Not Another Stupid Dare: Marinette x Adrien

A new fanfiction done by marykayle ! This is just the first chapter. The other 3 will be posted later. Go ahead and enjoy!

Chapter One






“Nino, choose another dare!”

“Nope. You lost the bet, Adrien. You owe me a dare.”


“Yes, but not this one!”

“Why not? Does kissing Marinette disgusts you so much? You were not opposed to kissing her when we were making a film. What changed?”

“Nothing! It’s not that I don’t want to kiss her, I don’t want to do it in front of the entire class! If you dared me to simply kiss her, I would have found the opportunity and apologize later. But this? Not only when everyone is watching, but with a follow-up cheesy line?! She is extremely shy around me, this only will completely ruin her attitude towards me! I still want to be friends with her, Nino!”

Adrien and Nino were arguing like that for about five minutes. Adrien lost a bet – it was silly, really – which Nino provoked him to take. Of course, it was his and Alya’s common idea to help their two friends get together, and they found what seemed to them a good solution.


“Fine,” sighed Adrien at last. “I’ll do it. Why Marinette, anyways?”

Nino smirked. “Dude, do you want it to be Chloé instead? I can arrange that…”

“NOOO!” Adrien screamed in horror. “Anyone except Chloé!”

“Aren’t you even a little into Marinette?” asked Nino with concern.


Adrien blushed and said nothing.

Marinette was running late. Again. Of course. It didn’t even surprise her. She burst in the classroom and tripped over her feet, falling right between the teacher and Adrien’s desk with a quiet ‘oww’. Her classmates smiled at her clumsiness, several tried to suppress giggles. But not Chloé, obviously.

“Ohh, Sabrina, look, poor Marinette, always tripping over nothing, how does she even survive? So pathetic!”

“Chloé!” snapped Ms. Mendeleiv at her. She turned her attention to Marinette. “Come in, take your place. Try not to be late the next time, or you’ll receive an hour detention after classes.”


Marinette silently sat near Alya, who patted her on the back.

“It’s nothing, girl, just ignore her as usual.”

“It’s not that, Alya,” sighed the bluenette. I tripped in front of Adrien. He must be thinking I am a complete clutz and ends up avoiding me at all costs, and we’ll never get married and have three children and a hamster!” She dropped her head on the crossed arms too hard with another ‘oww’.

Chloé couldn’t miss such a chance.


“Second time in two minutes, Marinette? Must be a new world record of your super awkwardness!”

Ms. Mendeleiv once more shushed the blonde. Nino elbowed Adrien.

“Hey, dude, remember the bet?”

“Yeah, yeah,” reassured him Adrien. “I’m just waiting for the right moment. After all, I wouldn’t fulfill your dare in the middle of the lesson!”


Finally the bell rang. Adrien mentally prepared himself for inevitable. Just as he was about to raise up and come closer to the girl, he heard Kim’s voice behind.

“Hey, Marinette, we are up to another challenge with Alix. Do you want to come and watch? Maybe you could draw some awesome banner for the event?”

No, it wasn’t flirting. Neither there were any romantic intentions, just a simple friendly request. However, Adrien already knew that in these circumstances he would seem very jealous and possessive of Marinette for no reason at all. But he also knew that he had his courage only now.

Marinette merely had time to respond ‘sure’ before she spotted Adrien. He was definitely approaching her. Oh god, her mind screamed, he is coming to me, what does he want?


“A-Adrien?” she stuttered. “Wha…”

Her words were interrupted the most pleasant way possible. Adrien didn’t even give her time to finish before capturing her lips with his.

Marinette stood for a second frozen in shock, then started to respond, fully into the kiss. What is happening, she internally screamed. ‘It’s Adrien and he is kissing me!’ was the thought in the corner off her brain. But FAMILIARFAMILIARFAMILIAR was the only thing circling in her mind, though she was 100% sure they never kissed before. This is not how I wanted this to happen, was her last clear thought before Adrien broke the kiss.

Marinette felt like she was going to faint. Adrien, seemingly deciding to help her with that and spin her mind completely, winked at her.


“Hey, Princess, guess I simply couldn’t resist your charms!” he declared with a huge grin on his face.

The girl’s legs betrayed her, and she collapsed (by mere miracle) right on her seat, looking at the model with wide eyes, not daring to blink. However, he was already gone back to his seat and started writing something very quickly.

The rest of the class was silent for another several moments, and then they broke into cheers. Both teens chose to ignore the others. It was pure luck that Chloé went to the bathroom with Sabrina to fix her hair and didn’t get to see the whole encounter.

Marinette still was in shock when the bell rang. She wasn’t paying attention to the lesson or to anything around her for that matter until Adrien slipped the note to her with the most adorable apologetic expression.


She unwrapped the paper.

‘Marinette,’ it read, ‘I am extremely guilty and extremely sorry for this. The thing is that I lost a bet to Nino and he was very persistent for me to fulfill exactly this dare. I don’t know the reason behind it, and I apologize sincerely for forcing you into this. Please forgive me and Nino for that matter.’

The note contained tons of crossed out lines. The bluenette smiled to herself – despite this being a stupid dare, she got the chance to kiss Adrien and he obviously cared for her judging by the efforts he put into the note.

Adrien was innocent, she decided. Well, not completely, but still, she couldn’t find the strength to be mad at him. Nino, from the other hand…


When the final bell rang, Alya and Nino inconspicuously excused themselves and left the classroom with the speed of lighting. Marinette was still utterly confused, so it took a lot of time to gather her belongings. By the time she packed her things, she was the only person left in the classroom. Well, practically the only.

Adrien Agreste was patiently waiting for her.

“Marinette! Look, I’m so sorry! Maybe I could make it up to you somehow?”

“Kiss me better,” she blurted out what was on the tip of her tongue without even thinking as the words automatically flew out of her mouth.


Before she could even process what she just said, his lips were on hers.

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