Miraculous Ladybug Canon: Enjoying Our Own Truth

oh man, there are SOOOO many things I can say about this show. Even after 6 years, it’s still in my top 3. After season 4 ended and now season 5 has started, more fans have dropped official canon and made their own. A canon fix it if you will. An earlier term would be head-canon, but with fanfictions all over the place, fans have made it become even more.

Most fans (including myself) started to ignore canon in season 3. One of the reasons? Lila Rossi. Not to mention the arrival of Zoe who is Chloe’s half-sister but is really just Chloe 2.0 since it seems the writers didn’t want to give her a redemption arc. So I went to several MLB fansites (discord, reddit and tumblr) asking for their opinion and it wasn’t surprising to see many supported my own.

Zoe Lee

Since I already mentioned it, I’ll start with her. It bugs the crap out of me that they brought her into the show. Not because she’s a bad character. But we had no mention or subtle hints or anything about her. She is the complete opposite of Chloe which seems to be a slap in the face to many fans who wanted to see Chloe be given a redemption arc and one that had been hinted at for awhile.

As mentioned by one user on Tumblr..


Like, Chloe was already an interesting character and had some development arcs that showed why she was the way she was. Her mom’s personality was hinted at from the beginning and when we saw her arrive, it confirmed it even more. Chloe is desperate for her mom’s approval and the woman doesn’t even remember her name. Her father enables everything she does and Chloe acts like her mom in hopes to have some sort of relationship with her outside of birth giver.

It’s like the writers hate Chloe and made Zoe the complete opposite. Her whole thing is that she’s nice. That’s it. She’s a complete Mary-Sue and she feels very 2 dimensional.

Zoe Lee

Lila Rossi

Oh Lila, Lila. I have so many opinions on this character. Enough that I have several fanfictions that regard her character and different reveals. I’ve mentioned this before but there’s one major part of Lila’s character that doesn’t make sense to me. Even if what she said was true, why does the class still like her? She comes off as self-centered and arrogant. She only ever talks about herself, Marinette or rants about her “evil” plans to herself. In real life, she would be a insufferable person to be around. The episodes with Lila are the only times that the students are completely stupid and it goes against the rest of the character personalities. It doesn’t make sense. This seems to be the main consensus with Lila.

Not to mention, Miraculous Ladybug was intended for kids and was supposed to teach a certain lesson at the end of the day. Letting a bully get away with everything and having their victim keep getting hurt is NOT a good lesson.


And now onto Alya.

Alya was Marinette’s supposed best friend for 3 seasons. And yet when Lila came along, her entire character changed just like the rest of the class’s did. And Alya KNOWS Marinette is Ladybug now, which means she knows that Lila is NOT Ladybug’s best friend and therefore lied, just like Marinette had been saying from the start. Alya has been a horrible friend to Marinette and I couldn’t stand it. And it’s frustrating, since it seems like the writers did this just for plot reasons, but it only made it worse. Lila could have been a good villain but now she’s just an annoying nuisance that many fans left the canon fandom to fix. Thank god for fanfiction.

Marinette and Lila canon fix it

Adrien Agreste and Chat Noir

Okay, I was annoyed with Adrien in season 3 and 4 for his “take the high road” advice and a few other things but season 5 took the cake for me. In my canon fix it mind, I’ll take the Adrien he could have been over what the writers made him.


We’ve seen the entire show where Adrien/Chat has not taken no for an answer when it comes to Ladybug. He hasn’t respected her feelings because ‘destiny‘ and makes all these grand romantic gestures that she didn’t want or ask for and then gets all mad and huffy when she doesn’t show up or refuses. And now in season 5, Adrien is all into Marinette and being all “Ladybug, who?” It makes no sense!

I’ll get more into the whole “they belong together” thing in the next bullet point, but I also want to mention how Adrien is with Lila. He is oblivious to many things and is especially naive when it comes to people. He tells Marinette that Lila’s lies aren’t hurting anyone but they are. They’re hurting her. Now, I do think that if Adrien knew that Lila had threatened Marinette, he wouldn’t have given the same advice but that’s my hopeful head-canon. Knowing the writers, they would have still given him the same lines.

Chat Noir

Lukanette isn’t endgame

Okay. And now onto my biggest reason for ignoring canon in Miraculous Ladybug forever and sticking to canon fix-it’s. And that’s Lukanette isn’t endgame.

There are so many reasons that Luka is better for her than Adrien is going off the show. He’s respectful and lets her choose her own decisions. He understands that Ladybug comes after Marinette, whereas Adrien can only see Ladybug. True, these things can change as they grow older but I’m speaking from a current canon point of view. Luka already wielded the snake miraculous. He obviously can keep a secret. So there was no reason for Marinette being able to tell Alya that she was Ladybug and not Luka , when he was the better and safer option. And, in the season 4 episode ‘Wishmaker’, he did learn her identity and they never brought it up again. Uh yeah…no. Not cool.

Christina Vee (Marinette’s English VA) even said that she prefers Lukanette as it’s healthier.

Besides, lets face it. If canon has Marinette and Adrien end up together, they’ll break up within a few years and Lukanette will sail (if Luka or Marinette haven’t already moved on).

luka couffaine

So yeah. If you’ve seen the show, what canon do you like or not like? Any headcanon that you have? Let us know in the comments below. As always,

Keep Smiling!




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