a small white cap with silver embroidery on it.
      “No one knows for sure.” Thiaus began with his hand on his chin. “But I did notice a hand full of people going around the left side of your house.”
   Mikal turned and looked at where Thiaus mentioned. Mikal gripped the handle to his sword tightly and nodded.
      “Stay here and make sure no one leaves the area.” Mikal told his friend before going around his house. Thiaus fumbled over his words a little bit before looking out to the inner cities.
      “W-What if I see any brutes coming?” he nervously asked.
      “Just shout them out.” Mikal answered.
   Around his house, Mikal saw a giant boulder that broke apart after colliding with the wall. Moving some of the pieces out of the way, he saw how badly the wall was cracked. Even though they didn’t go far up the wall, it looked damaged enough to simply kick down. Mikal pressed his hand against it and immediately felt the weakness in it.
      “Hahhh, that’s gonna cost.”
      “That looks bad.”
   Mikal turned to see his wife behind him. She didn’t appear scared outside, but she still didn’t like the situation they were in. Mikal stood and turned to Lilian with a bit of a more serious face.
      “The house is damaged quite badly.” Mikal informed.
   Lilian looked at what her husband talked about. She let out a shaky breath before wrapping her arms around herself to try and calm down. Mikal reached down and grabbed her hand softly, giving it a squeeze before looking behind her and seeing Thiaus running towards them in a panic. 
      “What’s wrong Thiaus?”
      “Orcs…coming.” he said through gasps of breaths.
   Both Lilian and Mikal looked at each other with wide eyes from the news Thiaus reported with.
      “How many coming?” Mikal questioned.
      “About four or five.” his friend responded.
   Mikal gripped his sword tightly while keeping his eyes to the ground in thought. Lilian and Thiaus looked at the man, waiting for a response.
      “Orcs are much like us.” Mikal inquired.
      “What do you mean?” Lilian asked.
      “What your husband is saying is that they see us as a weak small town. They won’t send much brutes to overthrow us.” Thiaus informed before looking at Mikal with question. “You’re not thinking about fighting them, are you?”
      “What?” Lilian looked up at her husband in fear. “Mikal you can’t!”
      “Thiaus, take Lilian with you and make sure the other townspeople hide in their homes.” Mikal voiced, holding his sword forward. He looked over at Lilian, seeing how badly she was shaking. He pulled her in his arms and patted her back. A small whimper escaped her lips as she wrapped her arms around his waist.
      “Please,” Lilian softly spoken into Mikal’s chest.” Don’t leave me.”
      Mrs. Angelheart, if I may,” Thiaus began, earning looks from the couple. “Mikal may very well be the only one who isn’t afraid of orcs. I say we let him-“
   They were interrupted by a cry of terror coming from the crowd of people behind them. They looked to see the crowd of people turning and running in fear as five orcs entered. Four ran ahead while one stood over a scared man, poised to strike him with his axe in hands.
      “Take her now!” Mikal said, running towards the orc.
      “Mikal!” Lilian cried out to him, watching as her lover ran off.
      “Mrs. Angelheart, please come with me.” Thiaus spoke, holding Lilian’s hands softly as they went to hide.
   On the ground, the man looked into the rage filled eyes of the orc. His eyes then went up to the rusty and chipped axe that would be his way into the afterlife. Just as he was about to scream in terror at seeing the weapon come down into his skull, he heard the orc grunt and yell shortly as if in severe pain. He turned his green eyes over and saw Mikal with his sword into the orc’s side. He thrust him on the ground off his blade to help the man up. 
      “Are you okay sir?” Mikal asked, helping the man to his feet.
      “Y-Yes sir. Thank you so much.” the scared man praised. “I thought I was going to die.”
      “Don’t worry, I’ll deal with this. Go ahead and find your family.”
   Mikal watched the man run off before setting his eyes on the orc that stood up slowly and snorted before gearing his axe up at Mikal. 
      “Die human!” he yelled as he swung his weapon down in an overhead arc.
   Mikal countered it with his blade. The sound of metal clashing rang and scratched out loud as they both struggled in power. Mikal then pulled his blade swiftly away, causing the orc to fall forward and for him to slash across the orc’s chest deeply. He grunted and began to breathe heavily from the wounds. Mikal rushed forward with a battle cry and plunged his sword deep in his stomach and watched as it exited out the back. The orc dropped its weapon and fell on the ground when Mikal released his sword from his entrails.
      “One down. Four to go.”


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