Ranking the Kwamis: Unveiling the Most Marvelous in Miraculous Ladybug

In the mesmerizing world of Miraculous Ladybug, where heroes don magical jewels to battle evil, the charming Kwamis add an extra layer of enchantment to the story. These lovable, otherworldly beings are not only adorable sidekicks but also the ultimate source of power for our heroes. With a diverse range of personalities, abilities, and traits, each Kwami brings something unique to the table. In this blog post, we’ll embark on an exciting journey to rank the Kwamis and determine who truly reigns as the best Kwami in Miraculous Ladybug.

The Kwamis: An Exquisite Lineup

Before we dive into the ranking, let’s take a moment to appreciate the diversity of Kwamis that grace the Miraculous Ladybug universe. From the mischievous Plagg to the elegant Nooroo, every Kwami possesses a distinct set of characteristics that endears them to fans. Their interactions with their Miraculous holders not only provide comic relief but also reinforce the show’s themes of friendship, responsibility, and self-discovery.

The Ranking Criteria


Ranking these delightful creatures is no easy feat, but we’ll consider several key factors to determine the best Kwami:

  1. Personality and Charisma: How compelling is the Kwami’s personality? Do they bring a unique charm to the show?
  2. Connection with Miraculous Holder: How strong is the bond between the Kwami and their Miraculous holder? Does their dynamic enhance the storyline?
  3. Impact on the Storyline: How pivotal is the Kwami to the overall plot? Do they contribute significantly to the heroes’ triumphs?
  4. Symbolism and Abilities: Does the Kwami’s concept align with their abilities? How creatively do they utilize their powers?

Ranking the Kwamis

Now, without further ado, let’s reveal the ranking of the best Kwamis in Miraculous Ladybug:

7. Nooroo, the kwami of transmission (Butterfly Miraculous)

Nooroo, the kwami of transmission Butterfly Miraculous (featured-image)

Nooroo is a calm, wise, and loyal Kwami, bearing ancient knowledge and a sense of caution, driven by hope for redemption and a better future. Nooroo’s personality, a harmonious blend of tranquility, wisdom, and loyalty, adds a layer of complexity to his character. His interactions with his Miraculous holder and the unfolding events in “Miraculous Ladybug” reveal the depths of his persona, making him a Kwami of profound significance in the fight against villainy.

6. Sass, the kwami of Intuition (Snake Miraculous)

Sass, the kwami of Intuition Snake Miraculous (featured-image)

Sass is my favorite and I was pleasantly surprised that he got second place.


Sass is the kwami of Intuition.  Sass is the defacto leader of the kwamis in the Miracle Box, meaning he is mature, charming, calm, responsible, and serious. Because of his status as a said leader, Sass can give certain commands to his fellow kwamis when he needs to. Another demonstration of his leadership is how he dares to try to dissuade Gabriel from having his wish granted and explain to him the drawbacks of fusing too many Miraculous. The other kwamis also tend to hide behind him when they get scared by their new villainous owner.

5. Duusu, the Kwami of Emotion (Peacock Miraculous)

Duusu, the Kwami of Emotion Peacock Miraculous (featured-image)

Duusu brings an emotional depth to the show with her empathetic nature and soothing presence. Her connection with her Miraculous holder adds complexity to the storyline, but she ranks lower due to limited screen time.

4. Wayzz, the Kwami of Protection (Turtle Miraculous)

Wayzz_Square-Wayzz, the Kwami of Protection Turtle Miraculous (featured-image)

Wayzz’s calm and collected demeanor makes him a reliable companion. His role as a guardian and adviser is essential, yet he misses out on the top spots due to a lesser impact on the central plot.

3. Trixx, the Kwami of Illusion (Fox Miraculous)

Trixx, the Kwami of Illusion Fox Miraculous

Trixx’s mischievous personality and playful abilities inject a sense of wonder into the series. His interactions with his Miraculous holder and contributions to various episodes secure him a solid spot in the ranking.


Trixx is friendly, encouraging, wise, and a good judge of character. Like Tikki, Trixx also understands others’ actions and feelings. Because of that, he can be very manipulative. After the mission is completed in “Sapotis,” when he hears that Alya made a promise to return the Miraculous, he is willing to return to the necklace without any resistance and also understands Alya’s burning desire to continue helping her new teammates and that the three of them would make a good team.

2. Tikki, the Kwami of Creation (Ladybug Miraculous)

Tikki, the Kwami of Creation Ladybug Miraculous (featured-image)

Tikki’s optimism, friendship with Marinette, and embodiment of creation are truly heartwarming. She’s a fan-favorite for a reason, closely missing out on the top spot due to the fierce competition.

Tikki is calm and collected while being optimistic, kind, and encouraging. She is very understanding towards others, commending Marinette for not telling Cat Noir her secret identity and comprehended with her parents’ decision of grounding her, mindful that Ladybug’s responsibilities for keeping her identity a secret is important.

Although she can become annoyed or exasperated with others, Tikki doesn’t stay upset at them for long, only wanting what is best for them and those around them. Though rarely seen, she does have a bit of a temper when Plagg refused to help their holders in their amnesiac state.


1. Plagg, the Kwami of Destruction (Cat Miraculous)

Plagg_the Kwami of Destruction (Cat Miraculous) (featured-image)

Topping the list is Plagg, the charismatic troublemaker with a heart of gold. His witty one-liners, dynamic with Adrien, and ability to create chaos (and sometimes order) make him the best Kwami. Plagg’s connection to Adrien significantly impacts the story, cementing his position as the most remarkable Kwami in “Miraculous Ladybug.”

Plagg is the kwami of Destruction. According to Master Fu, he is heavily implied to be responsible for the leaning tower of Pisa, the sinking of Atlantis, and, most notably, the extinction of the dinosaurs and dragons. But he’s also adorable.

In canon, he can be arrogant and lazy but be serious when needed. Fandom Plagg has him more aloof as necessary for the wielder of destruction, and he doesn’t want to get attached.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude our Kwami ranking adventure, it’s important to note that each Kwami brings a unique flavor to Miraculous Ladybug. Whether they’re charming us with their antics, guiding their Miraculous holders, or playing a pivotal role in the battle against evil, these enchanting creatures contribute to the show’s magical allure. While Plagg takes the crown as the best Kwami, every Kwami holds a special place in the hearts of fans, adding a touch of whimsy and wonder to the heroic journey of Ladybug and Cat Noir.


Do you have a favorite? Let us know!


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