Delta/Blue: Episode 4 – Decisions & Reactions

Kayato and Tina returned home safely after leaving the other three behind. The whole time walking home and the time they were home that day, Kayato held his sister in his arms. She stayed very silent, knowing she was still sacred of the events that had happened to them. Kayato had noticed something he gained from his run in with the three. He has grown much more protective of Tina and for the pass two days of quietness they had, he completely stopped calling her his half-sister. One morning, he woke up with her next to him. He tried to move with her all snuggled up against him and even struggled a bit to get himself free. He smiled and giggled, deciding to stay there with her until she finally woke up. He then looked up at the ceiling and held his hand over his face. He still remembered how his hand and practically his entire body was covered in an aura of light blue electricity. He bawled his  fist up and felt something in it as he grunted a bit and opened his palm. Small electric pulses connected to fingertips from the middle of his hand. He watched it for a while, the pulses of electricity going along with his heartbeats. He then felt his sister wake up and his quickly pulled his hand down before she yawned cutely and turned on her side to look at Kayato. He looked back at her and softly rubbed her head and sat up in bed.
“Morning there, sleepy head.” he said with a smile.
“Good morning, Onii-chan.” she replied, sitting up and hugging his chest before looking up at him.
“Are you feeling better?” Kayato asked, looking a bit worried at her.
She took a while to answer before their doorbell rang. They looked at each in silence before Tina got up and ran to the door to open it. Kayato looked down with his eyes closed, not sure how he should feel about his sister’s quiet answer. He got up and followed her downstairs to see who was at the door.
“Kayato!” Tina called out as she ran back to him.
Being caught off guard, he hugged her as she buried her face in his arms. He looked down to her and then up at the door as Mizuki and Itori stood at the door. His expression instantly went menacing as they looked back at them both.
“Hello Kayato-kun!” Itori waved as she greeted loudly.
“Greetings, Kayato.” Mizuki greeted as well as they walked in and closed his door. “I see you still have your little hatred for us after our little demonstration.”
“What do you want?” Kayato grimly asked. “We just want to live a normal life.”
“You don’t understand.” Mizuki raised her voice. “The life you want to live, this normality you’re looking for, drop it. You are unnatural now and there are decisions you have to make.”
The room was quiet for a good minute or so before Mizuki began to turn around and walk out with Itori standing by silently, a device rang in Mizuki’s pocket. She stopped and picked it up, looking at the screen.
“Oh, Kisama.” Mizuki said.
“It’s good to see you to Mizuki.” Kisama said with a quick laugh before getting serious. “Did he change his mind yet?”
“No sir.” Itori answered. “He says he wants to live a normal life.”
“Fine, let him off with a warning and then go off to the target. ”
Both of the girls turned around and stared at Kayato, who was now there alone. He allowed his little sister go back upstairs while he stood down there with them.
“Listen, we have a job to go do. A Vector has been spotted nearby this neighborhood and looking for people with bright auras.” she said, watching as Kayato gasped. “We fight these creatures as well as other factions to keep humanity safe. Join us if you aren’t too busy living a normal life.”
They both left in a long streak of different streaks of lightning. Kayato watched before rushing back up with his sister as a loud roar was heard echoing. A few hundred feet away, Mizuki and Itori stopped in their tracks and looked back at  Kayato’s home with his little sister in it. They looked at each other began streaking their way back.
“It was right on top of us and we didn’t even know it. Damn it!” Mizuki cursed with her eyes narrowed at their enemy as it came into view after leaping high into the air and smashing into the roof of the house with a bright orange wave shooting out several feet with small electricity bouncing around. The monster let out a thunderous roar before the smoke cleared to show it. It was a tar black, thick-skinned creature with glowing orange eyes. It’s muscles were bulging with bones protruding out of its elbow like blades. Mizuki and Itori looked around for Kayato and Tina before the Vector screeched out at them as they got ready.
“Right!” she said before both charges their attacks and flew down with a boom before a bright blue light shined out and exploded with a rush of wind in all directions.
The explosions stopped the girls as they saw Kayato fixated gaze on the creature before him. His eyes were glowing as well with thick bolts sparking off of his bright aura. The creature turned around and screeched loudly, running straight at him with his sharp nails and teeth out.
“Kayato!” Itori yelled before Mizuki moved her arm in front of her.
“Itori, watch.” Mizuki said.
Kayato watched the creatures movements and waited till it jumped and struck with it claws in the ground. It looked over to see Kayato nowhere to be found before he reappeared on his right side and punched it in the chest with his fist glowing blue with lightning. He sent the creature into a nearby wall from his house, disintegrated it with a another cloud of smoke. Kayato smiled and pulled his fist back.
“I’m sick of this.” he said, pointing over to his little sister across the street, watching him in awe. “You both protect her. I got this.”

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