kaneki from tokyo ghoul

Look at me now and what do you see?
Someone that is depressed and down on reality
Finding happiness has become a chore for me
Something I can no longer see is raising it’s difficulty
I wish I can be a happier person inside and out
For the last three years I’ve been wishing to fade out but I have found reasons to live on my life
That’s my high point and it has gotten real bright
Thinking I can still be human and enjoy my sanity
Lying down in hole wishing for a better sanctuary
Focusing on possibilities to believe in myself
Saying I’m happy doesn’t seem to cut it
So I hate myself even harder the previous reason
Challenging myself to find try and hide the treason on my collective mind
Thinking I am dying but no that’s tears, I’m crying for my soul and social society
Cutting off the oxygen in mind and love it when I’m suffocating
Giving off this invitations to a silent and secluded destination
I’m saying to much but I think I need help
Another one of these and then I’ll call for help
He isn’t doing nothing, I have gave up on life
But every time I smile, people said I bring a new light
I don’t like being the centre of attention no discretion
But I prefer loneliness of a psychic evaluation
If you know the life I’m living then come into my dungeon
Where if you think you can be happy then it will come to fruition
I’m looking for a spark
I’m looking for a sign
I’m looking for something to get out of this life
This might be the beginning of a history repeated
But until I find the difference
This is just a simulated sequence


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