Centaurworld: Was it Just a Fever Dream?

July 2021 was the premier of a new animated adventure…Centaurworld. Thousands of people signed in to watch the new show on Netflix (which felt like a nod to Adventure Time) and eagerly waited for the next season. Once it finished though, it was like it vanished. The fandom is much smaller than when it first aired, or most of the fans have gone quiet. Even so, after watching this, I knew I had to write a blog post on it to prove that this wasn’t just a fever dream and it HAD happened.

If you’ve seen the images of the show, you might be surprised when you first watch it.

I mean the first episode starts like this…

And then goes to THIS TO…


Yeah. Talk about whiplash.

Centaurworld follows a war horse named Horse who is transported from her world to another. Her world is filled with war and death while this new world is filled with different types of centaurs and everything is bright and bubbly (at first appearance). Desperate to return home, she follows new friends to find her way and get back to her Rider.

Soon, Horse finds out that she has to find pieces of a key to unlock the portal to get to her world. While most of the story is silly with some AMAZING songs and funny moments, you start to see bits and pieces of a darker theme. Every story has a villain after all…



The horse is one of the main characters and one of the first that we’re introduced to. She is the one trying to get home after all. When she first arrives in Centaurworld, she is fierce and apathetic, but as the series goes on, she becomes softer (literally. Her body goes from looking like an actual horse to a beach ball in her words).



The rider is the next main character we’re introduced to. We don’t see much of her in the first season, but she’s in the second almost as much as the rest of the main characters. Her goal is to end the war and is fierce in everything she does, much like Horse.



Okay, Glendale has to be my favorite in the show. She’s eccentric, over-reacts and over-thinks everything, and has major anxiety. Maybe I’m projecting, but I get automatically thinking of the worst-case scenarios for everything. Glendale is also a kleptomaniac and sometimes steals without even being aware of it. As one of her songs says, she steals so she can feel.


Zulius is exceedingly trendy, flamboyant, and self-indulgent. He is often observed scrutinizing his appearance by using a mirror. When Zulius finds even a minor flaw in his appearance, he turns into a wreck and is upset.


Ched is rowdy, combative, and quick to act, thus making other people uncomfortable. He cultivates a paranoid, distrusting frame of mind, considering many people or species to be untrustworthy until he knows them well. Ched either resolutely brushes off minor issues or forcefully addresses them through brute force, not paying enough attention to insignificant things they could lead to.

wammawink and horse centaurworld


Wammawink is an alpaca-taur who appears bright and bubbly all the time. She’s the Mom friend of the herd. We find that her past was rough as the war claimed the lives of everyone in the village she lived in.


He is talkative and friendly with other people but may lose sight of what’s going on around him. This may lead to missing out on an activity or the need to search for his body. He lacks even basic common sense, but he is extremely passionate and excitable. He is quick to trust and befriend anyone he can, readily overlooking their weaknesses or even dangers. Despite his substantial build, he’s extremely meek about using physical violence until it’s necessary. When he does take action, Durpleton proves powerful enough to take on several minotaurs at once with little effort.

Nowhere King

The Nowhere King

And finally…the antagonist of Centaurworld.

The Nowhere King is a complicated character and I love it. He’s like Loki, in that sometimes you think he’s misunderstood but also have to acknowledge the evil he caused.


He started as an Elk-taur that fell in love with a human. Feeling inferior and having a deep fear she could ever return those feelings, he used a spell to split himself into two: one human and one Elk, planning to be the human. This plan fails though as he becomes the Elk and his human half turns on him and marries the human that he was in love with. He used a key (the same one Horse is searching for) to create a family but it corrupted him. He became The Nowhere King both physically and mentally, even with a creepy theme song that caused the war going on in both worlds and caused the deaths of so many.

So yeah, Centaurworld is a wonderful and amazing show. I recommend that everyone give it a watch.


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