Delta/Blue: Episode 1 – Delta

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  Waking up in the morning of his medium size house on the outskirts of Shibuya, 21 year Kayato Arihime slowly opened his eyes as sun shined through his open bedroom windows. Kayato slowly sat up as his dark purple hair flowed in front of his bright blue eyes. He yawned a bit loudly and slowly crawled out of bed. Kayato was the oldest of two siblings. It was him, his younger sister Tina, and his mother and father. Kayato never knew his father since he died during his birth. His mother was with them through their lives all the way till Tina started high school, and then she too ultimately passed away from serious sickness. Kayato was now the sole care taker of Tina, who always looked towards her big brother for support and love. At the time he is 21, his younger sister is 17 years old. Kayato rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked outside where two birds were sitting on the telephone wire.

      “Another day, huh?” he said to himself.
      “Onii-chan!!” Tina said, busting through his bedroom door.
      “A-Ah, Tina. Woah!” Kayato said, holding his sister in his arms as she crashed into him and hugged her big brother tightly.
      “Good morning, Kayato.” Tina greeted, nuzzling her cheek against his chest.
   For as long as he could remember, Kayato always was used to seeing his little sister being super affectionate towards him. Even through their school years, Kayato looked out for her and use to help her even when she got in trouble. He thought maybe it was because it was their sibling nature that she was so close to him. Realising all he could was smile and softly rub her head, Kayato savoured the small moment they had in the morning.
      “Good morning to you too, Tina.” he responded, softly rubbing her long purple coloured hair. He then sat up and looked at her bright blue eyes that were just like his.
      “Do you have to go to work today, Kayato?” she asked, a small frown coming on her lips.
      “Afraid so. I might have to stay a bit later than usual.” he said softly. “So, you want to go to a friend’s house today until I come home, you can.”
   Tina softly nodded and looked down with her eyes half lidded. Being the younger sibling, Tina was always around her brother in every way possible. When Kayato got a job, it was when Tina was in high school, so they would always see each other afterwards when they would come home. Now that she is out of school, she mostly sits at home and waits for her big brother to come home.
   After getting dressed and starting breakfast, Kayato and Tina were together in the kitchen. She waited quietly, watching as he cooked them both something before leaving for work.
      “Hey, Kayato,” she spoke up.
      “Yes Tina?” he answered back at her.
      “When you come home today, can you teach me how to cook? I want to make some food for you sometime.”

   Kayato looked at her with his eyes slightly wider before a soft smile formed on his cheeks as he went over and softly patted her head.  Kayato noticed as he and her grew older, Tina began to show interest in some of the things that Kayato would do around the house. She opened her eyes and looked up at her older brother.
      “Alright.” he said, with her eyes and mouth growing bigger. “I’ll teach you as soon as I come home today. Promise.”
   Tina smiled and hugged him tightly and feeling his warm hands on her hand.


   In the heart of the city, the day started with multiple people walking and talking through the streets of Shibuya. High above the streets, two women and a man stood on a high rise building looking over the people walking through the streets of their normal lives. One of the girls had deep black hair and red eyes. She was dressed in a black shirt with a red skull on the front, a short white skirt, and thigh high black boots with blue laces. The other girl, who was sitting on the edge of the building, had blond hair tied in a ponytail with blue eyes. She was dressed in a long flowing, white dress with blue ribbons tied on both her arms. She had ocean blue heels on her feet, which she childishly kicked over where she sat.
      “You said he was here, right?” the dark hair girl said in a bored voice.
      “Uh huh!” she blond hair girl responded. “That’s what Kisama-san said.”
   The man stood as the wind blew through his crimson red hair. His eyes were golden yellow and seemed fixated on the people below them. He wore a long red trench coat and black jeans to match, as well as black heavy boots. His eyes went from regular person to the next, searching for something he knew had to be there as he felt the nearby subdued aura.
      “He’s here. Go, search for him.” he ordered the other two as they both looked to him. “We must get to him and seek out his powers before the other organisations seek him out as well.”
      “Yes sir.” the dark hair girl responded first.
      “Roger that, Kisama-san.” the other answered as she hopped to her feet.
   Both of the girls jumped from the building, leaving the man knows as Kisama standing by himself as the aura in his mind never left.


   Later in the day at work, Kayato was finishing up on his final work before he closed  his laptop and sighed as he closed his eyes and ran his hand through his hair.
      “Geez, that was the most paper files the boss ever put me through.” Kayato said, looking down at his bag as two familiar faces came over to him. “Oh, hey Nana. Len.”
      “Hello, Kayato-kun.” Nana waved with a smile.
      “How are you, smart ass?” Len said with a wide grin, making Kayato sighed and giggle a bit.
      “I see you never change.” he said, before putting his laptop away and stand up with his bag strapped around his shoulder. “So, what do you two have planned for today?”
      “Well, I was thinking we all go back to my place for a bit of fun.” Nana said, smiling at both of her co workers. “It was a long day for all of us, so I figured we all need some relaxation time.”
      “Hey, that sounds like a great idea. I’m in.” Len said, looking over to Kayato along with Nana. “What about you Kayato? You in?”
      “I’d love to, but,” Kayato stopped mid sentence, rubbing his neck and looking away nervously.
      “Your little sister?” Nana asked with a sincere smile as Kayato nodded. “You’re such a wonderful big brother to her. She must be really happy to have you.”
      “Shame,” Len said, setting a hand on his hips.”I wanted to challenge you to a drinking contest.”
   Kayato shared a good laugh with his co-workers before waving and leaving them behind. On the long way home in the night where fewer people were out. Kayato loved to walk by himself ever since he was in high school. It made him have deeper thoughts to the world like he never thought he would have. Most thoughts were, but one reoccurring thought he have is how different the world is, but no one would ever notice. Sometimes, Kayato would scare himself with own thoughts and shake his head to clear them.
      “Man, Tina is going to have a fit when I come home this late.” Kayato said to himself as he turned an alleyway for a shortcut he always take.
   Continuing to walk down the quiet alleyway, Kayato’s foot kicks over a small bin and out pops a small red rock. He stopped and looked back at it as the rock begins to glow red a slow pulse. He moved closer to it and reaches down to get it.

      “What the hell is this?” he said.
   Upon touching it slightly, a quick but noticeable shock of electricity hit his fingertips and ran through his hand.
      “Agh!” he winced a bit, quickly drawing his hand away. He rubbed it slight before looking down at the rock again to the pulsating have stopped at a steady glow. He decided it was best to leave it there began walking home again, not noticing the three glowing eyes in the distance of the darkness behind him.
   He arrived home and went inside his house, seeing all the lights were off. He closed the door quietly and went straight to his little sister’s room. He slightly creaked the door open and saw her sleeping peacefully. He smiled and closed her door and went into his room to change ready for bed. It was 10:30 at night as Kayato laid down in bed and closed his eyes. A few minutes into his sleep, Kayato was awoken from loud racket and commotions outside. It sounded like gang activity and he hurried outside to see what it was. Running outside, he saw three dark figures, multiple amounts of debris on the ground a small fire in front of them. Kayato gritted his teeth and moved forward with slight annoyance and anger.
      “Hey, who are you? What do you think you are doing?” Kayato questioned, yelling out to them.
   The three figures moved closer as well. All three of them were wearing all black clothes and long hooded coats. There was two women and one men standing in the middle. He slowly turning his head up and revealed bright glowing orange eyes. Kayato eyes widened as he stared at them, getting an uneasy feeling from how he was being starred at.
      “I asked you who are? You can’t just come here and trash the place.” Kayato said again.
   In the blink of an eye, the man with the orange eyes moved quickly behind Kayato. His eyes and body froze as the man touched his shoulder and whispered in his ear.
      “Sleep…” he said, squeezing his shoulder tightly with a crunch sound being audible.
   Kayato gasped and then fell to the ground with a thud and passed out. The other walked over and looked at Kayato’s lifeless body.
      “Is this him?” the man said, holding his hand out.
      “Yes, it is.” a lighter voice said, behind the two girls.
   The dark figures turned and saw the two girl that were with Kisama earlier in the day. The blond one smiled and cracked her knuckles. They readied themselves as well as the other two girls.


   In the hospital in town, on the fifth floor, Kayato was laying down in the bed and slowly woke up, and immediately gripped his right shoulder in pain. He then realised where he was and began looking around.
      “Huh? A hospital?” he said before looking over and seeing Tina sleeping a small sofa across from him. “Tina?” he looked around and shook his head before a nurse came and smiled at him with a bright smile at the open door.
      “Kayato Arihime?” she said, getting his attention. “How are you feeling?”
      “I don’t know honestly.” he said slowly, looking then back up at the nurse. “How did I get here?”
      “These two here want to speak with you.” the nurse said as the two girls walked in and bowed in gratitude at the nurse. The girl with the black hair walked over in front of Kayato and starred at him with dark eyes.
      “U-Um, hello there.” Kayato said nervously. “Thanks for helping me.”
      “Don’t get the wrong idea, we didn’t save you out of the kindness of our hearts.” she told him, crossing her arms. We needed you alive, Kayato Arihime.”
      “Huh?” he said, his eyes widening. “How do you know my name?”
      “Because you are a Delta, and those three last night were after you.”
   Kayato continued staring at them with wide eyes and an open mouth. A slow circulation feeling was sinking in as he felt like he knew what it was.
      “Last night really happened.”   

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