Porter Robinson – Musician Review

So unique. So distinct. And yet so relatable.

After seven years, Porter Robinson’s newest album Nurture is here! Musician served as the very last single for the album before it dropped on April 23rd of this year. And it’s definitely a track you won’t forget soon. After listening to ‘Musician’ I wasn’t exactly sure how I should write this review.

Porter Robinson – Musician Review

Shelter a 6-minute short anime music video by Porter Robinson in 2016 was my first ever experience with his style of EDM. And it said a lot with its sound and images with themes of family, loneliness, sacrifice, and hope. I remember just watching and listening to it and just being mesmerized.

Porter Robinson’s ‘Musician’ is one song on his album Nurture that follows a unique style that felt like a little after-school special for the album, so was it good? Bad? Or somewhere in between?. Let’s look at how Musician did.


Porter Robinson – Musician Review
  • Artist: Porter Weston Robinson
  • Album: Nurture
  • Record Label: Mom + Pop Music
  • Aired: April 23, 2021

Plot Summary

A boy looking to pursue his passion for music at the risk of being an outcast from society.

Porter Robinson – Musician Review

What did I think?

Robinson created a single that is incredibly emotional, wonderful, and innovative in the territory of electronic. You feel the playfulness and the message resonates with you, urging you onward on the path you have chosen.

Porter Robinson – Musician Review

Musician is an upbeat, unique, and beautiful single that everyone should listen to. It captures masterful a portion of the struggle we all go through chasing whatever it is we all would love to have or want to be.

Porter Robinson – Musician Review


Just like the well-drawn, well animated, eye-catching colorful visuals and impressive imaginative landscape created in collaboration with A-1 Pictures for Shelter. Porter Robinson’s love for Japanese culture and the style of anime shows again, teaming up with animators Dokai Asuka, rui, Ono Hokuto, Oyama Aiko, Sakai Hiroshi, Nishimura Fukutaro, and Ryoko K. (Shatter) to create an animated story for ‘Musician’. Directed by Waboku and Mah.

The world feels like a very real lived-in world. And I would’ve honestly loved to get lost in the world and meet these fictional people that live in this futurist world.


Musician was great, perfectly crafted, every movement, sound, and lyric had a meaning behind them. Sharing a few of Robinson’s thoughts and struggles with the listeners, all the while nudging them lightly and letting them know we are not alone in the trenches.

Porter Robinson – Musician Review

Musician mixes both old and new ideas and experiences of Porter Robinson to create a uniquely fun and beautiful single.

Favourite moment?

My favourite moment would have to be… watching the boy giving it is all to be heard.

Porter Robinson – Musician Review

Least favourite moment?

Sad faced tired boy.

Porter Robinson – Musician Review

Favourite character?

Old granny elf lady! She’s pretty cool and mysterious.

Porter Robinson – Musician Review

Least favourite character?

Big brother?

Porter Robinson – Musician Review

What did I learn?

Musician is a song that really resonates with me and reminds me that accomplishing anything is never simple, it’s a journey filled with a lot of emotional and wonderful memories. Life is hard but going through it while chasing or trying to fit in a dream or pastime you love is harder.

Porter Robinson – Musician Review

Porter Robinson’s Musician seemed to tell us to treasure those moments of long nights, emotional rollercoaster journeys, and hours we kept aside to chase after dreams and passions. It’s these moments looking back at the end that will make us thrilled not the destination at the end, but the journey.

Would I Listen to More?

YES!!! Currently listening to the album Nurture and some oldies like Shelter again. And so far it’s been a joy to my ears. Porter Robinson’s Musician is my new favourite from American DJ, record producer, musician, and singer from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Porter Robinson – Musician Review

What’s next for Porter Robinson?

Well, he is currently planning to go on a Nurture live North America tour that should start from September to November.

Porter Robinson – Musician Review

And with that, I am done! Did you like the song? or do you have a different favourite one? or what’s your general favourite song? (doesn’t have to be one of Porter Robinson). Tell me about them in the comment section.

Porter Robinson – Musician Review
Just had to put this in I think the mask is really cool

Till next time… have a wonderful music filled day!


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